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October 17, 2019

Accepting and learning the aspects of sexuality often comes harder to LGBT-couples — especially in Philadelphia, a region with strong traditional views. Everyone has a different road of exploring gay identity, and coming to common terms requires self-awareness.

Gay dating is a fun ride, but it can be overwhelming because of few reasons.

  • Understanding sexual needs. If there is an aspect that most gay share in common is a much higher degree of sexual appetite. Sometimes it might outright feel as if you want to get intimate all the time. Relationships, especially if partners don’t have a strong mental connection yet.
  • No self-understanding. Feeling comfortable with your sexuality takes time, and it’s easy to take external pressure out on the partner.
  • Hurtful surroundings. Not all gays grow up in supporting families — and the gay Philly community knows quite a bit about that. Both you and your partner might have some scars and traumas buried deep underneath. Given that, a healthy relationship requires a lot of hard work.
  • No time pressure. There is no biological clocks or traditional expectations. Theoretically, you can choose between as many partners as you like, your entire life. No wonder that committing to a relationship feels like an impossibility.

Online gay dating hits home

It’s incredible how many concerns can be solved with technology. Unlike traditional social circles, online websites are free of prejudice and give much more control. On a website, you’ll never feel discriminated again — and here is why.

  • Precise selection. There are no curious stares or judgy smirks. Gay dating services are created specifically for LGBT-community — here you are home.
  • Time-saving algorithms. On a website, the priorities are set straight — you can choose to stay casual or commit for real.
  • Improving dating skills. On dating profiles, you can specify your lack of experience. No need to explain yourself or apologize, ever.
  • No pressure. You can take a look or test the waters. No one expects you to build a relationship immediately.
  • Jealousy is out of the equation. Encountering a drama king online is much less likely.
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Let it be Pure

Not all online websites are equally committed to gay dating. Some don’t even include the possibility for male users to seek other males — talk about equality. It’s best not to risk your time and go to tried-and-proven platforms. Luckily, you are on the right track.

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Geo-based search

You don’t have to commute to another part of Philadelphia. Instead, define the radius of search and see only people nearby.

Verified profiles

Users are required to validate their emails before they can message others. Pure never accepts fake profiles.

gay philly Review - Discover adventurous gay dating in Philadelphia

Large user pool

Pure is one of the most popular gay dating websites in the gay Philadelphia community. It’s a great advantage, especially considering that many other gay apps that focus only on NY or LA.

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Security and anonymity

Disclosing a name is optional, and so is uploading real images. If you want to remain discreet, you are welcome. The only thing that matters is the actual location — so users know that you are a Philadelphia gay.

Random dates meet calculated algorithms

No need to choose between one or the other — serious relationship-seekers can customize filters and define dealbreakers, while casual daters can have fun with random selection.

gay philadelphia - Discover adventurous gay dating in Philadelphia

This is equality

Pure welcomes not only Philadelphia gays but various ethnicities and races, too. Here can you find dedicated communities for people of various origins: Latin, Asian, Native American, Indian.

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You won’t remember what ghosting is anymore

The chat and profile are destroyed in 60 minutes. You can guess that partners are motivated to discuss all important things in the limited time window. No one drags communication on — Pure users are direct and in touch with their real desires.

Here, your potential match will cut to the chase right away. Playful flirting is a part of the conversation, too, but it’s only a goal to know you. The main priority of each Pure user is an actual date. Playful texts matter too, but it’s all about the real-life relationship at the end of the day.

Discover gay dating in Philadelphia - Discover adventurous gay dating in Philadelphia

Join the open dating community

It’s a place where enthusiastic Millenials meet each other. Modern dating with no prejudices takes you to a different place — you can have fun and be fun. No need to box yourself into types or follow traditional conventions. This is not an escort website, but sexual and romantic experiments are welcomed; in fact, Pure’s users love it.

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These are not ordinary hookup sites with free functions, but something much more advanced. Register on the most open-minded gay dating community in Philadelphia right now!

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Gay dating apps: video tips for Philadelphia

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