Divorced dating sites review: coming back with a bang — here’s how to start divorced dating and nail it


In fairy tales and romance novels, all marriages have a happy ever after, so it’s natural to hope yours would, too. Now that it’s over and you are divorced singles, most don’t see themselves ever dating or finding love again.

However, settling for loneliness, the lack of mindblowing sex, and heartfelt pillow talks with a soulmate is no way to live either. You are still young, and the dating scene is more dynamic than ever. It’s time to get back on top — here’s your guide to rocking post-divorce dating.

Finding love after divorce: how it is like to be a divorced singles

First dates are always rough. It takes a while to get your groove back, considering the fact you were not looking for relationships for a while. The good news is, you are not alone within divorced singles. One in two couples in America eventually divorces — that means that millions of daters go back to dating and matchmaking. All of them feel your pain and go through the same struggle.

If you are wondering what’s holding you back, here are the problems post-divorce daters often experience.


“I can see the end as it begins,” Taylor Swift once said. The statement holds for all American divorcees, as well. Your previous relationship has not lasted, it was painful and consuming, so you don’t feel ready or good enough for a fresh start.

Marriage always takes two — there’s no point of drowning in self-blame for the fallout. Also, you can start by going out with people who are divorced and dating as well, not new to relationship issues, and will not judge you for terminating the marriage.

Lack of time

As you are not a college student anymore. There’s no time to walk around thinking about a hot date — instead, you have a job, house errands, children, and other commitments. You might want to Netflix-and-chill alone as an after-work activity, not trying to charm a stranger at an eat-out.

The good news is, online single divorced dating is not as time-consuming as the real-life version for all the divorced singles in the world. It is times more fun as well — after all, a date will judge your profile, not the actual look or personality. Swiping left and right feels almost like a game, with little stress or pressure. We also know how to manage divorced dating sites.

Feeling new to the game

Times sure changed. A few years ago, a first date could mean watching a movie or going to a nice restaurant. Not anymore. You will likely have to go hiking or bungee-jumping together.

The rules of dating are changing as time goes by. Naturally, you will have to adjust. On the other hand, exploring new things, going to karaoke parties, or bicycle trips instead of an old-fashioned movie session is considerably more fun — embrace the challenge.

Meeting partners that are not on the same page

Finally, as we try to make our way back to dating, meeting people who are not committed, hot-headed, or are, on the contrary, rushing from the get-go is a problem.

It takes time and experience to determine if you and your partner are on the same page at first sight as a divorced singles. Stating your expectations is the only, though not the easiest way to know if you fit each other’s vision.

Benefits of online dating for divorced at divorced dating sites

To make your epic comeback as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, consider checking out dating websites and apps. If you and your former partner have met each other the conventional way, you might be skeptical about dating online. These platforms are worth checking out — here’s why.

A way to meet divorced singles

There’s no real-life divorcee radar. You need to be extra experienced in dating to deduce if the partner has been seriously involved before.

Online, finding a fellow divorced match is a piece of cake. Most platforms offer filters that help you build a list of matches who had marriage fallouts before. Using a platform like divorced dating sites, you will find someone who’s been going through similar pain and heartbreak and is on the same page romantically.

Saves time from attending events

Just like business networking, actively dating is a full-time job. You have to choose events that are likely to work as match pools, be on top of your game — confident, well-dressed, and so forth. It’s not easy to establish a presence at social gatherings — that’s why most post-divorce daters shy away from them.

Divorced online dating, on the other hand, is an excellent way to spend time during commutes or waiting in lines for divorced singles. Visiting the platform regularly and daily matching is all it takes to find a date and have a few potential matches on the stand-by.

Boosts self-esteem

Believe it or not, most people keep the warmest memories of online dating. You get a high amount of attention, recognition, even affection.

Ultimately, dating sites for divorced are yet another space for sharing your favorite pictures, connecting with people, and feeling incredibly social as you sit on a couch at home. Making friends, trying out pickup lines, and getting compliments will make even the busiest day slightly more entertaining. In addition, you can view private ads on one of the Backpage replacement.

More freedom of self-expression

On divorced dating websites, co-workers will not follow you; no boss keeps track of your social media presence. As a result, you have little-to-no pressure.

Use dating platforms to get to know yourself better, express views and opinions, and discover the trailblazing sense of humor you never knew you had. There are few rules online daters adhere to — all of them fall within the range of common sense and decency.

There is a website for any relationship

After terminating a marriage, a long-term commitment might not be your cup of tea. Maybe, it’s the contrary — you see no point in wasting time for a fling. In both cases, online dater can find a platform with like-minded people.

There’s a sex-only space for a hookup-seeker and a family-oriented platform for those who want to go all the way in straight to marriage. All you have to do is choose the one that fits you.

Online dating tips for divorced

If you are dating online, take time to learn the ins and outs of building long-distance relationships. While there are no one-size-fits-all hacks that would land you dates, some tips are worth following to feel comfortable on a platform.

Open up about the relationship status

Being divorced is not a label or something to be ashamed of. You would want to know if your potential partner had been in a marriage before. Leading by example is crucial in dating platforms — be transparent, open, and confident about your past involvement. This way, your right-one-to-be will know you are putting the past behind and moving on and are no longer licking the old wounds.

Have the list of deal-breakers about the partner

Having a dos-and-don’ts list saves a ton of time down the line. If you want the partner to pay his bills, be educated, not smoke, not drink, create the list that would describe the dream match. Then, think about the things you will never tolerate. Both of these lists help you choose the right match out of millions of contenders.

Avoid the ex-talk

What’s past is past. If you’re back on track, it means you’ve let go. Without shying away from your relationship status, don’t go on about what a jerk your partner was for treating you wrong. Don’t let the bitterness of your past relationship get in the way of a new beautiful thing you might build on the next day. No ex-talk.

Know the partner’s attitude towards your kids

You want your partner to be involved and accept your children. While the first date might not be the right timing for in-depth kid talks, eventually, a chosen one will have to know the ins and outs of your family. You should feel no guilt from letting him in on your kids’ lives.

Specify your relationship intentions

Are you in it for the long haul? Does your heart gravitate towards the sex-with-no-strings relationships? Be sure to make up your mind on where you stand romantically. Then, let the partner know as well. Telling the significant other about your relationship expectations will protect you from miscommunications and unneeded drama.

Choose the right dating platform

Online dating is no joke — it’s a multi-billion industry with thousands of websites, apps, and platforms. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of alternatives. To help you navigate the rough waters, we drew up a full list of tips for choosing the platform that’ll get you a match.

Find out what is hot in town

It is crucial to choose a platform that’s popular in your living area. You will have wider match pools, a bigger and a friendlier user community.

To give you a better idea of what apps daters all over the world love to use, here’s the rundown on the hottest platforms in different parts of the world.

US eHarmony, Tinder, Pure
New Zealand Plenty of Fish
Australia RSVP
Europe OkCupid, Pure

If you want to know more about this, we recommend that you study our exclusive review on choosing the best free hookup site.

Find the platform that matches your expectations

It’s easier to find a match on a platform that caters to those who are on the same page. These days, there’s a platform for any kind of involvement, such as one-night stands, hookups, same-sex relationships, friendships, and casual dates.

You can also find the platform for users who share age, education, profession, religion, or social status. This way, you will not end up with a “too cool for school type.”

divorced singles dating

You have to enjoy using the platform

Going out has its highs and lows — it’s not an easy journey. That’s why the divorced dating site should be a reliable wingman and will be there for you when times get rough. Here’s what you will rely on as a website user:

  • A fast, intuitive user interface;
  • Stellar security;
  • Support and assistance — you should be able to contact the moderators anytime;
  • A fun matching process — otherwise, you’ll get bored way too soon;
  • Little-to-no ads;
  • Accessibility — being able to use the app from a smartphone.

Pure — the platform for mature connections

If you want a serious relationship, you want to settle for a platform that’s just as mature. Pure is one amazing divorce dating site, the space that will give a divorced relationship-seeker all that you need — a no-commitment way to build a casual or long-term relationship, a sleek interface, and a security system that protects daters like a brick wall.

Here’s what you are signing up for when you join Pure.


We take privacy and user safety seriously. To ensure all the conversation stays between no one other than you and your partner, we will delete your profile an hour after you signed up. Great place for divorced people meet. Your friends, co-workers, kids, not even professional hackers, will be able to lay hands on your pictures or personal data.

Matchmaking algorithms

Divorced dating sites are all about connecting in a smartly. At Pure, we use science-backed algorithms to filter out all “meh” contenders and find the right one. You can choose your next partner’s gender, ethnicity, education level, ethnicity, religion, relationship status, and so on. It’s a cut way above meeting a stranger at a bar.

User selection

Pure is a famous dating platform all over the world. There are over 200,000 active users — thousands of accounts are created every day. Moderators thoroughly monitor profiles and weeds all the fakes out. On Pure, you will not have to think about avoiding scammers and catfishers — instead, enjoy genuine communication with decent users.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Easy to use

Pure is as straightforward as a dating app gets. It takes a minute to create an account. We didn’t clutter the website with features, designing nothing but the tools for building uninterrupted connections.

LGBTQ+ inclusivity

We help people of all genders and sexual orientations find relationships and connect in an open, discrimination-free space. Here, you get to be yourself, with no judging stares, stereotypes, or misconceptions.

Bottom line

Dating after a divorce doesn’t seem easy at first. However, if you find the courage to start going out again, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to connect with a partner when you are a mature adult.

Divorced dating apps help divorced daters fight all the obstacles on the way to a successful relationship — time-consuming commitments, insecurities, and misunderstanding. With platforms like Pure, you will find a match that respects your past and is eager to join your future.


How to meet divorced singles?

That is not so difficult as it might seem. There are plenty of dating platforms right now on the market that gives you the opportunity to meet any type of people. You just need to know the right application. For instance, apps like Tinder, Pure, and OkCupid are great for meeting new people.

How to meet other divorced lds singles in your area?

The most convenient way to meet new singles is to use online dating apps that will bring you closer to the people around you. This way you won’t need to spend time at awkward blind dates with strangers. With online dating, you will have a chance to get to know each other before you actually meet and get into more comfortable with one another.

How do divorced lds singles get a release?

Divorce is not actually a bad thing. Once you accept it you figure out that you have plenty of time and energy to spare. You can finally do things that you want, go dancing, meet new people, learn something new. Whatever it is – you can do it and you have to feel good about it. Dating apps will also help you to find some buddies for more physical things.

Sites for dating when you are divorced?

There are several good websites that have a lot of people who are divorced. For example, platforms like OkCupid, Tinder, and Pure have a huge base of users that are open to different types of relationships.

Why do dating sites say single vs divorced?

It is actually up to you to choose your status. Also, the important thing is about you and the fact of how actual information you want to share out there within your profile to strangers. Divorced is not something bad to hide. Nor there is nothing bad about not sharing that information with complete strangers.

Why are so many older women on dating sites all divorced?

There are different situations that could lead to that. But with world changes and so does human mentality. Older women feel the need to feel freedom and be their own selves. Don’t get judgemental and have fun with any person you like, regarding their material status.

Where to find divorced men on dating sites?

There are a few dating sites that are specialized in finding and dating a divorced man. All you need is to know the name of those sites to visit. OkCupid, Pure, and eHarmony are good once to find yourself a divorcee to date.

Where a divorced person can meet new people?

The most convenient way to meet divorce people is through the dating app. OkCupid, Pure, Tinder, and eHarmony are great applications to try if you are divorced.

How to meet people when you are separated but not divorced?

First of all, you need to make things straight that your ex and you are on the same page about the idea of separating and on the way to divorce. Then be sure to be ready dating, it is okay to have some alone time first, once you meet new people try to stay away from the complicated topic and share this only if you feel connected to the person.

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