20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time

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March 24, 2020

Although we call all of it “sex,” a breathtaking lovemaking experience is more than intercourse alone. Just like the main course before the dessert, foreplay is a crucial lead-in for the actual sex. Some could even go as far as to say the foreplay can be even more enjoyable and once-in-a-lifetime.

What is foreplay

There are different ways to make sure you and the partner “get there” simultaneously. It takes time to find out what type of foreplay definition works for you — in this post, we are going to offer ideas that help both of you see the stars and have an unforgettable night together.

What is foreplay 04 - 20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time
What type of foreplay definition works for you?

Why foreplay is important

If both partners are thirsty for high-quality sex, cutting to the chase right away seems a mature thing to do. However, such straightforwardness might make a release harder to accomplish and much less enjoyable for both of you.

There are different reasons why we have foreplay to thank for orgasms and arousal. Here’s why it’s a must-have element of mind-blowing sex.

Psychological level

Foreplay is a part of what makes two strangers connected via a dating up strong hookup buddies and reckless in bed. Kissing and undressing might feel like the small talk of sex — but, just like the actual small talk — it helps ensure you share the same wavelength, trust each other, and feel comfortable when partner touches you.

Kissing, for example, is powerful dopamine (the pleasure hormone), oxytocin (a bonding neurotransmitter), and serotonin trigger.

Other than that, foreplay activities increase the feeling of euphoria, intimacy, and affection partners share. If you miss out on pre-sex warmup, the intercourse might feel uninspired, awkward, even painful.

Physical level

Sex is a huge stress for your body — think about the increased heart rate, intense sweating, and other tag-along processes that happen while you are enjoying mindblowing intercourse.

Naturally, preparing for what’s coming will help you stay healthy and relieved afterwards. Foreplay and sex are connected — here’s how the former improves the latter:

  • Gradually increasing your blood pressure and heart rate;
  • Dilating blood vessels, including those in your genitals;
  • Erect nipples and breast swelling in girls;
  • Vagina lubrication — it reduces the pain of intercourse and ensures that it will not be too rough for a girl when a guy goes in.

As you can see, foreplay is not just enjoyable but is one of the helping devices that turn you on and get you excited. Also, although the by-the-book range of foreplay move is straightforward and stale — kissing, undressing, petting, or oral — who says you need to play by the rules?

When it comes to foreplay, the room for creativity is endless — you can try new foreplay techniques and styles every time.

10 foreplay ideas for each body part

There is no set-in-stone number of types of foreplay. Some couples enjoy roleplay, others are more about stimulating specific body parts to reach excitement. Either way, I collected different tried-and-true techniques that are going to excite your partner in no time.

With these techniques on how to foreplay, you can set the groundwork for once-in-a-lifetime sex.

Around eyes

Believe it or not, the area around your partner’s eyes is a highly sensual spot — exciting this zone can be a great way to kick off the foreplay. Sexologists recommend gently petting a partner on the eyebrows and kissing the eyelids slowly. Even prolonged eye contact is a great way to build up an intimate connection and lay the ground for kickass sex.


Unless you are a neuroscientist or a doctor, this might be your first time hearing about the buccal nerve. It turns out it’s a highly sensitive area around your lips — use it when planning foreplay for men to women. Because most people focus on the lips per se rather than the area around them, the buccal nerve zone is commonly overlooked.

What is foreplay 05 - 20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time
Lip foreplay is a gentle, not over-the-top way to prepare for the intercourse

Slowly massaging the lip area or tracing the tip of your finger along the edges of the lips is a powerful couple foreplay technique. It will give your partner a wave tickles and improve the power of a makeout.

Another helpful tip — don’t use your entire tongue for hot foreplay — instead, go with the tip alone. Start with the series of playful kisses from the upper lip. Pull back eventually until you’ve kissed the parter on the edges of the lower lip.

Collarbone foreplay

Collarbone foreplay before sex is one of my favorite ways of warming up. Although you don’t typically think about the collarbone as a turn-on body parts, it turns out, running your tongue gently along the underside of the collarbone and slowly moving your fingers along is extremely pleasant to the touch and helps warm up the partner.

Neck and shoulders

The back of the neck and shoulders is an extra-sensitive area. In terms of foreplay for women, this can be both a blessing and a curse. If both of you are willing to try neck-and-shoulder stimulations, here are a couple of killer moves to try out:

  • Slight tickles in the area,
  • Gentle love bites,
  • Nibbling the zone gently.

Neck-and-chest meeting point

Another commonly overlooked yet powerful erogenous zone is a small indentation between the nack and the collarbone. The sensual potential of the area has to do with the fact that the skin here is remarkably thin.

The absence of excessive fatty tissue makes every sensation send a bundle of neuronal electricity through your partner’s body. As a result, your hookup buddy will feel over the moon when you touch the area slowly.

Neck-and-chest foreplay is one of the best techniques because of how non-invasive and powerful at the same time it is.

Inner sides of biceps and triceps

This type of area is sensitive — which makes it great for foreplay. Most people can’t handle somebody touching the inner biceps area without a giggle — a surefire sign you found a hotspot.

To set the “mood,” take some time to stimulate this pleasure point. You can gently run your fingers along with the partner’s biceps, add some tongue movements, and add a couple of kisses for the ultimate pleasure.

I find bicep foreplay a great way to relieve the pressure two strangers might be feeling when hooking up and prepare for an enjoyable time.

Scalp foreplay

Sexologists can’t emphasize the effectiveness of scalp stimulation enough. After all, the area is full of nerve endings and is highly excitable.

Stimulating the scalp is relatively easy, and it’s hard to go wrong here — go for a head massage confidently, grab the partner by the hair, or run your hands through the partner’s curls.

Hands foreplay

Yeah, this one may come across as a surprise. However, according to experts, hands are a great erotic foreplay area. That’s because, as it turns out, they have as many nerve endings as our genitals.

As you are planning hand foreplay, it’s better to have your partner close their eyes. Meanwhile, gently take their hands and guide them along your face so that the fingertips are running against the jawline and the chin.

Then, you can move the partner’s hands down, passing by other sensitive spots — neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples, and so on.

What is foreplay 01 - 20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time
Toes are a highly sensitive foreplay area – use it to the fullest

Toe stimulation

This is not the type of sexual foreplay you should kick the night off with. Also, for your own safety, I would suggest ensuring that a fuck buddy doesn’t mind this type of foreplay.

Although a lot of people find toe sex warmup a polarizing topic, it’s quite enjoyable when done right. Gently sucking and licking the partner’s toes is a great way to send shivers of excitement down their spine, considering how sensitive the zone in the area is.

Pubic bone

As you are coming closer to the partner’s genitals, you may miss a highly sensitive area — the pubic bone. Tantric massage specialists acknowledge the high excitability of the area. Simply by slowly massaging the bone, you can get your partner excited and increase the erogenous potential of the foreplay.

To help the partner reach arousal, take the foreplay for men to the perineum — the zone between the butthole and the penis. Use two fingers to massage the area gently. Some sexologists recommend holding a partner’s penis upwards while you are massaging the pubic bone.

Foreplay tips for men — video

10 event-like foreplay ideas

Try these considerably flashier foreplay ideas that can mark an epic relationship anniversary or a night of powerful sex after doing long-distance for so long. Follow these foreplay tips to have memorable, satisfying sex.

Throw a strip session

It’s still hard to come up with a turn-on as powerful as seeing a partner undress. A slow strip session is a powerful way to get sexual tension rising. Who wouldn’t feel a ton more excited after watching a partner shed clothing items one by one as seductively as possible, with relaxing music in the background?

Personally, whenever a partner throws a strip session, I can’t help but feel highly excited. I find a strip session a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or show how much you care about the significant other.

Use sex toys

Sex toys are a creative way to spice up your love life. There’s a lot of freshness and excitement in the air when either you or the partner unpacks a new sex item.

To my surprise, I recently discovered how turning on simply watching a partner explore sex toys can be. For instance, girls handling vibrators are known to give guys fast and powerful arousal.

foreplay 1 - 20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time
There are no creativity limits to sexting

Start with sexting

If you are at home, all hot and bothered, and your partner is still at work, lay the groundwork for mindblowing sex with a sexting session. Come up with short teasing sex notes that would express how much you anticipate what’s going to happen tonight. Here are some of my all-time favourites:

  • Describing the upcoming sex in the littlest details till you both tickle;
  • Flex your power in bed;
  • Sexting your fantasies in a beautiful, metaphoric way.

Try a footsie game

It might seem retro and stale, but you can’t deny the turn-on potential of footsie — it’s one of these foreplay sex techniques you may cringe at and secretly enjoy at the same time.

I especially love the part where girls remove their shoes and run and down the guys’ stomachs. The tickles you can get in the process will make it hard to contain your excitement for another minute.


A quiet breathy voice saying “You look incredibly sexy in this underwear” is what you need to turn you on once and for all. Then, you can spice up the whispering game with some action by gently massaging the earlobe with your tongue. This one is powerful — it will get your partner all hot and bothered before the intercourse and help lay the groundwork for an unforgettable night.

Try pre-drinking

Although technically, I would describe pre-drinking as pre-foreplay, it’s an important ingredient of a successful sexual intercourse dish. It’s one of the most powerful ways to relieve tension out there, especially if you take your time to set up the atmosphere.

Find out what the partner’s favorite drink is, light some candles, and put romantic music in the background — this way, you will relieve tension and build an intimate connection before the intercourse.

What is foreplay 03 - 20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time
With enough creativity, even a DIY scavenger hunt can be extremely romantic

Scavenger hunt

I am a huge fan of scavenger hunts as they let me explore my creative potential of a writer to the fullest. You can create a trail using anything — rose petals, Hershey’s kisses, or clothing items.

As a partner completes the scavenger hunt, the excitement in their bones will reach the peak point. By the time you both get to the intercourse, keeping it together will be close to the impossible.

Make it a surprise

I always loved surprise birthday gifts. Even the most trivial thing feels hella special when somebody did their best to crawl into your room and hide the present somewhere. That’s why I’m easy to turn on by surprise sex.

Meeting the partner and offering surprise foreplay for her is a great way to ensure that your love life never gets stale. Unexpectedness always adds at least 100 points of coolness to sexual intercourse and helps release tension as well.

Use table games for a foreplay

We all know how it goes — you are playing a table game, and the tension is high as is. Then your partner introduces a new rule to the game — whoever loses, removes a clothing item. Boom, the stakes just got higher. By the time of a couple Connect 4 rounds like that, you will not be able to keep it in and a regular game night will culminate in passionate, breathtaking lovemaking.

Make a #TBT

Walking through the benchmarks of your relationship together can make you appreciate each other more than ever and turn you on as nothing else does. Visit your old-time dating spots, wear the same clothes you used to put on when you first met, discuss the same things, rewatch a movie.

A little bit of good old nostalgia comes in handy for exciting foreplay. By the end of the walk down the memory lane, you will both be extremely turned on and exciting to commemorate all the way you’ve made so far with some passionate sex.

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What to do if I don’t like my partner’s foreplay?

If you feel awkward during sex, take the lead in the process. Maybe, your partner is lost and doesn’t know how to handle the tension in the air. Be supportive and come up with suggestions.

Does foreplay have to result in sex?

No. A lot of people treat foreplay as a separate beast, not assuming that sex should follow immediately.

I am not wet enough after the foreplay. What to do?

Although foreplay is a powerful tool to get you there, it’s not a guaranteed remedy. Chances are, you might need an extra lubricant to make the most out of the intercourse.

Where can I get foreplay ideas?

There are plenty of inspirational sources online — sex magazines, movies, porn, and blogs. Collect the insights that click with you the most and assess them critically to choose those that are the likeliest to arouse the partner.

What are some good foreplay tips?

Although there’s no ultimate foreplay guide, in a nutshell, it boils down to this — set the mood beforehand, be creative and spontaneous, keep learning, and stay confident.

foreplay - 20 ultimate foreplay ideas that will turn you on in no time
Foreplay makes intercourse more memorable and special


Although foreplay is not a magic trick to get you aroused, it makes the intercourse a lot more memorable and special. Granted, finding your special set of moves takes a ton of practice — however, once you got the hang of it, there’s a lot less to worry about regarding your love life.

Foreplay is a unique way of connecting with a significant other or a hookup partner — don’t miss this important stepping stone and make the most out of it.