The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine

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March 23, 2020

Sex life can be complicated enough without a pandemic going on. Now, we are introduced to an entirely new lifestyle — we are learning to wash our hands while singing Happy Birthday twice, stock up food and disinfectors, and learning a lot more about hand sanitizer.

We’ve learned that we have to avoid touching our faces and stay six feet away from each other. But the most important question is left hanging in the air — can we have sex? Let’s see what doctors and scientists all over the world have to say on the topic.

No one talks enough about coronavirus and sex

Obviously, amidst healthcare and economic fears, the topic of sex kind of falls behind. However, most governments predict the quarantine will last up to May, possibly more. It means we have to go on for 1-2 months without sex. Is it really the case? We collected all credible and yet limited information to give you a full overview of coronavirus sex.

How does COVID-19 spread

COVID-19 spreads from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. They can fly up to 6 feet, potentially contaminating all people in close proximity with the infected one. Even asymptomatic carriers that don’t cough yet can still spread the virus — although it’s less likely.

Sex coronavirus 02 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Avoid getting your heart broken by virus

Additionally, you can get COVID-19 by touching an object that was used by the infected person.

Recent studies show that blood may be involved

Chinese scientists collected the samples of patients’ blood and examined if they contain traces of coronavirus. Several of them were tested positive. However, take it with the grain of salt — the data could very well be inconclusive. Scientists themselves warn that the size of samples is small and could not represent the full picture.

One-night sex is dangerous

Unless you have it six feet away from the partner, that is. We’ll talk about ways of doing that later — but for now, let’s focus on examining why sex during coronavirus isn’t the best idea.

  • There is close contact: you will be near a partner from a significant period of time — perfectly enough to catch the virus;
  • Kissing is out of the question: because the infection is transmitted with respiratory droplets, kissing is a sure source of infection;
  • Possible blood transmission — if there’s a chance to catch a virus from a person’s blood, sexual contact puts you in a risky situation.
  • Both coronavirus oral sex and anal sex are dangerous because partners are located close to one another.

You don’t know if a stranger is sick or not, and even if you ask, it’s unlikely the person knows. After all, tests aren’t widely available yet in most countries, plus, you wouldn’t necessarily expect your one-night stand to be terribly honest, right? So, the rule of social distancing definitely applies to one-time sex — if you don’t want to have coronavirus after sex, be careful.

Trusted sex is actually beneficial to your health

The situation is different if you live under the same roof as your partner. It’s obvious that you have other ways to transmit the sickness to each other — talking, eating, or touching surfaces. So, holding back from sex isn’t reasonable — especially because it offers a lot of benefits to your health.

  • It boosts your immune system: the research of Wilkes University in Pennsylvania showed that college students that had sex 1-2 times per week had more antibodies (immunoglobulin A) than students who didn’t have frequent sex.
  • Sex is good for your heart: it’s like a light cardio exercise that’s enough to straighten your heart, but not run it into overdrive — according to Harvard’s research, a man’s heart rate during sex is typically 130 beats per minute.
  • Intimacy reduces stress levels: according to a study, couples who hugged each other had better reactions to stressful events and showed lower heart rate and blood pressure. Stress puts a strain on the immune system, and releasing it with sex is beneficial for you.

The takeaway here is, you can have sex with people whom you know well and preferably live with. If your partner will commute to you to have sex, it’s still not a good idea. You can have sex with people nearby — because you might get each other sick with other means.

Sex kills coronavirus — is that true

Even though sex is generally good for your health, it doesn’t mean it kills coronavirus. There’s no correlation whatsoever between the two. The fake supposedly originated from 50 Cent who joked that constant sex kills coronavirus. He even got CNN headlines — but journalists and experts obviously confirmed that the news was fake.

Sex kills coronavirus 01 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Marcus Ovar, co-founder of OhMy

To get to the truth, we reached out to Marcus Ovar, a sex and relationship expert, PhD of Human Sexuality. He confirms that constant sex does not kill or prevent covid-19. “This is completely false. As a matter of fact, having sex with individuals that have the symptoms such as fever, coughing, and difficulty breathing can result in the transmission of this dangerous virus”.

“Since coronavirus is a respiratory virus, it spreads through droplet transmission. Therefore, when an infected person sneezes, the tiny droplets expel in the air for about a minute and then they fall into whatever that is under them. Furthermore, those droplets can be expelled about 6 feet away from the infected person which is why social distancing is important”, he added.

Sex coronavirus 04 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Sex can’t kill coronavirus, but it does a good job of relieving stress

Can two infected people have sex

The hard truth is, we don’t have enough tests — pretty much anywhere, at this point. You can’t be sure that you or your partner didn’t get the virus. If you started coughing, sneezing, and displaying other symptoms, the guideline is to isolate yourself. Can you have sex during that time?

This matter really depends on your health. We’ve already seen that sex is overall beneficial to your heart and immune system, but on the other hand, coronavirus puts a strain on your heart.  So, for people who have chronic heart diseases, getting their pulse even to 130 beats during sex with Covid-19 could be an unnecessary complication.

As for now, there isn’t a clear official guideline on whether infected people can have sex. It’s better to consult your doctor to get advice adapted to your clinical history. Most importantly, don’t think that sex cures coronavirus, making things worse instead.

Can I go on dates

Meeting new people during a pandemic is prohibited— this is what social distancing is about. According to official WHO guidelines, you should avoid public places, transport, meeting new people. These actions expose you to an increased viral threat.

How to relieve stress in other ways

Disinfecting your room and beds, following personal hygiene, and washing hands and other body parts are basic steps. We talked to Dr. Jordin Wiggins, certified doctor of Naturopathic medicine for on-budget advice on mental health during the quarantine. She advises sticking to a well-defined routine — “get up, shower, get dressed like you are going to work, paint your nails, wash your sheets”.

Sex kills coronavirus 02 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Jordin Wiggins, sexologist, author, owner and creator of Health Over All Inc.

According to Dr. Wiggins, during an high anxiety time, you should “complete small tasks that will make you feel good and accomplished when it is done, like organize your underwear drawer, make a donation pile for when the crisis is over, practice gratitude — write a list of 100 things you are thankful for”.

Tips that will save your love and sex life during the outbreak

You don’t have to refuse social life and dating altogether. That would be the surest way to get depressed — don’t forget that a quarantine might be regular life for at least several months. You don’t need to stoically endure — instead, come up with sustainable measures to keep yourself sane.

It’s time to try online dating

If you didn’t try online dating before, consider giving mobile apps and sites a try. Here are some guidelines you need to know before getting online dating:

  • Sanitize your phone before and after dating. You hold your mobile phone in public places and don’t wash your hands before taking it. These practices could lead to infection — so wash your hands and phone before and after taking it.
  • Date while you are at home — avoid taking your phone out in transport or public places — the infected saliva droplet can accidentally touch your phone’s surface.
  • Let your partners know that you aren’t up to live meetings. A lot of people don’t take quarantine seriously. Don’t be shy about putting up walls and demonstrating that you take social distancing seriously.

Health experts highly recommend online dating because it helps us to avoid getting coronavirus transmitted through sex. After all, the situation could go like this for months, and you need to find a new way to socialize.

Sexting is also a good idea

Tinder has already issued a warning about social distancing and measures to prevent coronavirus. People don’t take it so seriously — a bunch of profile offers “Netflix to get through the quarantine” or “to grab a drink before everyone is down with a virus,” or look for sex while quarantining. I am convinced that in 2020, it’s totally possible to have great sex without ever seeing a person.

Sex coronavirus 003 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Sexting can be just as good as actual sex if you take it seriously

Here are my top tips for sexting during coronavirus:

  • Find a partner who’s willing to be your long-term sexting partner: it’s easier to keep your spirits up when you can always have a good time with one person instead of constantly choosing new candidates;
  • Choose responsibly: before sexting used to be an adventure, a short-term substitute for real sex. Now, sexting can become the primary way of having sex, so pick a partner responsibly — someone with whom you’d hook up for a while;
  • Improve your picture-taking skills: the quality of your sexting depends on this. I’d suggest experimenting with different angles and filters before sending the message to a partner;
  • Discuss boundaries: the lack of actual sex causes some people to get a lot thirstier — so if you have limitations about what you can picture or describe, be upfront;
  • Read erotic fiction: the quality of sexting mainly depends on how well you can write. It’s surprisingly easy to learn the craft — as soon as you get through dozens of erotic stories at least several times per week. This is a safe way of quarantine sex.

Most importantly, treat sexting with the same passion and excitement that you would with the real sex. Prepare your body, do all the hygienic stuff, and come up with cool ideas. I suggest trying out a sexting roleplay — you just take a regular sex roleplaying idea and reenact it with your texts.

Best sexting services

screenshot www yumiapp com 1585017755410 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Yumi is a great app for sexting

Yumi — one of the most popular casual dating apps. Here, you can four cards with matches each day — if you are lucky, you’ll get a card with a profile, but it could also be empty. Because the choice is limited, people consider profiles a lot more carefully.

pure app ios 4 screenshots - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
With Pure you are perfectly safe

Pure — if you want to be anonymous and private while sexting, it’s a perfect app. Pure deletes all chats and uploaded content in an hour — you are perfectly safe.

screenshot tinder com 1584959607926 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Tinder is an app that everyone knows

Tinder — now, Tinder users are getting increasingly more interested in online sex. You can even mention it in your profile description — so you don’t have to cut off people who want to get it on during a personal meeting.

screenshot www kaboomit com - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Kaboom is secure sexting app

Kaboom — if you have a lot of “interesting” content on your social media account, try out Kaboom — a messaging app where you can send protected links from your private social media accounts.

Webcam sex is another alternative

No other industry is now getting so much traction as webcam girls. As Kate Kennedy, one of a new cam girl in LA, told the New York Post, having the entire country at home with not much to do is a dream for the camgirl industry. Just in days, the cam girl managed to get a four-figure salary — something she’d usually earn in a month.

You can also experiment with chatroulettes and websites that have group webchats if you are not up for paying for your sex. Here are the lists of best cam girl sites and free adult dating websites with cam features.

Best cam girl sites

screenshot www livejasmin com en girls 1584959704918 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
The most popular site on which you will find thousands of cam girls

Jasmin — one of the most popular cam girl sites worldwide. The website offers group chatrooms, one-on-one dates, open video communities, and forums. The website is big in the LGBTQ community.

screenshot www camsoda com - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
On Camsoda, girls have their own fan communities

Camsoda — a relatively new but booming cam girl service. The website is among the most affordable ones on the market. Here, girls have their own fan communities, and viewers can subscribe to get regular updates. Essential features — like group live streaming and one-on-one camera meetings — are accessible for credits.

screenshot www mycams com en 1584959975837 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Free registration, but you have to pay for additional services

MyCams — this service is considered to be a premium cam girl website because it pays higher commissions than other platforms. Girls here are selected by strict moderation, and users need to pay more to get additional services — although the registration is free.

Best dating sites with camera chats

screenshot adultfriendfinder com 1584960048158 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Sex cameras and many other features

AdultFriendFinder — the biggest adult dating website with a large cam dating community; here, you can have webcam sex or participate in group activities during collective live streams;

screenshot shagle com - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
This is one of the best chats with random partners

Shaglean adult chatroulette where you get random matches all over the world.

Camera dating can feel almost just as real as the actual one. There are a lot of positives — it’s much safer, you can’t get a smelly partner, and you have control of the situation. Why risk your health when you could be having safer sex without exposing yourself? It’s time to finally give cam dating a go — and you won’t regret it.

Sex coronavirus 001 - The Ultimate Guide To Sex And Dating During Coronavirus Quarantine
Use messages and your camera

Here’s how to have sex if you are separated from a partner

Just like with dating, online services offer a lot of alternatives to traditional dating. Here are the best methods that will help you get through the quarantine and make your sexual relationship stronger than ever.

  • Voice messages: if you are tired of sexting, you can send your partner a voice memo. I suggest using safe messengers — like Telegram, which encrypts all message history and file attachments.
  • Collective porn-watching: the porn industry is striving right now. Actually, quarantine didn’t stop companies and stars from making new videos — every actor is tested, and the surfaces are disinfected regularly. So, there’s a lot of new content that you can catch up together, seeing your partner’s real-time reactions on Skype.
  • Facetime sex — you can have sex and masturbate with your camera on, letting your partner participate.
  • Remote-control sex toys: there are toys that can be controlled from online accounts and Internet networks. Your partner can connect to your sex toy and have sex with you at least this way. It’s actually incredibly fun — something couples should do even without a quarantine.
  • Sending underwear: if your partner needs a physical reminder of you, you can send your underwear and other fetishes — luckily, postal services still work alright.

What can you do to fight coronavirus: best practices

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Why is doggy style the best position to have sex during a coronavirus outbreak?

This is largely a myth because partners are not within 6 feet distance anyway. However, it’s safer compared to other positions because you don’t see the partner’s face; there’s less chance of getting saliva drops on your face or mouth.

Can you get coronavirus from sex?

Yes. It’s the opposite of social distancing, where people need to be 6 feet away from each other and avoid excessive, touching, and spitting. The likelihood of getting infected while having sex is higher— unless you are doing it remotely.

Can coronavirus be transmitted through sex?

There isn’t enough conclusive evidence to suggest that coronavirus is transmitted through sex. However, there were Chinese studies that proved that coronavirus could be found in the blood of infected patients — but there’s not enough evidence to make a solid conclusion. Still, you can catch the virus by having sex by respiratory transmission.

How to have sex during coronavirus?

You can have online sex, try sexting, Facetime, and Skype. Also, webcam sites and chatroulette services connect you to partners if you are looking for sex dating.

Is it true that sex cures covid-19?

No, it’s a myth. There’s evidence that sex improves the immune system, but there’s no link between the coronavirus treatment and sex.

Can I date during the quarantine?

Yes, but only online. It’s better to avoid meeting strangers -you don’t know if they are sick or not, and not everyone will be honest about it. Moreover, unless you’ve tested negative, you can’t be entirely sure that you aren’t sick either — so there’s no need to create a potentially dangerous environment.


Having sex with strangers during coronavirus is a no-go. I know that it’s not the answer you wanted to hear — but that’s the reality that we are facing. If you live together with your partner, having sex can improve your immune system and reduce stress.

If you are worried about your dating life, give online meetings a try. There are so many possibilities now to meet people without living the house — so don’t expose yourself unnecessarily. Stay safe, and don’t forget to wash your hands and phone while you are busy swiping.

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