Denver dating guide: best places to meet girls


Let’s be real — Denver is not Las Vegas, Portland, or Chicago in terms of the nightlife. The city residents are bigger on mountains than clubbing and hookups. Denver is not a hopeless place for finding hookups. The dating scene is peculiar and requires some adjustment – which is why you need this guide to get started.

Nightclubs & pick up bars

All the best bars to get laid are located either in the Lower Downtown or in the South of Colfax district. Both areas are not too far apart — that’s why be sure to explore each of them.

If you’re not a fan of hooking up at a club, you try your luck going to Denver hook up bars in Albuquerque or check out the college girls in Boulder. Either way, if you’re not from Denver, be sure to have a place to crash at with the partner before you hit the club.

In case the nightlife is not appealing enough for you, Denver has a variety of spots to check out during the daytime. Here, girls love hiking— be sure to check out one of the town’s numerous mountain clubs. If not, take a stroll around museums to find intelligent, mature partners.

Here’s my full list of go-to pickup spots in Denver.

Colorado Mountain Club

If you want to find an active partner who will be into sports and hiking, checking Colorado Mountain Club out is a must-have. For over a hundred years, the club has been popular among the city residents of all ages.

Colorado Mountain Club is an opportunity to get

Here, you can see a wide range of hiking or ice climbing fans — many of them are girls. What you will love about finding a Denver hookup in Colorado Mountain Club is an opportunity to get to know straightforward, down-to-earth hookups, which will cut the foreplay and get straight to the bone of your intentions.

Give Tinder a second chance

Assuming you have tried using the platform multiple times and failed, there’s no need to give up on finding a Tinder hookup in Denver. Thanks to “Tinder Social,” the app’s new feature, you will be able to connect with groups of people nearby and go out together.

Using free hookup app to explore Denver is a smart decision

Other than finding a hookup, you will be able to get an insider view of Denver — visit festivals you would’ve known nothing about otherwise, find out which places have a happy hour during lunch, and so on. No matter how you look at it, using Tinder to explore a new city is a win-win decision even if you’re not able to hook up at the end of the day.

Denver art museum

There’s no place better to meet “a woman of culture” than the Denver art museum. Albeit the small talk, the 6 p.m — 10 p.m. Friday meetups are quite enjoyable. Here, you will be able to have intelligent art-related discussions, connect with creative people, and talk in an open-minded environment.

Denver art museum

Since most art enthusiasts crave new experiences, there are high odds of meeting a girl in the Art Museum that would not mind a hookup.

Enjoy trivia at Colorado history center

If you’re more into humanities than art, don’t miss a chance to visit Colorado History Center. The venue hosts open meetups every Thursday, once a month. You will be in for a challenging and rewarding trivia, history-related debates and discussions, jokes, and a bar with a wide range of appetizers.

You might be surprised at how effective finding a hookup at places like the History Center is. The truth is, most intelligent people don’t mind hooking up — however, they feel uncomfortable looking for partners at clubs or adult bars. By mingling at the Colorado History Center, you will expand your range of hookup search way beyond dating apps. Also, you will be able to meet women that are not necessarily total nerds here.

Sign up for a class

Another way to mix business and pleasure is by looking for girls at a class. This way, your search is not purely one-sided — even if you didn’t find a girlfriend or a hookup, at least, you learned something new.

Site of Colorado Free University

If you think that going to classes is expensive, you’re in the wrongs. Colorado Free University offers affordable courses on cooking, yoga, meditation, and other applicable and fun things.

In terms of finding a girl, meeting over a common hobby is one of the best ways to build a lasting connection. Try attending classes — you’ll find many proactive, financially stable, and mature prospective girlfriends there.

Meet Denver girls during the day

Denver has a busy daily life. There’s no shortage of parks, lakes, and attractions. Based on my experience in the city, I’ve drawn up the list of go-to places for meeting hot Denver girls in Denver. Here’s where most young people enjoy hanging out:

  • The Zoo;
  • Sloan’s Lake Park;
  • Botanic Gardens;
  • Washington Park.

Meeting Denver girls outside is easy. All you have to do is to approach a partner and ask her out for a walk together. The rest is up to you — get a bottle of good wine, find a romantic view, and enjoy having a good time.

Museum of Nature and Science

If you’re more into regimented dating activities and don’t want to think about what to do on a date, try your luck at meeting single women Denver here:

  • Museum of Nature and Science;
  • Clyfford Still Museum;
  • Museum of Contemporary Art.

Chat with girls online

Since we live in the age of technology, there’s no need to go outside to connect with girls. Here are the most popular classifieds for online dating in Denver.


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AdultFriendFinder site look
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Denver dating guide

Denver is not your best shot in terms of nightlife — however, there are plenty of daytime things to do. That’s why my first advice to tourists would be to go-out at noon more. After all, Colorado is one of the few states to boast 300 sunny days per year.

Day date ideas

If you are wondering which places to check out when staying in Denver, here’s my list of top romantic destinations for a daytime date. Some of these are free — others you will have to pay for. Choosing a spot for a date is entirely up to you, depending on how much you’re willing to spend and what type of activities you’re fond of.

  • Check the botanic garden. Here, you can enjoy some of the country’s top-tier music festivals. In summer, there are daily shows — you can here Gipsy Kings, The Noisemakers, and other artists performing for free.
The Brown Palace hotel offers one of the most atmospheric spa experiences
  • Visit the Brown Palace Spa. The Brown Palace hotel offers one of the most atmospheric spa experiences around. You will be able to connect with a partner under a soothing waterfall. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience no tourist should miss out on.
  • Take a girl to a restaurant. The city has a decent local food culture. There’s no lack of first-tier restaurants — I would suggest checking Peaks Lounge and Vesta out. Bistro Vendome and Barolo Grill are decent places, as well.
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Where can I meet girls in Denver?

There are several ways to go about finding a partner in Denver: go hiking, visit art centers, and museums. Finally, you can give bars and nightclubs in the Lower Downtown area a try to get laid in Denver.

How wealthy is Denver?

Denver is one of the wealthiest cities in Colorado, ranking 18th in the state. The median per capita income of a city resident here is over $30,000 per year.

How populous is Denver?

The population of the city is over 700,000 residents. Denver is one of the most densely populated cities in the US, ranking 19th in the country.

How large is Denver?

The city is not too large and easy for a tourist to navigate. In the US, the city ranks 55th by size. Its overall surface area is 153.0 square miles.

Where can I meet people in Denver?

To meet people in Denver, I’d suggest visiting coffee shops and bookstores. For more personal contact with people, sign up for classes at Colorado Free University.

Where can I meet girls in Denver?

There’s hardly a better place to find girls in Denver than Platte Avenue. Clubs and bars on Tejon Street are the right places to start looking for a successful hookup.

Denver Lincoln Park

What areas to avoid in Denver?

Denver is relatively safe. However, according to the city residents, there are a couple of shady neighborhoods you should avoid: steer clear of Lincoln Park, Lower Downtown, and Civic Center.

Is Denver safe to walk around?

Steer clear of homeless people — at times, they might be rude or aggressive. If you’re driving, remember that overspeeding is common in town and be extremely careful to not get into traffic accidents.

Where do singles meet in Denver?

Denver has a lively club-and-bar scene — here are the places you should explore to meet girls here:

  • Triangle Bar;
  • Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox;
  • Avanti F&B;
  • Dunbar Kitchen & Taphouse.

Is Denver a good place for singles?

Overall, yes. There are many parks and alleys for meeting girls in plain sight. As for the nightlife, the city has no shortage of nightclubs and Denver singles bars in the downtown.

Denver is one of best cities for singles

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