Finding dates on a free chat app — Faceflow review 2020

Online dating
March 21, 2020
Popularity 161,000 monthly visits
Gender proportion 65% male, 35% female
Geography America, Asia, Africa
Account verification email
Mobile app no
Price free
Fraud risk high
Hookup chance ★★☆☆☆

There are times when a lighthearted chat with people from all over the world is all you need to make a busy day a little better. It’s even cooler if you can match with conversation partners, connect with them for playful sexting or ask an online crush out for a date.

If you are tired of the pressure of hookup apps, it might be refreshing to try Faceflow — a free messenger where thousands of people from across the globe connect. I got interested in trying this free video chat tool — here’s how my journey on Faceflow turned out.

Faceflow review 00 - Finding dates on a free chat app — Faceflow review 2020
Welcome to Faceflow!



The platform is free. You will not have to pay for using messengers, looking for matches, or connecting with each other via video chat. Thus, Faceflow can be a go-to choice if you’re new to online dating and not ready to pay subscription fees.

Audience quality


Because Faceflow is not as marketed as other free sex apps are, the website is often overlooked. However, once I got to know the platform, I realized it has a strong userbase — people of all ages, countries of origin, and walks of life come here.

Faceflow review 01 - Finding dates on a free chat app — Faceflow review 2020
The platform is a meeting spot for people from all over the world — you can connect with strangers or talk to friends here

In my experience, most Faceflow users are committed to the platform. Most of them answered my texts in a couple of hours, were friendly and nice to hang out with.

Age distribution

Technically, the platform doesn’t allow people younger than 18 to create an account. However, as I later learned, the platform doesn’t verify the age of its users — I’ve seen plenty of 15-17-year-olds on the website. That’s why you should be careful if you want to date or hook up with a girl you met on Faceflow — find out a partner’s age before getting involved.

All in all, most people on the platform are 25-35 years old. 35-45-year-old users make up about 30% of the entire userbase. Only about 10% of all Faceflow users are over 45 years old.

Fakes and scammers

Faceflow doesn’t offer a strong defense line against fakes and scammers. Most profiles on the platform didn’t have a profile picture, so I had a hard time telling if a person I’m talking to is legit.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of weirdos on the website who don’t miss a chance to boast their D via the webcam. The good news is, you can report these freaks and make sure they never bother you again.

All in all, I would recommend texting a conversation partner for a while before switching to video chat.



Faceflow is remarkably easy to use. The website is modern and minimalist. All features are grouped in menus and sidebars. There are dedicated sidebars with the profiles of potential matches and a built-in chat tab that allows users to answer texts while scrolling through the platform.

Although the platform is around 10 years old, the interface doesn’t feel stale. On the contrary, it is appealing to 18-25 users, sleek, and modern. I loved being able to customize the look and feel of the platform — I could choose a color theme so that it suits my mood.

Faceflow review 03 - Finding dates on a free chat app — Faceflow review 2020
To create a Faceflow account, you can either use your Facebook account or fill in a short sign-up form

Signing up

It takes about 3 minutes to fill in the registration form. If you don’t want to bother coming up with a username or a password, the website supports Facebook-based sign-up.

Moreover, website visitors can have a quick chat without a Faceflow login, although the platform allows you to view your messaging history and connect with prospective partners anytime. Registered Faceflow users can have free video calls with friends while website guests can only connect to random people chosen by the matching algorithms.

Although the platform offers account confirmation via email, you don’t have to verify your profile to text other users. You don’t have to upload a profile picture either — most users don’t fill their accounts at all.

Keep in mind that, according to Faceflow’s Terms of Use, only people who reached 18 can complete Faceflow sign up.


Faceflow profiles are not a legit source of information about prospective partners. Most users ignore the “About me” field. As for profile pictures, a lot of them feature adult content that is not censored by the platform. Around half of all profile pictures I’ve seen on the platform were fake — there’s no way of telling who’s hiding behind a cute photo.

Other than the bio, each account features users’ age, country of provenance, and gender, pulled from the sign-up form.

To let people know more about you, feel free to share favorite Youtube videos in the dedicated tab. Keep in mind that other people can see your friend list as well — it’s better to have a couple of contacts on the website to encourage others to text you.

Faceflow review 02 - Finding dates on a free chat app — Faceflow review 2020
Most users leave their Faceflow profiles empty


To find a conversation partner, choose the “Find Random Partner” feature — it will offer you a list of random matches from all over the world. You will be able to have a one-on-one conversation with a chosen platform user.

The public chatroom is another efficient way to connect with Faceflow users. Here, you will be able to talk to people who live close to your location. Unfortunately, changing the location of the chatroom manually is impossible.


Faceflow has two chat modes — texting and video conferences. The first one is accessible to all website visitors. However, to call people via a video chat, you will need to create a profile on the platform.

There’s a built-in instant messenger for sharing texts, photos, or videos. If a group of users wants to connect and discuss common interests, they can create a chatroom — a public or a private one.

Free video calls are the platform’s poster features. You can create a Faceflow video chat room and let your friends join it by sharing a link with them. There’s a chat roulette feature as well — the platform will connect you with strangers from all over the world via the webcam.

Mobile app

There’s no official Faceflow iPhone or Android apps. The good news is, the original website is well-optimized for mobile devices — it loads fast and is almost just as intuitive as the desktop version.

image5 - Finding dates on a free chat app — Faceflow review 2020
The mobile version of Faceflow is fast and intuitive

Security and privacy


Faceflow hasn’t made headlines with leaks or security controversies. However, pinpointing a couple of major privacy flaws in the platform doesn’t take a genius. For one thing, you will need to contact the support team to report users — there’s no dedicated feature on the platform.

Also, Faceflow does a poor job of educating its users — the platform has no guidelines as to how users should act on the platform to avoid being scammed or verbally harassed. If you want to use the platform, keep a careful eye on everybody you are talking to and don’t share sensitive information with strangers.

Whenever somebody is asking you for private information, delete this user from the friend list and cut ties with him.

Hookup chance


Faceflow is free, has a lot of users, and is designed for comfortable communication. It’s easy to find people to talk to on the platform — you can spend a lovely evening on the website.

However, when it comes to dating, most people on Faceflow are either not looking for relationships or are not ready to be proactive about scheduling dates or hookups. Thus, a chance of hooking up on the platform successfully is quite low.

Matching algorithms

Faceflow chooses matches based on your age, gender, and location. The platform users can specify if they want to connect with users of the same or opposite sex — it’s a convenient feature for the LGBTQ community.

However, the platform doesn’t take geographical proximity into account when matching users with one another. You can spend days trying to connect with somebody in your area.

Faceflow is a feature-rich chatting platform that has every tool for chatting with friends and strangers comfortably. You can use it instead of messenger apps to talk to people with no fees. There is no limit to daily chats — you can talk to as many users as you like.

However, I would not recommend using Faceflow for online dating. There are plenty of sites like Faceflow with matching algorithms and robust matchmaking criteria — these will be a more efficient way to find relationships and booty calls.

A full rundown on Faceflow features — video review


Alternative Hookup chance
SecretBenefits ★★★☆☆
Fuckbook ★★☆☆☆
Doublelist ★★★☆☆
ChatAvenue ★★☆☆☆
Pure ★★★★★

i am



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Pure is for real meetings, not endless chats online

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. In one hour, you send a casual sex request to potential matches near your location, discuss your desires, and share contact detail to set up an offline date. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.

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Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial
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Is Faceflow free?

Yes, all the features of the platform are free, including the video chat.

What kind of dating site is Faceflow?

Faceflow is an ideal platform for casual conversations, and it’s also one of the best sexting sites. However, it’s not a full-fledge hookup platform, so there may be relationship expectation mismatches between you and other users.

Is there a mobile application for Faceflow?

No, there’s Faceflow Android or iOS mobile app. You can use the mobile version of the platform to chat with others on the go.

Can I search for someone on Faceflow?

There’s no way to look users up on Faceflow.

Can you have two Faceflow accounts?

Yes, as long as you have several emails, you can attach them to separate Faceflow accounts.

Can Faceflow delete my account?

The Faceflow team doesn’t monitor account activity — your profile will not be deleted from the platform without your consent.

How do I delete my Faceflow account?

To delete your Faceflow account, open the account setting and choose “Delete account” at the bottom of the page.

Is Faceflow for serious relationships?

No, the platform is a better fit for casual conversations. To start a serious relationship online, use a dating-only app or a hookup platform.

Can Faceflow users only text each other?

No, there’s a video chat as well — you can connect with strangers or friends via a webcam.

How do I video call Faceflow members?

To start a video call, choose the “Video Call” icon in the top left corner of the chat tab. The platform will connect you to a stranger, and you can start chatting. To allow others to join the call, copy a Faceflow free download link of the chat and share it with friends.

What security features does FaceFlow have?

If a platform user is bothering you, there’s an “Ignore” button next to the chat. Press it to no longer get notifications when troublemakers text you. You can also specify which users you want to get incoming messages from in account settings.

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