Reviewing Fitness Singles — Website Where You Can Date People Who Love Sports As Much As You Do

Members 2,000,000
Popularity 700,000 users per month
Gender proportion 55% male, 45% female
Geography America, Australia, Europe
Account verification email
Mobile app no
Price $9.99-39.99,
Free version yes
Fraud risk low
Hookup chance ★★★☆☆

Although I am not a fitness freak, a good hike is a dream weekend for me. Naturally, as I look for romantic relationships, I’m hoping that my partner will share my passion for staying fit and toned.

However, when it comes to online dating, most people want to seem fit rather than considering sport an essential part of the lifestyle. I’ve had plenty of embarrassing stories with “fit-on-Tinder” girls who were not gym fans in real life at all.

Until recently, I didn’t know fitness singles dating sites existed. Then, I found out about the platform and was intrigued to explore the website. Does Fitness Singles work? Here’s my Fitness Singles dating site review — it will help you understand if the community is worth giving a try.



You can explore Fitness Singles for free with almost no limits. However, to make your experience on the website more enjoyable and wholesome and unlock advanced features, you can upgrade the platform and get a premium version instead of sticking to the fitness singles free trial.

There are three subscription plans: a monthly one that costs $39.99/m, a quarterly subscription at the cost of $21.99/m. For a six-month subscription, you will have to pay $14.99/m, while a yearly plan gives you a huge Fitness Singles discount — using the costs $9.99/m.

All in all, Fitness Singles falls on the expensive side of the dating app pricing spectrum. Before committing to a subscription, make sure the platform is worth investing in to avoid disappointment. To make the platform more affordable, use a Fitness Singles promo code.

Free features

You can send messages that land in a girl’s inbox, not the instant chat, create a profile, and look for matches.

Paid features

Users need to pay a subscription fee to access instant messaging and to be able to view people’s private photos.

Audience quality


Altogether, there are over 2,000,000 active members on Fitness Singles — they come from the US, Europe, Asia.

Fitness Singles is popular among mature users — most people here are experienced in online dating and know what they are looking for. In all fairness, this is not a hookup platform and is not similar to sites like Backpage — most girls here are looking for boyfriends or fitness buddies, not as much for a one-night stand.

Although the platform is not known for a large userbase, people here are genuine. I am yet to see fakes or scam here — that’s good news for first-time online dating enthusiasts who might struggle to tell a real girl apart from a fake.

During my Fitness Singles site review, I noticed that most users are, indeed, quite toned and athletic — you have high odds of finding a muscular significant other here.

Age distribution

When I think of fit singles, I immediately imagine a lot of skinny 25-30-year-olds — but that’s not the dominant age of the platform user. Most people here are significantly older, falling into the 45+ age group. The Fitness Singles over 50 community is solid — if you fall into the age group, you can confidently look for partners here.

25-34-year-olds ranked second judging by the presence on the platform. Younger singles don’t stick to the Fitness Singles dating site as much — they make about 15% of the total user base.

Fakes and scammers

Most girls I got in touch with on Fitness Singles turned out to be well-educated, strong-willed, with a permanent job and a thought-out belief system. They didn’t try to catfish me, didn’t ghost after a while of small talk — instead, I got in touch with plenty of ready to date fitness singles.

I can confidently say there are few fakes on the platform. However, it’s worth mentioning that people here have high standards — finding a low-commitment hookup partner here will be difficult. If you are looking for a fuck buddy, not a serious relationship, I’d suggest exploring free sex websites instead.



The home page of Fitness Singles is as simplistic and outdated as online dating goes. Small fonts, flat buttons, and low-res slider images didn’t sell the platform that well to me. After signing up, however, I was redirected to pages with a much more modern and convenient interface. After taking a couple of days to make sense out of the platform’s features, I started enjoying my experience here a lot.

Signing up

Fitness Singles login is not a low-commitment task. I was astonished by how well the platform wanted to know me. The registration process starts slow — you have to specify your and a preferred gender, list your country, and birthday.

To sign up, fill in the registration form on the homepage

After you hit “Continue,” you are only getting started. To complete the Fitness Singles log in, the platform will ask you to choose a favorite activity among a drop-down list. You can select several options to maximize the number of people that are going to see your profile.

Choose your favorite sports from the list

Later, the platform will ask you to choose three favorite fitness activities among these you selected in the first tab. Also, users will need to specify their level of proficiency in each of these sports.

Specify how good you are in your favorite fitness activities

When it comes to fitness, there are different types of beauty and shape people are after. Fitness Singles will ask you to describe yourself — you can be good-looking, average, stunning, and many more things.

The good news is, if you are unsure of how you look to others, you can choose low-commitment options like “You Decide” or “Rather not say.”

Next up — users will be asked to choose the feature of their body they are most proud of — be it arms, legs, shoulders, abs, or other things. Similarly, answering the question is optional, but it maximizes your odds of attracting more matches.

Then, there’s a section of personal data questions — you’ll be asked to share height and weight, hair and eye color, as well as your ethnicity.

The platform will ask you to describe your dimensions, eye, hair color, etc.

Fitness Singles asks users about their fitness habits in detail — what diet you are on, what workouts you prefer, how often you exercise, etc. Other than that, Fitness Singles will ask you to specify if you have any bad habits and the way you feel about smokers and drinkers.

To know whether or not you should be matched with people from other countries, Fitness Singles will find out how many languages you speak.

If you speak several languages, the website can match you with international users

On average, creating an account on the platform takes about 5-7 minutes — filling in a detailed questionnaire is not too convenient if you have a busy working and social life.

Fitness Singles profiles are highly detailed


Fitness Singles profiles are detailed. In the top part of the screen, you see a user’s age and profile picture, the preferred gender and age range they are looking for in a partner, and a person’s location.

Then, you will be able to see which sports a prospective match likes doing and how good she is in any of these. Thanks to a robust sign-up questionnaire, there’s a lot of data on people here — from education and occupation to the body type, the desire to have kids, etc.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a user’s bio — however, most people don’t sweat writing a long introduction. Instead, they write 1-2sentences encouraging you to leave a message.


There are three ways to look for people on the Fitness Singles app. The first one in the basic search — you have a narrow range of filters and can find people in your location in no time.

There are three search modalities — basic, advanced, and custom

You can sort users by distance, age, or the sign-up date. You can modify the grid as well, deciding how many profiles you feel comfortable viewing at once. You can go for the Fitness Singles top 25 feature as well to see the most popular profiles on the platform in a separate tab.

Then, there’s an advanced search option. If you choose this one, the website will offer dozens of filters — you can narrow the match list down by types of prospective sports partners are doing, habits, body types, and multiple other variables.

To find a perfect partner, narrow the filters down using advanced search

Last but not least, there’s a “Search by username” option. If you met a girl IRL and found out her Fitness Singles nickname, you can use this feature to connect on the app.

Custom search allows you to look for people by their usernames


There are two ways to meet fitness singles on the website — free emails and instant messages. The first one is not as convenient — you will not know if a partner is online, if she read your email, and will not be able to talk to each other in real-time. However, it is available for free, which is much better than having no way to connect to matches altogether.

If you choose to upgrade Fitness Singles and get a premium subscription, you’ll be able to use instant messaging. In a nutshell, it’s a built-in chat that lets you exchange texts and pictures with other users in real-time.

For people who are not ready to message girls right off the bat, you can warm the interaction up by showing interest in the match. This way, she will know you liked the profile, and it will be easier for the two of you to connect. In my case, the girls I showed interest in often messaged me first, so I didn’t have to come up with pickup lines altogether.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, there’s no mobile app for Fitness Singles dating. There’s a Fitness singles mobile version — however, since there are a lot of links and buttons, I didn’t enjoy using this one and switched to desktop-only dating almost immediately.

Fitness Singles has a poorly-optimized mobile website version

In case you want to have a way of knowing whether someone texted you without having to go to the Fitness Singles website, enable push-notifications. These are going to pop up on your smartphone anytime you get a text.

Security and privacy


As for security, I have no issues with Fitness Singles. The platform is taking a lot of precautions to weed fakes out successfully and does a great job at it. A long sign-up form, a manual Fitness Singles account review from a moderation team, and a possibility to report users who are harassing you make you feel safe and at ease here.

Fitness Singles never made any data breach missteps either — that would be a concern for a platform that asks users to share this much data. I’ve heard only positive Fitness Singles reviews about privacy control on the platform. All in all, the website seems to be a harmless, worry-free space you wouldn’t regret exploring.


Platform Hookup chance
JDate ★★★★☆
Pure ★★★★★
Blendr ★★★☆☆
WellHello ★★☆☆☆
Down Dating ★★★★☆

Fitness Singles website video review

Hookup chance


Fitness Singles is not a hookup platform — you will struggle to find a friend with benefits here. I would not rank Fitness Singles high as an alternative to Craigslist Personals. Committed relationships, on the other hand, are a different story — there are plenty of girls happy to have you as a boyfriend or a friend.

Matching algorithms

As soon as you fill in the sign-up form, the platform offers a list of curated matches you share interests with. If this alone is not enough, a robust set of Fitness Singles search filters helps ensure you find the right match in your area. The only issue I had with the website’s matching algorithms is that there aren’t too many users in smaller cities — thus, if you apply dozens of criteria, you can run out of options in no time.


How can I contact Fitness Singles customer support?

To connect with website moderators, fill in the inquiry form on the “Contact us” page. You can find it in the bottom menu of the Fitness Singles dating app.

Are there any Fitness Singles success stories?

Yes, there are plenty of relationships that started on the app. The development team shares some of them in the “Dating Success Stories” tab. I’ve browsed through them and didn’t find any of these too good to be true — you should give them a try.

Is the platform only popular among Americans?

In a nutshell, yes, the majority of Fitness Singles users come from the US. There’s, however, a decent presence from Canada, UK, Australia, and other English-speaking countries.

How do other Fitness Singles users see my profile?

You can take a look at the way your profile is displayed to others by choosing a “View My Profile” button in the “My Profile” tab.

What is the recommended profile picture format in Fitness Singles?

According to the official guidelines, you should use the following formats — PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, or BMP. Make sure the file you upload is not larger than 5MB but not smaller than 300×400 px.

How to change my Fitness Singles profile data?

To make changes to your profile on the platform, choose the “My Profile” tab, and find the “Edit Profile” link in the top right corner of the page.

Can I change the username and passwords on the platform?

Yes — to do that, choose “My profile” and go for “Edit Username.” Once you come up with anew username, choose “Save” to confirm the changes. Similarly, to change the password on the platform, select “Change Password” in the “My Profile” tab.

Can I apply search filters on the platform to find people who match me better?

Yes. The website offers a wide range of filters you can use by choosing “Custom Search” in the search tab. Once there, you will see dozens of filters — feel free to specify your dealbreakers and find perfect partners.

How can I get updates from the platform without visiting the website?

You can stay updated on texts from people and other website news by enabling push notifications. You will have to enter your phone number — whenever you get a text, the website will send a text on your smartphone.

How do I block a rude user on Fitness Singles?

There are plenty of ways to deal with annoying texts. For one, you can choose a user’s profile and find the “Block Member” button on the left corner of the page. You can block a chat as well — choose an inappropriate conversation and choose “Block.”

How can I know that Fitness Singles users are real?

Before joining the platform, all platform users are approved by the moderation team. This way, website owners make sure no fake makes it to the website and create a safe environment.

Do I have to upgrade the account to use the platform?

No, there are plenty of features that are available in the free version as well. However, once you upgrade the account, you can see private photo galleries and send instant messages to girls.

How can I get a premium Fitness Singles membership?

Choose a feature that is not available in the free version, and click the “Subscribe” button. Follow payment instructions to complete the procedure.

How can I pay for the premium subscription?

There are several ways to complete the upgrade. You can attach a PayPal account, a credit card number. You can use a Fitness Singles coupon code as well.

How to cancel the Fitness Singles Subscription?

If you don’t want to renew the membership, you can stop paying for the subscription anytime and return to the free version.

Can I permanently delete my account on the platform?

There are two ways to remove your account from the platform. For one, you can hide it so that you can always renew the profile once you feel like it. However, if you want to cancel the account for good, choose “Remove my profile” in the “My Account” tab.

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All in all, Fitness Singles comes across as a well-thought-out platform created by people who understand how important finding a like-minded fitness enthusiast is. The website has almost nothing in common with typical hookup platforms like Manhunt personals — signing up takes a lot more time, there aren’t as many flashy sexting features, and the userbase comprises people in search of serious relationships, not one-night stands.

However, if you are looking for a website with no security issues, Fitness Singles’ complaints are non-existent. The platform will help build a relationship that could last for years and decades and grow into a family, Fitness Singles is a solid platform to try out especially if you can find a Fitness Singles free coupon.

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