Gay Friend Finder review: does GayFriendFinder work: I signed up to find out

Members 150,000
Popularity 50,000 users per month
Gender proportion 90% male, 10% female
Geography North America, Australia, Europe
Account verification email
Mobile app iOS
Price $7.99-34.99
Free version yes
Fraud risk low

As a bisexual dater, I am not happy with the same-sex dating pools on mainstream websites. So I decided to get to know one of the most popular gay-to-gay platforms — .

I’ve seen GayFriendFinder reviews on Reddit, heard of it from friends, but never gave it a try. As usual, I’m rating all the platforms by the following criteria:

  • Affordability — is it expensive to sign up for the website. Is there are a free version, and is it any good;
  • Audience quality — how many regular visitors does the site have, are they fake or genuine;
  • Interface — does the platform have all the tools for comfortable dating, and how well are they put together;
  • Security and privacy — is there a history of breaches and data leaks. Can I protect myself from harassment;
  • Hookup chance — is the platform good enough to get laid.

After assigning GayFriendFinder rating, I’ll offer more gay platforms you can explore if you had no luck on the platform.



The service has a free version, with a limited range of features. If you are not committed enough to pay for a subscription yet, using free tools can get you quite far — you can view profiles, access the public chatroom, and express interest in potential matches.

For more control and freedom, users pay for a premium membership. A Gold subscription monthly billing is $34.99/m. You can pay for three months upfront — the membership will cost $13.99/m. A 6-months downtime payment is yet more attractive — $7.99/m.

Free services

If you can only afford a free version, you’re not out of luck. The basic plan has enough to offer — you can show “Interest” in potential partners, and add them to your list of “Favorites,” use the matching feature and the public chatroom. Also, you can get texts from the members with a Gold subscription and text them back.

Paid services

Premium users message potential partners, use live chat, send video calls. They are ranked higher in search results reel, have access to extended filters, and don’t have to put up with ads.

Audience quality


GayFriendFinder is a small dating community. There are around 50,000 active users according to the home page. The online counter shows that few people are online simultaneously — at the time of my review, only 4 users were exploring the platform.

Age distribution

The website is popular among millennials — 60% of the platform’s active users are 18-29 years old. 30% of all relationship-seekers are over 30 years old, and only 10% of the userbase are seniors.

Fakes and scammers

Most accounts on the platform look genuine — I saw no suspicious profiles with stock profile pictures, no one was offering “lucrative investments” or escorts services. GayFriendFinder is not such a big platform to attract countless scammers — people here are legit. Unfortunately, there aren’t many active guys — it took 2-3 days for a partner to answer my text.

If you’re considering using the website, brace yourself for a few weeks of on-and-off texting before you go on a date with a GayFriendFinder match



GayFriendFinder is not much to look at. The home page has a banner that offers you to meet “sexy single men” and a sign-up form next to it. The website locates users automatically, sparing you the hassle of choosing your country from the drop-down list.

The platform has activity trackers I found convenient — it’s comfortable to know how many people are online right now or how many daters from my area have a GayFriendFinder account.

Signing up

It took me around three minutes to create an account — there are 5 steps to follow. At first, specify your relationship preferences, identifying if you’re looking for singles, couples, or both. Enter your birth date, country, and zip code.

Then, the platform will ask you for a valid email, username, and password. Keep in mind that GayFriendFinder does not approve of newly created inboxes. The final step is to upload a picture of yourself — and you’re ready to explore the platform.


Profiles are short and sweet — there’s nothing other than your partner’s pictures, videos, and personal information. You will be able to know a guy’s height, weight, age, marital status, body type, education, and the language he speaks. There’s an “Introduction” field — however, a lot of people I viewed left it empty.


There aren’t too many filters to sort through matches — you can specify the desired age, education, body type, race, distance, and marital status. After setting the selection criteria, you will see a reel of potential matches.

There’s an “Online” bar next to all online guys. It shows a partner’s age and location next to the picture, along with the profile intro. If you want to connect with matches, message them, send a friend request, or add to your hotlist.

Next to a profile, you’ll see a compatibility chart that’ll indicate how well the two of you fit together.


I was impressed by the versatility of messaging tools GayFriendFinder offers. Aside from texting, you and a partner can connect via a live text chat or a video call. There’s a public chat room as well, in case you want to keep looking for matches.

GayFriendFinder supports image attachments — you will be able to get to know your partner and take “sexting” to the next level.

Mobile app

GayFriendFinder doesn’t have a custom mobile app — you can still access your matches and messages via AllFriendFinder. It’s a tool, designed by FriendFinder Network — the creator company.

friend finder mobile app

AllFriendFinder apps have a more modern and intuitive interface than the GayFinder website. There are more selection criteria, screens load faster, and are easier to navigate. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iPhone — there’s no Android version.

Safety and security


The website has a strict sign-up policy. It validates emails before letting users in and ensures they have a safe password. While getting through the registration form is slightly challenging, this way GayFriendFinder protects dates from fakes and scammers.

The only security concern I have about the platform has to do with its data processing and storage. In 2016, the entire network was at the center of a major data breach that exposed over 400 million accounts, including those of GayFriendFinder.

The company quickly fixed the issue that caused the leak — yet, I wouldn’t want to risk seeing my data floating publicly across the web.

Hookup chance


The website feels like a small town — there aren’t many people around, but there are good odds of connecting with anybody. The platform does not have an impressive user base — yet, the odds of finding a hookup here are above average.

Flexible search filters, chat rooms, and other interactive features make it easier for mature gay couples to connect here than on mainstream platforms. There are almost no fakes on the platform — you are not at odds of getting scammed.

Matching algorithms

The platform has a “Matching” feature that helps you understand how well every person on the website suits your relationship preferences. On top of that, the system will tell users if the selection criteria are too strict. For a first-time dater, knowing if you are not limiting the odds of getting laid successfully will come in handy.


There are a handful of alternative platforms you can try if GayFriendFinder brought you no hookups. Here are the websites I tried using — compare the reviews as well.

Platform Hookup chance
Ashley Madison ★★★☆☆
Adult Friend Finder ★★★☆☆
Cams ★★★★☆
Badoo ★★★★☆
Pure ★★★★★


Is gay friend finder free?

There’s a free version that allows you to look for partners, message matches, and schedule dates.

Is gay friend finder legit and real?

Yes, the platform users are 100% real. Using the website is legal since both you and the partner agree to the relationship.

Is gay friend finder safe?

There’s a moderating team that monitors accounts. Follow the basic safety rules: don’t share your password, financial information, and don’t click on suspicious links — and you’ll be fine.

Is it worth paying for gay friend finder?

Though the website has a narrow user base, the range of features that comes in with a premium subscription is impressive. If you like using the free version of the platform, upgrading to the Gold subscription is a reasonable investment.

What kind of dating site is GayFriendFinder?

It is a dating website where gay couples find hookup partners.

Is there a mobile application for GayFriendFinder?

To access your account via a smartphone, use the AllFriendFinder iOS app. There’s no custom GayFriendFinder app.

Can I search for someone on GayFriendFinder?

No, there’s no way to look for a particular person on the website. However, if you know a person’s location, age, education, and marital status, you’ll find a needed profile in no time.

Can you have two GayFriendFinder accounts?

Yes, as long as you have several active inboxes, you can sign up multiple times.

Can gay friend finder delete my account?

Yes, the accounts are deleted if one user reports another one for verbal harassment or scam.

How do I delete my GayFriendFinder account?

Go to your account, choose “Close my account.” Choose “Please delete my account,” enter your password, and click “Submit.”

How to cancel a subscription?

To cancel the subscription renewal, choose “My Account” from the menu. Select “Membership status” and go to “Billing options.” Choose “Off” under the “Product status” to disable subscription renewal.

Is GayFriendFinder for serious relationships?

You can use the platform to find hookups as well as serious relationships.

Can you look up people on GayFriendFinder?

To find partners, use the selection criteria next to the “Search” tab.

The bottom line

GayFriendFinder, with the right amount of investments, could be a good idea. However, as is, the interface is outdated, there aren’t many active users to talk to, and the search criteria is not very detailed.

There are better platforms for gay couples — feel free to move on to the next website if GayFriendFinder is not meeting your expectations.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Platform with no bots and fakes

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted. This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

Best GayFriendFinder alternatives

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Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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