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November 26, 2019

Lucky ones who are planning to travel to Dallas will have a great chance to enjoy its hookup atmosphere. People are open-minded and friendly there, and it’s easy and pleasant to meet someone in a romantic way.

With a population of about 1.3 million, Dallas is the 9th most populous city in the USA. You can meet here people of any kind: hetero- and homosexual, white and black, religious and atheistic, funny and serious. To meet people, there one thing you need to do — come to the town.

What kind of women you can meet in Dallas

Girls of Dallas are amazing: looking stunning and working hard. Most of the girls are smart and well educated; lots of them are employed by serious corporations. So don’t get tricked with the short skirts and lovely smiles: hot Dallas girls are intelligent.

Dallas is a city with a wide range of diversity. There, you will meet people from all over the world, and women here are of all colors and nations. The female part of the population contains all ethnic groups: White, African-American, and Asian. You can also find there Indian and Mexican women, similarly beautiful as all other groups.

Dallas women are quivering and gentle. They are open to the world and charming: it is easy to meet someone in the bar or elsewhere, for something fast and no-strings-attached or long-term romantic relationships.

Dallas hookup

If you came to the city as single and want to meet a girl, you’re a lucky one. This city is in the top ten of the “Best Cities for Singles” rating, created by NerdWallet resource. In the cities from the top ten, you only have to appear yourself at the right place at the right time to start a romantic adventure. Wear something fancy and get all dirty jokes out of your pocket: it will be enough to meet someone tonight.

Unexpectedly, there are women of any kind: you can meet here blondes and brunettes, country girls and ladies of high society, crazy raving dancers, and religious women. Even European girls come to Dallas, and it’s easy to meet them in public.

Lifehacks of meeting during the day

The downtown is full of people during the day. Most of them walk along the streets, have lunch in the neighborhood cafes, and go shopping. To take a look around and have some time to choose, pretend a working guy or a shopping fan. Shopping is a great reason to start a conversation: ask a lovely girl if this tie fits your eyes, and she will most likely kindly help you with this hard choice.

Alternatively, start your hook up in Dallas from online dating services and then come downtown for a specific date. There are dozens of different apps and websites where you can meet a Dallas woman to have a lovely chat and set the meeting.

dallas hookup review 02 - Dallas hookups
There are a lot of people on the streets of Dallas. But how to find the only one?

Meet Dallas women in the right places

Cafes, shopping malls, parks, and even museums are great places to meet a girl in Dallas offline. One of the best coffee shops for this purpose is Buzzbrews in Commerce street. They hold several events every month, which are quite popular among locals, including local girls.

Buzzbrews works 24/7, so you can join this coffee and hangout festival any time, whether you prefer to have fun in the night or during the day. There, you can eat, listen to music and enjoy some kinds of art events. It is an intelligent and romantic place to meet an intelligent and passionate lady.

Art galleries and museums are also often visited by interesting women, especially during dating events. Subscribe to the newsletter of several galleries, and you will have various offers during the week.

Southern Methodist University, with all its cafes, libraries, and students’ meeting points is a great place to find a high society girl from a rich family. There, you might also meet hipster-like talented scholarship holders. So as in Lower Greenville, in its live music bars and amateur theaters.

Wild Detectives dallas hookup - Dallas hookups
The Wild Detectives: read, drink and hookup

Reading fans gather by the address: 314 W. Eighth St, TX 75208, in Wild Detectives. It’s a bar, which is very popular among bookish girls. If you met someone in the bookstore bravely offer to go to the Wild Detectives together. Most likely, the lady will be charmed and pleased with this plan.

The girls with a great sense of humor adore the Dallas Comedy House in Main Street. The performance is usually excellent, so ladies around are relaxed and opened to the new meetings — and here comes your benefice moment.

Dog lovers usually gather in the Frisco Dog Park in the 4th Army Memorial Road. Except for the dogs and their owners, you can find there various fun activities to make acquaintance go more fluently.

Dallas hookups 02 - Dallas hookups
Sports-loving girls from Dallas

Sports-loving women live in Dallas, too. The FanSide service put this city on the seventh place around the USA sports cities. Dallas women do visit basketball, football, and baseball games alone or together with single girlfriends. Fan excitement is the best fuel for the fire of passion that starts after a shared sports event.

And back to the tie idea, try one of these shopping malls to meet friendly women that can help you with the clothes selection:

  • The Shops at Willow Bend
  • NorthPark Center
  • Town East Mall
  • Mockingbird Station
  • Galleria Dallas

You can try one or several places to meet an interesting woman in the daytime, or rely on the magic of alcohol and dancing in the night.

Lifehacks on meeting in the night

All over the world, meeting in the night is an exciting adventure. Dallas is not an exclusion, men and women are crazy party people here, waiting for the dusk to start a hangout.

downtown dallas - Dallas hookups
Downtown in Dallas is a great place for hookup

You can create your list of the nightlife places at your preferences or try all of them one by one. Start from the uptown Cedar Springs Road and follow to the downtown or Deep Ellum, where the best bars are located. By the way, the best one-night-stand hotels are located there, too. If you have serious plans for a hookup, think of the accommodation in advance.

To be more specific, you can start your search from one of these uptown locations.

“Liar’s Den” on McKinney Avenue

It’s an all-in-one entertaining complex where you will find bars, dancing area, and even beer pong.

Pros: you can wear anything, and the bill will be surprisingly small.

Cons: people do know about this bar, and it’s crowded — if you come after 11 pm, you might not find a spare place.

Ocean Prime dallas hookup - Dallas hookups
“Taste of Dallas” in Ocean Prime

“Ocean Prime” on Cedar Springs Road

Coming here, you might switch the roles with the ladies you are hunting. Single women come here with a strong intention to find someone and have fun. It might be the best place to get laid in Dallas.

Cons: there’s a dress code, you have to wear something fancy. And come earlier as well since after 10 pm you might be stuck in the queue. Music is soft and lounge-like in Ocean Prime, so the conversation will flow smoothly. And the prices are quite high.

Less popular but still good are “Lift Lounge” on Cedar Springs and “Social House” and “Lemon Bar” on McKinney Avenue.

A separate block of suggested locations contains places for Saturday night. There is no point in coming there on other nights, but on Saturday it’s an unwritten rule to meet there in a romantic way.

“Plush” on Main Street

It is created for cheap amusement and funky dancing. You will spend little on beer or cocktails in the indie bar and enjoy observing the gogo dancers. Ordering a table will give you an option of a convenient couch where kissing is allowed and even welcomed. On the third floor, you can hide in a romantic atmosphere, watching the crowd from the top.

“Ritz-Carlton” on McKinney Avenue

It is an elegant and expensive place for fancy hookups. Dozens of women are coming here for the hunt in the atmosphere of glamour and wealth. The dress code is strict, so you can’t come over wearing jeans and a T-shirt as you can in Plush. And prepare to pay a lot for everything you and your companion drink.

Top Dallas nightclubs

Unlike pick up bars, in the nightclubs, you can meet girls on every working night. These are the most recommended:

  • Cowboys Red River.
  • Park Avenue Dallas
  • Escapade 2001
  • It’ll Do Club
  • Happiest Hour
  • The Ginger Man Dallas
  • Double Wide Bar
  • The Libertine Bar

In all bars and nightclubs, you can meet girls of all ages, races, and nationalities. It’s a specialty of this wonderful city: you can find a wide diversity of people here, both at night and in the daytime.

Dallas hookups 04 - Dallas hookups
Mature women in Dallas are shoping-lovers

Meet mature women in specific locations

Women of Dallas sometimes become real cougars while looking for romantic adventures. You can meet them in the places discussed earlier. But if you like this type of ladies you should better pick one of the following locations:

  • NorthPark Apple Store is a simple and lovely alternative to the bars and fancy restaurants. You can share interests in upgrading your gadgets or ask for help in picking the right device.
  • Stores at Legacy Drive and the mall. It is the perfect choice for meeting older women and charming cougars. There are SPAs, boutiques, and fancy food court in the mall, so the list of mature ladies’ attractions is completed.
  • Central Market of Dallas performs its main function and also successfully creates a great space for meeting older ladies. They love having long lunches in the small cafes of the market and hunting for the younger men who can bring a fresh start into their sexual rhythm.
  • Highland Park Village is a perfect location to meet the richest women in Dallas. Elegant, fancy, and wealthy are synonyms to this place. “Bistro’s 31” and “Cafe Pacific” are the best restaurants to pick up an older woman with a seven-digit bank account.

More ordinary places to meet cougars are restaurants and SPAs. For example, “Hillstone” and “RA Sushi” restaurants. They are expensive and elegant, with high-class service and a specific audience. “Bliss” and “Exhale” SPA centers are favorite relaxing locations for mature Dallas women. The dark sunglasses outside and inside the center are the main sign of the cougar.

Inwood Tavern dallas hookup - Dallas hookups
Inwood Tavern is one of the favourite places of Dallas cougars

There are a few bars where cocktails are expensive enough to attract mature women and cougars. They usually come there alone to find younger men and hook them up for sex. Try one of the following bars to experience this kind of adventure:

  • Nylo
  • Rattlesnake Bar
  • Inwood Tavern
  • Kenny’s Woodfired Grill
  • San Francisco Rose
  • Sambuca
  • Dragonfly Posh

If you are still not sure about the goals you have for your Dallas hookup adventures, look through the list of several more great places to meet partners in the city.

Dallas hookups 03 - Dallas hookups
Bars in Dallas: good places for hookup

Other great places for hookup in Dallas

Most locals, both men, and women, like spending time in the following Dallas hook up bars. The places have different vibes and styles. Some of them are made to homosexual meetings. Others have a long history of successful heterosexual couples meetings. And the best thing is that you might not find anyone to have sex with, but the party will be great.

Round-up Saloon and Dance Hall

Known as the best LGBT place to have fun and meet singles. Happy hours, crazy entertainments, easy and friendly atmosphere — this is not the full list of Saloon advantages. The shots are cheap here, and people make line dancing for real!

The Grapevine Bar dallas hookup - Dallas hookups
The great service and nice audience

The Grapevine Bar

Known for the great rooftop view. The great service and nice audience will make the evening here a perfect time to spend. Grapevine is one of the favorite locals’ bars.


Known for the best choice of cocktails: you can find over a hundred craft drinks here. And the happy hours will make it easier to try more different tastes. Every Dallas citizen knows a couple that met here!

Lounge 31

Known as the top fancy bar for the cougars. You can catch the happy hours and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere for little payment. Or you can meet someone with a huge bank account and get treated.

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Known for the variety of beers from any country. Choose one of over 200 items and try to try them all. Beer tasting is a perfect way to start a lovely conversation with a potential hookup.

Station 4

Known for the wildest dances. There are 24,000 square feet of the dancefloor! Station 4 is popular for LGBT hookups, fantastic light shows, and great cocktails.

The Old Monk dallas hookup - Dallas hookups
This place supports feel-like-home conversations

The Old Monk

Known for the best chilling. The vibe is relaxing and supports feel-like-home slow conversations on the patio with an interesting interlocutor.

Uncle Uber’s

Known for one of the best burgers in town. The atmosphere is joyful and straightforward, a great place to meet someone with direct intentions.

What is Dallas dating

Dating in Dallas can be diametrically opposite: you can find casual sex for one or several nights almost as easy as starting a romantic relationship with under-the-starred-sky dates and love confessions. It all depends on your goals.

Where to spend a romantic date in Dallas

Dallas can be a romantic city. There are many locations where you can spend an interesting evening and get to know each other better. To dive into the love adventure, try one of the followings restaurants and bars:

  • Fearing’s Restaurant
  • Lavendou Bistro Provincial
  • Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
  • Parliament
  • The Standard Pour
  • Eastwood’s
VerizonTheatre - Dallas hookups
One of locations where you can spend an interesting evening

To spend an art night together, visit one of the theatres:

  • Verizon Theatre
  • Majestic Theatre
  • Granada Theater
  • Wyly Theatre

Find your date online

If you are not so good at personal meetings, try to date online. There are dozens of apps and websites where you can find a date for Saturday evening. Some of them are aimed to find a partner for casual sex. Others might match you with a person for a long-term relationship.

  • InternationalCupid is a big international matching platform where you can communicate with people from all over the world;
  • Match.com is the popular service among Dallas women for the fast hookups with an obligatory paid subscription;
  • eHarmony is a matching platform where users usually look for long-term relationships;
  • OkCupid is a free international site and app that matches by the coincidence of interests;
  • DateHookup is a simple service where you can start the hookup search in several seconds;
  • Pure is a convenient and easy-to-use app where you can find both casual sex and long-term romantic relationships depending on your own goals;
  • PlentyofFish offers users to pass a personality test, which helps to find a match;
  • Tinder is a mobile app where you swipe other users “like” or “dislike” and can start a conversation only with a match;
  • Adult Friend Finder is a specific resource to find quick sex only.
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Pure answers the question “how to get free sex?” better than all apps in Dallas and the whole USA

Live cam dating

Cam girls are available all over the world. In Dallas, you can also meet a live cam model at one of the various platforms 24/7. Women of all colors and sizes are waiting for guests to come into their virtual boudoirs.

What men Dallas women prefer to date with

Charming, intelligent, and beautiful Dallas women have different personalities and prefer different kinds of men to date with. You can be rich or poor, black or white, tall or short — and still, have a chance to find a hookup for tonight in Dallas.

What are the risks

Keep in mind that overly masculine Dallas men might want to get into trouble with you if you have a date with a hot chick.

Dallas dating: video tips

Where to look for casual sex

The best way to find a sex partner fast and easy is by using an online service. There are hundreds and thousands of girls that want to find casual sex but feel ashamed to do it in public places. Therefore, looking for them online, where they feel free in their desires is the best idea.

Dallas hookup review 04 - Dallas hookups
Waiting for sugar daddy

Sugar love

Online services are the best way to look for a Sugar Baby, too. It’s a new idea of relationship for a quite conservative State of Texas, but still, you can already find several specific services for Sugar Daddies seeking Sugar Babies. SecretBenefits is one of them.

Swingers communities

One of the most popular swinger clubs in Dallas is “The Colette Dallas.” You can become a member of it only as a couple, so you have to find a partner first. Alternatively, find info about swingers and sex-related communities online and start your crazy sex adventure from there.

dallas location - Dallas hookups
Dallas is an expensive but very beautiful city

How much does it cost to live in Dallas

Living in Dallas is extremely cheap. On the NeighborhoodScout reports, over 40% of people have a dwelling in their ownership. Houses prices start from $350,000.

If you are planning a trip to the city, you can count on the following budget: from $50 for accommodation per night + from $50 for the expenses including nightlife.

You can find beer in grocery shops form $1 per bottle and wine from $14.00. Drinks in the bars and restaurants start from $4 per beer bottle and $4 per one big coffee like cappuccino or flavored latte. Meals start from $15, dinner for two starts from $50.00.

How you can get to Dallas

There are three main ways to get to Dallas: by air, by vehicles, and by boats. Two airports maintain arrivals from all over the world.

Coming to the city by car is the easiest way since the rush hours are only from 7 to 9 in the morning and from 4 to 6 in the evening on weekdays. At any other moment, you can freely drive in and out of the city.

Four railway stations maintain trains in different directions in Texas and even outside the state.

Boat transportation is not the most popular way to come, but boat cruises are quite widespread.

hands holding weed dallas hookup - Dallas hookups
Not in Dallas!

Is marijuana legal in Dallas

In Texas, it is strictly forbidden to possess weed or any other drugs. Only two ounces of weed can get you into trouble of 6-months imprisonment.

What are the healthy locations in Dallas

There is a wide variety of gyms and SPA centers where you can train, have a massage, and other relaxing procedures.

“Trophy Fitness,” “Anytime Fitness,” “SWEAT,” and “Paradigm Gym” are the best sports locations in town. Fancy gym in Highland Park is “Equinox”.

“King Spa & Sauna,” “Green Lotus,” “Crescent Spa,” and “Massage Envy” are the best locations for relaxation.

What is diseases situation in Dallas

According to the statistics of 2017, over 16,000 Dallas citizens have HIV.

Among sexually transmitted diseases, the most widespread are Chlamydia and gonorrhea, which can be avoided by using a condom.

Safety situation

You might experience some troubles coming to the south parts of the Trinity River — both during the day and at night. Especially recommended to avoid is Downtown’s Government District. Safe and sound areas are West End and the Arts District. Others are mostly safe during the day.

People you see on Pure are online right now

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Pure is must popular dating app in Dallas

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Where is the easiest place to get laid?

According to the statistics of various online dating services, the list of the US cities where you can easily find quick sex include:

  1. LA, CA
  2. Columbus, OH
  3. Tampa, Fl
  4. Pittsburg, PA
  5. Oakland, CA
  6. Dallas, TX
  7. Minneapolis, MN
  8. Houston, TX
  9. Boston, MA
  10. Philadelphia, PA
  11. NYC, NY
  12. Washington, DC
  13. Miami, FL
  14. Atlanta, GA
  15. Chicago, IL

Where can I get laid in Dallas?

The list of top bars for having casual sex in Dallas include:

  1. Windmill Lounge
  2. Cowboys Red River
  3. Concrete Cowboy
  4. Sue’s Ellen
  5. Mother Truckers
  6. Twilite Lounge
  7. The Grapevine Bar
  8. Inwood Tavern
  9. Inwood Theatre
  10. Single Wide

How populous is Dallas?

In the USA, Dallas takes the 9th position of the top populous cities. Over 1,300,000 people live there. Cities of NY, LA, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and San Diego outnumber Dallas by population.

How large is Dallas?

In the USA, Dallas takes the 18th position among the top biggest cities.

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