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All you wanted to know about different vagina types — shapes, sizes, and sex tricks


How many types of vaginas are there? As most people don’t see that many vaginas, we are not skilled in distinguishing them. However, if you are a GYN doctor or a Brazillian wax master, they are seeing hundreds of pussies a day. According to these guys, there are five different types of vaginas — let’s take a closer look at them.

Preface: brief anatomy of the vagina

Although it might feel like reading Campbell’s biology, understanding what our lady bits are made of is crucial for being able to differentiate between different kinds of vaginas that are around. Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of vagina anatomy.

The structure of a vagina

Names that medical professionals use to describe female genitals

Vulva — an anatomical name for the external parts of the vagina. These include:

  • Gans clitoris.
  • Labia minora.
  • Labia majora.
  • Urethra and vagina opening.
  • The tissue surrounding the vagina.

Vagina itself is a tube that connects the vulva and the cervix; the one babies pass through on their way to the world, the place where you insert menstrual cups, tampons, and where the guy’s penis goes during sex.

Anatomically speaking, the vagina is an important route canal — for instance, it is used to transport sperm to the cervix after ejaculation.

Shape: 5 types of vaginas

Once you get down to studying vaginas, you’ll realize how little we know about them. That perfectly-shaped triangle we see in pictures is not even the type of the vagina-stratification iceberg — although some girls are lucky enough to have a similar shape.

If you have never thought about labeling vagina shapes as a Ms.Barbie or a Ms.Curtains, now is the time to do it

Here are the 5 types of vaginas.


This one is the vagina poster child. Ms.Barbie owners have perfectly symmetrical, contained labia majora and labia minora. The two bone structures that comprise the vagina rest along the pelvic bone. A common Ms.Barbie distinction is that the labia majora is a lot tighter than labia minora.

Ms.Barbie — a sought-after vagina type

Ms.Barbie is the rarest vagina type — however, it’s been so promoted in media and porn that women sometimes get vaginal tightening or labiaplasty to reach the ideal shape.


Ms.Puffs is the closest you can come to Ms.Barbie — the difference between the types of vagina lips is where labia majora and labia minora are located. While Ms.Barbie has them hanging at the level of the pelvic bone, Ms.Puffs’ lips lay lower, hanging from the pelvic bone.

Because the labia majora is hanging, in most cases, you wouldn’t be able to see the labia minora altogether.

In this vagina type, both lips are hanging from the pelvic bone

When it comes to Ms.Puff, there are two different looks of vaginas around — the one with tight lips and the loose one. There’s a common misconception that vagina lips get looser as you age or gain weight — however, medical professionals deny the link.


For this type of vagina, the labia minora is distinctly visible as it is hanging from the labia majora. Although this might sound extreme, the truth is, the degree to which a vaginal lip is hanging loosely varies among women.

Ms. Curtains vaginas have a slightly larger labia majora

Surprising as it may be, Ms.Curtains is the most popular vagina type around.


This vajayjay has a distinct look and is hard to confuse with other types. A flower that’s about to bloom is the best description of Ms.Tulip, with its labia minora almost concealed by the labia majora and only slightly exposed to the outside.

These vaginas look slightly closed, like a flower bud

Keep in mind that, although the labia minora is exposed, it’s not hanging and is quite contained.


Women with this type of vagina have a small opening in the labia majora that slightly reveals the labia minora. Both vaginal lips meet at the bottom of the vagina and close off — you will not see them hanging.

Ms.Horseshoe vagina lips close off at the bottom

If you can distinguish a horseshoe-like shape looking at your lady parts, there’s no doubt about it — you’ve got a Ms.Horseshoe.

Five types of pussy — video guide

9 types of vagina lips

When classifying vaginas, some go as far as to distinguish all types of vagina lips. Here’s a short review of 9 types of vagina.

There are plenty of vagina lip variations — concealed, closed, and others

Asymmetrical lips

Some women have vagina lips of different lengths — while one could be contained fully in the vagina, the other might hang down.

Visible inner lips

Although most vaginas don’t have visible inner lips, in some, they are almost just as prominent as the outer ones. Although some women are uncomfortable with their lady bits looking this way, in human anatomy, functionality is much more important than a sleek look.

Outer lip curve

There are women whose vaginal lips form a curve, creating a flower-like shape. A common concern with this type of vagina is that it feels too wide — however, you shouldn’t be too conscious about it.

Prominent outer lips

Another vagina variation is the one with the outer lips hanging. In this case, the labia will form a little pocket where the vagina itself is hidden.

Long and loose outer lips

The outer lips of the vagina can be so long they might brush against your legs, without, however, sticking out. It’s perfectly normal as far as gynecology is concerned — there’s no need to worry that something is wrong with your vajayjay.

Open and small lips

Another type of vaginas is the one with small lips that don’t hang or conceal the vagina as much as other modifications do. There’s a separate kind where the lips are fully open.

Close yet small lips

You might have a different kind of small-lipped vagina, the one that fully conceals the opening.

Enlarged inner lips

Among the types of vagina, this structure of lips is something your doctor can be concerned about. The thing is, as the inner lips are in the open, sensitive vaginal tissue is exposed. Thus, you might feel physical discomfort during sex.

Abnormal labia

Although there’s no abnormal per se when it comes to different vagina shapes, doctors emphasize that women with enlarged inner labia might feel physical discomfort. If that’s the case for you, I suggest you schedule an appointment at the doctor’s office.


Generally, the vagina is a flexible tube that can contract or dilate according to the circumstances. When the tube needs to let a tampon or a penis pass, it will become longer and wider, returning to normal shortly after.

However, vagina length and diameter can vary from women to women. For some, the tube is only 2.5-inches long while, for others, it might extend as far as to 5 inches.

To determine the width of a vagina in a woman, doctors typically take an MRI scan.


Vaginas vary in the coloration of the tissue as well. According to doctors, two factors influence the color of your pussy.

For one thing, there’s the color of the vulva skin — it could be red, wine, pink, or burgundy. Then, the blood flow to the vagina during sex changes its color slightly. During arousals, the blood flows to the genitals and gives the vulva a slightly purple look.


There’s a noticeable difference in the amount of pubic hair among vaginas worldwide. Typically, it starts developing early and gets thinner as you age. Usually, the excessive growth of pubic hair is not much to worry about — doctors see it as a sign of reproductive maturity.

The hairiness of vaginas varies depending on a woman’s hormonal balance

However, hairy vaginas are known to be at a higher risk for polycystic ovary syndrome. Active growth of pubic hair is sometimes connected to hormonal changes in the body — such as the overproduction of testosterone.

Consideration for different types of vaginas during vaginal sex

Depending on the tightness of the tube, vaginal intercourse might be painful or uncomfortable. Here’s how you make sure you get the most out of sex.

The vagina is too tight

If that is the case for you, the easy trick to make sexual intercourse much more pleasant is to lube your stomach up, stay on the back and hold a guy’s penis sandwiched between the stomach and the palm. Then, he will be able to move around freely, and you will not feel hurt.

Girls with tight vaginas should make it a rule to not slack on foreplay and vagina warm-up. There’s nothing wrong in preparing the vagina for the penetration with a vibrator technique — the Hitachi Wand one and others.

After 5-10 minutes of lubrication, your vagina will be much more relaxed and ready for mindblowing sex.

The vagina is too loose

If your pelvic floor is too weak, strengthening it with kegels is a way to go. To practice, try them out when you are sitting on the toilet, starting and stopping as you urinate.

Later, when you become a kegel pro, you can pull a few reps anywhere — in a line, in traffic, at work! After a couple of weeks of practice, improvements will already come through.


How many types of vaginas are there?

There are 5 most common types of vaginas — barbie, curtains, puffs, horseshoe, and tulip.

Is one vagina type better than others?

Anatomically speaking, there are no abnormal vagina types. However, most women want to have a Barbie-style vagina.

Are there any tips on sex for different vaginas?

Depending on whether or not the vaginal tube is too tight or loose, you should either pre-lubricate before sex or do some foreplay.

Is correcting vaginal shape expensive?

An average cost of labiaplasty is around $5,000.

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Labiaplasty: a go-to or a no-go

Since more women become aware of their vaginal shape, the desire to tweak it for many grows stronger. Choosing non-surgical and surgical procedures for vaginal tightening is extremely common now — Farah Abrams and Kim Kardashian have reportedly tried one.

In a nutshell, labiaplasty — a surgery that removes excessive labia tissue — costs about $5,000. It used to be done in case of rare vaginal pathologies — now, performing such a procedure as cosmetic surgery is increasingly more common.

The rejuvenation of the vaginal tube is another popular procedure that costs around $1,500 per treatment. Girls who tried it say you need to repeat it around five times to see clear results.

There are no distinct harmful side effects to labiaplasty and other vaginal non-surgical procedures, but they are not 100% effective either. Such a surgery is a financial risk to take — keep that in mind when making a decision.

Anatomically speaking, there are no abnormal vagina types


Sex specialists say you shouldn’t overthink your vagina type too much. Instead, see it for what it is — a curtain, and there’s no way an ugly curtain would be able to conceal a beautiful house. Other than that, it’s helpful to keep in mind that, although you see beautiful, perfectly triangle-shaped vaginas in every picture, anatomy is not that simple.

Each vajayjay is a separate story — not better, not worse, just different.

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