Cuckold and cuckquean — what does that mean

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December 28, 2019

Cuckold dating was often discriminated because it implies that in a couple, a man is often offended and cheated on. Now, however, being a husband of an adulteress has an entirely different meaning. Husbands accept their position and watch wifes getting laid with another man. It’s a voluntary sexual activity, and it’s not offensive.

Also, it’s not exclusive for men. If a woman wants to watch her partner’s sex with another woman, she becomes cuckquean — a female cuckold.

How does the term appear

The term has an interesting origin — the inspiration was taken from the natural behaviors of cuckoo birds. The husband of the bird doesn’t mind that the eggs in the nest aren’t his. He doesn’t notice the issue until the child is born.

The term “cuckold” was used to describe men whose wives cheated on them, usually either feeling sorry or mocking them. However, the times changed, and cuckold now is a popular fetish term that serves to identify a form of sexual pleasure from watching wife be taken by another person.

Cuckold challenges traditional sex standards

Cuckold dating is a part of BDSM-activities, serving as a sexual fetish in which the person receives the additional pleasure from watching another person engage in sexual activities with his wife’s. Do not confuse this with a threesome — the husband doesn’t participate in the act.

The definition of cuckold has not only significantly evolved from its conception, but it also branched out into various types. Let’s take a look at the most common BDSM varieties of a cuckold relationship.

Submissive cuckolding

In this case, the husband openly admits that he can’t provide the necessary sexual satisfaction for his wife, but still chooses to accept the situation and manages to derive pleasure even by not participating in the sexual act. The name speaks for itself — such an act is submissive because the man submits his partner to another man, who’s more advanced sexually.

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Being a cuckold is a popular fetish now

Dominant cuckolding

In other cases, the husband might choose to see his wife hooking up with another man expecting further punishment. The partner will control his wife for additional pleasure, getting it on twice, without having to participate in the process the first time. In a way, it’s a possibility to satisfy sexual desires without having to do all the work — and proceed with the punishment later.

Masochistic cuckolding

There are types of cuckolding dating that are based on humiliation — some men receive pleasure from being insulted by their wives, taking the act of having sex with other men for humiliation and enjoying the feeling. It’s a common fetish of feeling underappreciated, which provides additional flavor to sexual pleasures.


This type of sexual pleasure is based on receiving sexual satisfaction from watching sexual activities rather than directly participating in the process. Some men receive more drive from seeing another men hooking up with their wives, rather than being the ones to do it.

Usually, the participants know that they are being watched by a woman’s husband — all acts are consented and discussed beforehand. Sometimes, men also masturbate while getting on with the process.

Why many men like cuckolding more than sex

The answer is simple. It’s not an energy-consuming activity, and there is no way to fail. Even if you end up unsatisfied, at least there is no chance of you being the one to disappoint your wife. Of course, there are downsides, too — you rely on another man to deliver your sexual satisfaction without controlling the process.

What is a cuckolding fetish – video

Where to get cuckold dates

You get on with any type of cuckold personals and see which one gets you on the most. Experiment with the body types of male partners, try out various settings and additional settings, as well as try out new positions.

Just like any relationship, cuckold dating can be long-term and short-term. Maybe, you’d like your wife to have a new partner each time, or perhaps, you two would instead go for a long-term partner. You can find either of these things on online dating sites.

Getting to understand your wife and her sex partner

Cuckold couples must be on the same page. The process will only deliver results if every participant is enjoying the activity. Before you go on the lookout to online dating sites, talk about types of partners and sex. It’s better to make your mind about your preferences before the third person joins the conversation and you start cuckold dating.

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One of the biggest cuckold dating sites in the game, with more than 20 million users. The site allows singles and couples to find dates and partners for cuckolding, allowing them to specify desired body types and get a detailed profile of their partner’s sexual characteristics. The site even determines members’ sexual compatibility, letting them know how much pleasure they will be able to get from the date. This conveniently organized resource where to find milfs or young girls is much simpler than on most similar sites.

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An anonymous cuckold service for couples and singles that look for cuckolds and hotwives in your area. It’s one of these cuckold dating sites where you don’t have to have any previous experience — as soon as you have looks and adventurous mindset, you have a good chance of being invited by a couple. Also, this one of the best sex websites gives users 60 minutes to schedule an actual date, and it’s easy to get a cuckold hookup in less than an hour.

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Cuckold males and females with straight and gay orientation

For those who’d like to watch their wives having sex with cuckold women, there is a bisexual sex dating website. You can find a male or female partner for cuckolding or apply to be the partner for female cuckolding couples. It’s one of the first cuckold dating sites of the market, and its community is incredibly active both in the United States and internationally.

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A sex dating website that specializes in single hookups, BDSM, hotwife, cuckolds, and cuckoldqueans as well as couples. The site is anonymous — the members don’t have to disclose their real identities, only upload real pictures, and confirm an email address. The matching algorithms are simple — you have a feed and filters available in the free version. You can contact the date in the area and schedule a cuckold session. It’s one of the less-known cuckold dating sites that is nevertheless worth taking a look at.

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One of the biggest cuckolds sites for kinky couples and singles. The platform is big not only on cuckold dating but other BDSM activities as well. Here, couples look for submissives and dominants, explore new fetishes, and share their sexual experiences. The registration and search feed are entirely free.

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Instant BDSM cuckold dates and active group chats

A BDSM-dating cuckold site that gathers one of the most significant cuckold communities in the US. It’s one of the free cuckold sites for couples and singles, and its equally popular among straight and gay couples.

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An international cuckold wife dating community

Finally, a specialized community for cuckold dating. It’s not as big as all the previous ones, which is somewhat understandable, considering that online cuckold dating sites are still pretty new. Still, the website has more than 90,000 users who are interested exclusively in cuckold, which means, you’ll have to spend less time to select a partner who’d be interested in the offer. The service offers public forums, blog, and online chats where you can easily find a sexting partner or share cuckold experiences.

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SwapFinder is an international swinging community, created for couples who look for threesomes and cuckolds. The website encourages couples and singles to explore new fetishes and experiment with their sexual preferences. The site is equally popular among cuckold men and women. SwapFinder is often used for long-term partnerships — the couples are looking for cuckold regularly, so it will get you busy for a while.

Look for cuckold dating in your neighborhood

Online dating keeps cuckold easy and fun for all participants of the process. Now you don’t have to approach random people, asking them if they would, by chance, be interested in this particular sexual activity. Instead, you can choose someone who fits your preferences and requirements and is ready to be fully invested in cuckold relationships.

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How did ladies feel after their first cuckolding experience?

Most women who tried cuckold at least once would love to do it again. It’s especilally fun if you date on cuckold dating sites because you can discuss a lot of details beforehand. It’s a refreshing experience to be able to have sex with someone other than your husband but also know that he enjoys the process, too. It’s not like having an affair, where there is always a risk of blowing the cover and potentially jeopardizing the relationship. Actually, for a lot of women, this experience turned out to make their relationship with a husband much stronger, and it helped to return the sexual drive into the relationship.

Why would a woman want to be in a cuckold relationship? What does she get out of it?

There are many reasons. Firstly, it’s a great way to increase sexual drive. If your husband isn’t driving you on, the way to fix it can be by having sex with someone hot to wake up the long-forgotten sexual desire. Also, it works vice versa — sometimes, women can’t satisfy their husbands when they are “in the act,” but it works well he is watching.

What are the best cuckold sites?

You can take a look at cuckold dating sites like Pure or AdultFriendFinder or check out purely cuckold communities like xHamster’s cuckold or cuckold tumblers.

How does a wife feel about her husband in a cuckold marriage?

Some women find it difficult to adjust to the thought that they might have to have sex with a different partner to satisfy their husbands. Others, on the other hand, feel extremely lucky, because they get to explore different sexual contacts without feeling guilty about it, and receiving much more pleasure at the end. Either way, most women usually get used to the thought of cuckolding and respect their husbands for these decisions.

How did you feel after your first cuckold experience?

It was difficult for me to overcome my feelings of jealousy when I just started cuckold dating. I remember watching my wife hugging and kissing another guy, and while it was a very pleasing view, sexually speaking, my brain couldn’t give in. I felt that my body is receiving the maximal satisfaction from the process, but I had a mixed impression after it was over. A couple of days later, though, I found myself reminiscing about that date, and we decided to repeat it.

How many women would like a cuckold husband?

It depends on the relationship. Initially, it’s likely that your wife will be challenged with the proposal and wouldn’t know how to take it. However, if she’s the adventurous type, she will likely be impressed by the decision of starting cuckold dating. It may be more difficult in traditional relationships — still, it’s likely that she will come around pretty soon.

How can I convert my husband to a cuckold?

There is one thing you need to remember here, and that is: deep down, every man is a cuckold man. It’s an adventurous idea, and it likely has crossed his mind a couple of times. However, the ego can build walls of misunderstanding — your husband will be worried about your intentions and feel insecure about his roles in the relationship. The key here is to keep him involved in all stages of picking a partner, treating him as “our” partner, rather than only yours.

What is the difference between a cuckold and a bisexual?

A bisexual person is someone who is sexually attracted to people of their own and opposite genders. It can be in a one-on-one relationship, threesome, or group sex — not necessarily in a cuckold. Similarly, cuckold dating is not necessarily bisexual — a husband can receive satisfaction just from watching his wife, not necessarily her partner.

How many cuckold husbands are on here?

More than you know. Chances are, even in your area, there are at least dozens of cuckold relationships. To see how many people are truly up for cuckold, I recommend signing up to a cuckold dating sites. You’ll see the full list of husbands and couples and find cuckold who is up for a cuckold date.

I’m so worried. What if I have cuckold?

If you feel like you want a cuckold, you certainly don’t have to be worried. You can start by discussing this matter with your wife. It’s likely that she might need some preparation, but ultimately, it’s likely that she will agree. The next step is looking for partner together – you can use online cuckold meet platforms to help you out.

I’m interested in a cuckold. Why is it so hard to find a cuckold husband?

In reality, it’s not too hard. The majority of husbands would gladly become cuckold if they weren’t so insecure about their sexuality. Luckily, you can break through these walls by researching the matter and explaining to your partner the point of cuckold. The goal is to make it feel like a common sexual experiment, not something hidden and offensive.

How did you begin cuckolding your husband?

You can start by talking to people who have gone through similar experiences. It helps if you meet in real life and see how cuckold has impacted a couple’s relationships and sexual life. Luckily, cuckold couple usually is open about their experiences. Also, you can start by exploring online cuckold videos and see how your husband reacts. Slowly but surely, you are likely to get him to agree.

Is cuckold sex common?

Cuckold dating isn’t yet mainstream, but it’s getting more common these days. You can even sign up at specialized cuckold sites or find a local cuckold community.

What is it like to be cuckolded?

It’s a pleasant experience both for a husband and a wife, although they both have to face unique challenges. Men feel pleasure for sexual activity without getting stressed in the process and don’t have to bother about driving their wives on. Women can get different types of sexual experiences without having to cheat on their husbands. It’s essential to get past prejudices and jealousy — and they both will be able to enjoy the process.

How would it feel if I was a cuckold?

You might get your feelings mixed at first. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoyed the process, but seeing your wife in someone else’s arms is a challenge unless you are very mature. Luckily, experience solves these things- by the third date, you won’t even remember that the problem existed.


  • Modar

    Looking for a cuckold dating partner is tough, because it’s hard to offer to somebody. It’s not like you will just come up and say “Hey, I want you to fuck my wife while I’m watching”. It should be an experienced person who knows the specifics of cuckold. So far, online dating is the most efficient way of finding a cuckold.

  • Black wolf

    I am just starting out with cuckold dating and I don’t really know where to go with it. I hope people on these sites aren’t judging or anything. Sometimes people tend to look down on cuckold which makes finding a match harder.

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    Wow, I never realized there are so many cuckold dating sites around. I already tried AdultFriendFinder, but I am always open to exploring new platforms. Hopefully, this list will help me find new cuckolds.

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