Dating a younger man: breaking down everything they don’t tell about age-gap relationships


Ladies are not encouraged to date younger partners. In our society, May-December connections are highly frowned upon — even more so, if a lady stands in that “December” position.

What the critiques don’t talk about is that seeing a young guy is often fun. You will be challenged with his energy, enthusiasm, and unique perspective. He will also drive you crazy and be at a different page at times. Here’s what’s clear — you will certainly not feel bored.

This post will walk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly — nothing in the romantic life will catch you off guard.

Why do guys fall for mature ladies

Here’s a summary of all the reasons your next date prefers you over someone from his age group.

  • Little-to-no immaturity to put up with. As a Reddit user put it, younger girls tend to be boyfriend, not partner material.
  • The vibe of confidence mature women give off is a magnet for many guys.
  • A stable personality. As noted on Reddit, when a 40-year old partner stays healthy, beautiful, and with a steady job, it tells way more about her character compared to a 25-year-old that matches the same points. Time is the justest judge of things.
  • The heart goes where the heart goes. Finally, at times, falling for an older woman is spontaneous and catches a lover off guard. If they decide to embrace the newly found attraction, it may well pay off as a healthy relationship.

The attraction can truly be legitimate for both parties — men are mostly not into choosing older partners for financial sustainability.

Pros and cons of dating younger men

Relationships are rough waters — there are miscommunications, fallouts, frustrations, and roadblocks. It would seem the age difference would only add to the pile — there’s now a generation gap to worry about.

Before we dive right into the nitty-gritty of the “Mrs. Robinson” relationship, here’s a spoiler alert: it’s not all that grim. There’s a pro to outweigh each potential issue.

Pro: little-to-no baggage

Even if your same-age partner thinks he moved on — let’s face it, he didn’t. With same-age men, you will have to deal with ex-related memories, relationship issues, and other baggage.

Choosing a younger date, you will not struggle with shadowing his past crushes or dealing with experience-induced bitterness. There are no walls to take down and more openness.

You will have to deal with the lack of dating skills. You have so much to teach him about consideration, not being petty, and respecting personal space. But, hey, why not shape a perfect partner for yourself from scratch?

Pro: stars in your eyes in bed

It’s a common observation that May-December partners enjoy excellent sex life. Both of them, by the way. Scientifically, it’s explained by the fact that men enter sex prime in the 20s, whereas women get to theirs from 30s to 40s.

Seeing a younger man, you’ll get all the energy and the drive to try unconventional things. The more you experiment, the large doses of dopamine in the brain releases. That’s why, when you have adult sex meet with a guy, sex is so enjoyable.

Pro: fresh dating dynamic

If you’re bored with eat-out or cinema dates the men of your generation feed you up with, meeting a more creative person is a solution. For an older woman, the relationship dynamics are different a priori — thank the generation gap for it.

At times, it can be a bummer. However, if you’re open-minded and adventurous, you’ll enjoy a fresh perspective the partner brings to the table. You will go crazy, try out things you never knew existed — that’s a once-in-a-lifetime, highly empowering experience.

Con: family pushback

These days, everyone is so woke and open-minded — on Twitter. In real life, your friends and family might not approve of the decision to get involved with a young guy. It takes a lot of love and mental strength to make up for the judgemental stares, insensitive jokes, and the lack of support.

On the positive side, with your family’s lack of support, you’ll be able to see if the partner can stand up for you and be there when it gets rough.

Con: he’s not big on commitment

There’s simply a different view on long-term relationships when you’re 22. Remember that any family, kid talk, or a simple ‘Where is the relationship going?’ might freak him out big time.

The healthiest type of involvement with a younger partner is an open relationship. Give him space, freedom, and mobility — you’ll get an enjoyable time out of it. If a committed relationship is still what you’re looking for — set things straight right away.

Con: kids

He is young, wild, and scared of commitment. You might be supported and willing to wait for him to settle down. But biology is not. If a woman in her 40s does want a baby, there’s always the “ticking-clock-pressure”.

Don’t push the kid talk. Let your partner develop his “dad” genes and be the first one on the topic. If there’s not much of a window, consider breaking off the involvement eventually and find a committed man to build a family with.

4 tips for dating younger men

If you feel ready to dive into the pool of dates, it’s relatively easy to, at least, have a good time. Here are a few hacks to ensure your first date with a 20-something will not be a drag.

1. Be adventurous

Why go out with a guy if you can’t enjoy his creativity, wild energy, and drive? Try to keep up with his pace, even if, at first, it seems weird. Go hiking, cycling, rock-climbing with him.

If the ball’s in your court, don’t shy away from surprising him. Wear something tongue-in-cheek or take him out to your favorite place. Be as creative as you can — none of your dates will be boring.

2. Treat him seriously

Assuming the mother figure is the last thing you want. Even if your experience tells you going to a late-night party with friends is not what you thank yourself for the next day, resist the urge to talk him out of it. Give the partner freedom to experiment and make mistakes like you used to in your 20s.

3. Let him take the lead

Younger men are often insecure about their financial sustainability when they consider going out with an older woman. With that in mind, don’t press on the pain point. Instead, let him have his way. Take turns when paying for meals, allow him to choose places to take you, and movies to watch at a “Netflix-and-chill”. This way, you’ll have less responsibility on your shoulders — and he’ll learn the essentials of a stable relationship.

4. Be more than a conquest

Let’s not delude ourselves — some men start dating an older woman to get a sexually experienced partner before going out with a same-age girl. If that looks like you partner’s intention — you are not letting him have his way. Make it clear you are not in for a one-night stand but a committed relationship.

Steer clear from such younger lover

There are some warning signs to spot a conquest-seeker who’s not a suitable fit as a boyfriend.

  • Calls you to his place way too often;
  • Asks you to “teach him things” in bed;
  • Mentions how much time it took him to get his ex to sleep with him.

Steer clear from such guys — they are jerk material and the last thing you want as a partner.

The right place to find younger dates

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Choosing the right platform is crucial if you want to find a partner who would still be committed and ready to go the extra mile for you. There are many platforms, sites, and applications, as well as services like Backpage – all this, basically, is just a way to entice money from users. You should try something completely different. Pure is exactly the place for finding a date in his 20s or early 30s.

The tool covers all the extremes on the relationship spectrum — from no-sting sex to a lasting relationship. Pure has a nice-to-look at and easy-to-use interface. You need no time to find a date on the platform — you don’t have to make online dating your part-time job.

Here’s what you get on Pure

First-class security

Go out of your way experimenting, testing texts and pickup lines, or sexting. No one at work or among your friends will ever find out — your Pure account will be deleted in one hour from registration.

A not-too-graphic interface

When you think of dating apps, you might remember home pages with disturbing pictures, tons of ads, and so on. That is not what Pure is about. The website has a minimalistic black-and-white interface with a sleek animation. It’s beautiful, cohesive, and not irritating.

Location-based search

Don’t waste time on texting someone who’s miles away from you. Find a young lover who lives in the area — this way, you’ll arrange a date and push the relationship one step further in no time.

Over 300 000 registered users

Men make up the largest share of Pure users — you’ll be able to find a date that fits even the most sophisticated criteria.

It takes 1-2 minutes to create an account — just come up with the nickname and upload a profile picture. Enjoy fast-paced relationships you need little commitment to maintain.


What do you call a younger woman dating an older man?

The woman who is dating older men usually called Sugar Baby and the man is her Sugar Daddy.

What do you call an older man dating a younger woman?

The man who is with a younger woman usually called Sugar Daddy.

When dating a younger man?

Often women who are above 35 years old and older are dating younger men.

How to deal with your son who disagrees with you dating a younger man?

You have to sit down and talk. Just two of you. Try to understand all the opinions and come to a conclusion.

Dating a younger man when you have children?

You have to prepare your children for the whole situation before introducing them to your younger boyfriend. Make sure that the boyfriend will stick around and also understands the entire situation.

How old is dating younger man called a cougar?

Women who are in their 30s’, 40s’, and 50s’ who are dating younger men are considered as cougars.

Dating a man in publishing who isn’t me younger?

To know more you should watch the Younger tv show, season 6, episode 4.

When a man talks about dating younger girl?

Most men who are older and want to date younger women are simply want to take care of women and give them a good life.

How do you dating a man that is younger?

Dating younger men is great as they are more adventures and free. They are willing to learn and not looking for a serious relationship. That gives you both the freedom of going separate after you had your fun. No strings attached.

Dating a man who is 20 years younger?

dating a man who is 20 years younger than you can give you new excitement and experiences that might have never been in your life before. It is new and interesting to try out.

Remember, age is a number. You can foster lasting connections with partners — go to Pure, find a match, and give a May-December relationship a try.

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Has sexy British accent and sense of humor. Graduated as a psychologist, and worked as a copywriter for advertising. From the age of 20, Jennifer has been writing a diary to document her sexual discoveries, and later focused on writing articles about sex, relationships and dating. Loves coffee and collects sex toys.

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