15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them

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February 14, 2020

If you want to boost your sexual experience with a partner, start by identifying his penis type. There are a lot of kinds, and they require different types of stimulation. In this guide, I’ll show you the main types of penises in the penis’ nature.

There isn’t a single opinion on how many penis types there are out there. Most experts boil it down to 14, which is the number I am going to go with. Also, I found this classification to be constant for me over the years, so I hope you’ll find these different types of a penis true for your partners, too.

Circumcised penises

The foreskin of the penis has been removed during infancy, which is why this type is often compared to a peeled banana. It’s the most common penis type — in the United States, the majority of men own this kind of a penis.

Anatomically speaking, they are different from other types in their absence of the foreskin. The foreskin, in its turn, is covered with nerves — and circumcised ones, therefore, aren’t. The downside is, they are less sensitive. However, because the majority of men belong to this group, you hardly ever felt the struggle.

Different Types Of Penis 07 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
I chose different types of penis pictures using fruit and vegetable metaphors: they best depict anatomic distinctions

Sex tip

Use rougher positions and foreplay to increase stimulation. You can also improve the effects with dirty talk. For a stronger effect, try BDSM and roleplaying.

They are different from other types in their absence of the foreskin

Uncircumcised penises

Such penises have an extra level of skin — exactly the layer that’s “peeled off” in the uncircumcised ones. This type is more sensitive because the foreskin has additional nerves and reacts to stimuli better.

However, there are downsides as well: it’s harder to groom because dirt and bacteria get stuck easier.

Different Types Of Penis 03 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Penises with foreskin are more sensitive and easier to excite

Sex tip

During sex, girls can use foreskin to their advantage, messaging the covered area to awake the neural connections. The head area, however, is extra sensitive, which makes such men less fitting for rough sex. If you twist the skin too hard, it might be painful.

Girls can use foreskin to their advantage


This is a special type because such penises are extremely dynamic. When a guy is aroused, the penis grows in size a lot. When it’s flaccid, the size comes back to the regular dimensions.

Growers can be circumcised or uncircumcised — this type doesn’t affect the others. The majority of men are growers, which means, their penises grow a lot when they get harder. This has many advantages during sex: it’s easier to orgasm and penetration is much deeper.

Different Types Of Penis 11 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Growers are very common and generally, loved by women

Sex tip

Use foreplay and positions that imply beforehand masturbation – it’s great if a guy can watch you exploring yourself to get more excited. Once both of you are stimulated, let him penetrate you. Use lube – growers can expand in size a lot, and you have to prepare your body for this.

Such penises are extremely dynamic — when a guy is aroused, it grows in size a lot


This type is the opposite of growers because a penis stays relatively the same regardless of either it’s flaccid or aroused. That’s not to say that there is no size change whatsoever, but it’s far less visible.

Showers have one great advantage: such penises are usually large even in the neutral state. Unlike growers, who need time and stimuli to show their full potential, growers are ready-to-go. This makes sex a lot better because you don’t have to try to excite your partner quite as much.

Different Types Of Penis 02 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Showers provide less space for the experiment but they are bigger in a flaccid state

Sex tip

Don’t waste too much time on foreplay and dirty talks. Men with this penis type are often people of action: they prefer intense penetration instead of weak preparation. Get it on, and get it fast. You can even experiment with rough sex and BDSM.

A penis stays relatively the same regardless of either it’s flaccid or aroused

Curved penises

During an erection, penises can change in size, but you might not be aware that some men experience the change of form, too. When the penis is aroused, it tends to curve to the left or right side. It gives women space for experiments — such men will be able to reach erogenous zones that are unavailable to other partners and can be helpful when hitting a G-spot.

Different Types Of Penis 09 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Curved penises are great for rough sex and experimental positions

Sex tip

To make the most out of the situation, ask your partner about the patterns of these changes — which side is the curved one and when does it usually happen. Then, you’ll be able to adjust your sexual experiments accordingly.

It tends to curve to the left or right side

Small penises

To be clear, we are not talking about “meh” sizes, but about a medical definition — which, in real life, would be translated to an extra-small. To be considered small by a doctor, a penis has to be twice as short as an average length. It also goes by an unflattering name of micropenis. You’ll know one when you see it.

Different Types Of Penis 15 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Even though small penises are looked upon, you can still have good sex

Sex tip

To make your sex work, you need to be close to your partner and pick positions that allow you to hit the right angle. Here’ your enjoyment will be derived not as, much from the depth of penetration but rather, from the precision.

If you know your best spots, tell your partner, so he doesn’t have to work extra hard on finding them. Generally, you can make different types of human penis work, if you know your limitations and opportunities.

You’ll know one when you see it

Big penises

A medical definition of a big penis is the one that is longer than seven inches during erection. And while for most women, it might seem like an advantage, in reality, you’ll be standing up to quite a challenge. Even a seemingly innocent position will turn into a deep penetration, and your body might not always be ready for such a hardcore mode.

Different Types Of Penis 04 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Big penises have their challenges, especially when it comes to rough sex

Sex tip

To make it work, be sure to use a lot of lubricants and avoid rough sex positions. Also, keep in mind that finding and hitting a G-spot can be quite challenging, too — because it’s harder to move around something so big.

Even a seemingly innocent position will turn into a deep penetration

Penises with a surprise

Some penises have sudden turn-on and turn-off modes. You can be in the middle of the sex, and your partner will seem quite aroused, but suddenly his penis will go off. Not a word of warning. The worst thing is, guys likely won’t warn you that this is happening — and you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

Different Types Of Penis 08 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Some penises are physiologically prone to turning off

Sex tip

If a penis goes off on you, don’t worry that you didn’t deliver your part. It’s not your problem, and it’s also not inside your partner’s head — so don’t blame him, either. It’s a physiological quality of his penis that he can’t control so easily. Instead, switch to other ways of stimulation – let him massage your breasts, use fingers for vaginal penetration, or pinch your nipples.

You can be in the middle of the sex, but suddenly his penis will go off

Penises with a high emotional response

Men with such penises are likely to be affected by the slightest distress: worrying, stress, shame, pressure. Such guys need to feel strongly towards you to get aroused, but if anything goes wrong, they will turn off just as quickly. It’s not the same as the previous case: because in this case, the problem is directly connected to the partner’s emotional response.

Different Types Of Penis 12 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
If your partner is nervous, his penis won’t be reactive to stimuli

Sex tip

To handle a partner with a quirky penis, you need to communicate. Most often, men will be embarrassed due to confusion or shame — you need to talk it out and demonstrate that there is nothing to worry about. Dropping hits might not be enough — you need to provide strong reassurance.

Such penises are affected by the slightest distress: worrying, stress, shame, pressure

Smooth penises

The surface of some penises are softer than the others, and while some don’t find it rough enough, everyone agrees that that’s the best type for oral sex. Also, there is less risk of rupturing a condom, which is an advantage.

Different Types Of Penis 10 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Smooth penises are more sensitive and pleasant to the touch

Sex tip

If you have a partner who’s got a soft penis, use it to your advantage and do oral sex. To increase effects during vaginal or anal penetration, use penis rings to add extra friction.

Everyone agrees that that’s the best type for oral sex

Penises with visible veins

When this type of penises gets aroused, you’ll know not only by changes in size but also, by the vein appearance. Not only blood vessels become, obvious, but they also enlarge to the point of being easily palpated. You might be able to feel them even during sex itself. For some women, it’s a distraction, whereas others find it more stimulating.

Different Types Of Penis 14 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Penises with visible veins are not too common, but most women grow to enjoy them

Sex tip

Having a veiny penis provides an advantage for rough sex because rough veins increase friction and add texture to the penetration. Even if you thought it might not be pretty, you’d likely change your mind once you get down to it.

For some women, it’s a distraction, whereas others find it more stimulating

Penises with a shade of dark

Penises aren’t necessarily the same color as the rest of the skin. For some, there is more melanin in their penis cells than in other tissues. It’s a perfectly fine situation — don’t mistake it for some illness.

Different Types Of Penis 05 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Changes of pigmentation in different types of penises are perfectly natural

Sex tip

The good news is, the color has no impact on the penis’ function. It will be just as aroused as one of the regular color would. The smartest thing you can do is to avoid drawing attention to it and enjoy the ride.

The good news is, the color has no impact on the penis’ function

Freckled penises

Some penises have birthmarks on them, and it’s perfectly fine. The funniest thing is, it’s not related to the number of birthmarks a person has elsewhere. It might just happen as a random event, and just like with a color, it doesn’t affect the penis’ functions.

Different Types Of Penis 01 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Sometimes, birthmarks can be a sign of skin cancer

Sex tip

In some cases, birthmarks can be signs of skin cancer — you should discuss it with the partner so that you can rule out the possibility. If you just met the guy — let it go, it would be viewed anyway. But if you noticed a new birthmark on your regular partner, it’s best to have him check it.

It’s not related to the number of birthmarks a person has elsewhere

Hairy penises

Some prefer to leave the natural hair, while others see no point in taking care of it because it grows back fast. However, don’t be too judgemental about pubic hair — it keeps the bacteria out of your vagina during sex and contains pheromones that attract partners.

So, it has its advantages, and it might even increase your sexual drive. Also, there are different types of a furry male penis, and some might be too rough without a proper lubricant, so don’t skip preparation.

Different Types Of Penis 13 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Hairy penises are often rough to the touch, which is why they require a lot of lubricants

Sex tip

Discuss genital hygiene before jumping into action. If it’s a stranger, I suggest shower sex – you can even soap each other up, just in case. Condoms are a must, of course – this is definitely the safest way to avoid infection. Also, insist on lubrication, if you don’t want to feel discomfort in the process.

Pubic hair keeps the bacteria out of your vagina and contains pheromones that attract partners

Shaved penises

While some guys prefer to stay completely natural, others want to get rid of the hair for good. This is normal — a penis will be more sensitive and more enjoyable to the touch.

There are downsides: such penises are more affected by a bacterial infection because there is no hair that usually performs a protective function.

Different Types Of Penis 06 - 15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them
Shaved penises are known to be the best ones for oral sex

Sex tip

Such penises are perfect for oral sex and can easily provide deep penetration with little to no need of lubrication. The chances of injuries are minimal, so you can experiment with deeper positions.

A penis is more sensitive and more enjoyable to the touch

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What type of penis do women like?

The favorite kind is usually the Grower. Most women like penises that have impressive dimensions even if flaccid but still deliver pleasant surprises in the aroused state. Also, a lot of girls enjoy seeing their partner’s reactions to them, which drives them to higher arousal.

What’s the most common type of penis?

In terms of skin, the most common type of penis is the circumcised one — the foreskin is taken off during infancy. In terms of size, the most common is an average size — micro- and macro variations are exceptions. Growers — penises that grow bigger during erection — are more common than showers, the ones that maintain large dimensions even in the flaccid state.

Is it normal to have a hairy penis?

Biologically, yes. Hair serves as a protective mechanism from dirt and bacteria. However, it’s generally unpleasant to women because it doesn’t look good aesthetically and feels rough during penetration. That said, hairy penises have more pheromones because they are stored in the pubic hair.

What’s your favorite type of penis?

There is no such thing as a generally preferred type of a penis — all preferences are individual. However, they generally liked types of penises are Growers and big penises.

How many different types of male penis are out there?

There are many classifications. Some define 6, others 10, while others count up to 14-16. My review is the fullest one since it analyzes the kinds of penises based on their shape, size, hair, texture, and anatomical differences.

How do I find out the penis’ type of my partner?

You need to take into account the structure of his penis — if it has skin on the forehand, whether it’s curved or not. Then, see how it behaves during erection: Growers become bigger when excited, whereas Showers still relatively the same. All other distinctions like hair, freckles, or veins, are fairly obvious. You can practice distinguishing these traits by looking at pictures of different types of the penis or simply paying attention to them when watching porn.

Personal experience on having sex with different penises


There is a right approach to all kinds of penises. Similarly, each type has drawbacks, and you need to be aware of how to navigate through them. If you are aware of what makes your partner’s penis most excited, you’ll be able to choose positions that suit both of you and complement his innate characteristics.

Additionally, you can use sex toys and accessories to enhance the experience. Knowing details about your partner’s penis helps to regulate the angle and distance between you two during sex and be more prepared.

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