Coffee Meets Bagel is not like any other dating site you used before

Members 11 million
Popularity 400,000 users per month
Gender proportion 60% females, 40% males
Geography USA, Europe, International
Account verification Facebook
Mobile app iOS, Android
Price $34.99-$179.99
Free version basic features
Fraud risk low
Odds of success ★★★★☆

Coffee Meets Bagel is a website that you have never tried before. When most of the platforms offer you to find any kind of relationship, Coffee Meets Bagel helps you to focus on one type of relationship and meet like-minded people.

The platform was launched in 2012 to help people who are looking for a serious relationship that is most likely to end up with marriage. Instead of thousands of swipes on people of the opposite gender, you would get the most accurate possible matches who won’t waste your time.

That concept got me wondering if that is really working that well and what are the real odds of success at CMB. I am going to go through with the full reviews and answer the Coffee Meets Bagel how it works question. Or it’s just one of the sex sites with different marketing.



Coffee Meets Bagel dating applications are available for both free and paid experience. Let’s see what’s inside. If you are willing to pay, you’d have to prepare at least $35, that’s how much the cheapest subscription cost.

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The app is quite affordable if you are willing to get it

Free service

With a free version of a Coffee Meets Bagel, you can create an account, browse potential matches, message other users once you like each other.

Paid service

Coffee Meets Bagel has only one Premium subscription that could be purchased for a month or 3, 6, and 12 months. The more months you get, the cheaper it is. I found the platform price above average for the dating app usage. Yet Coffee Meets Bagel does offer to find the love of your life, so it might be worth it.

Once you pay for your Premium membership, you get access to the reports on the activity of your matches, see what messages were read, have 6,000 Beans every month, and 15% on any other purchase. Beans can be used to unlock additional features. So basically, you buy a few extra features and 6,000 Beans to spend them on some other special features. Something that you don’t see that often on the dating app market, but let’s keep looking.

Audience quality


Since the platform is straightforward with its goals, you can be sure that people here are trying to find their better half and are not scammers. Yet anything is possible, so let’s take a closer look. A side note: if you’re more inclined towards having some casual experience with no strings attached, try Pure, as this is the exact purpose of the app: to find a sex date within 24 hours.

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Users at Coffee Meets Bagel seems authentic and real

Age distribution

All users must be older than 18. You can meet people of any age, but most users are in their late 20s and 30s. Since the app is for finding life-long partner, the majority of people in here are females. Males tend to join the platform only with serious intentions, exactly what makes so many happy-ending stories. For now, the website has over 120 successful married couples who met at Coffee Meets Bagel.

Fakes and scammers

Even though the app is legit to use and fake profiles are rare, thanks to the strict registration process, it still might have a few scammers now and then. That could be guys who are not looking for a serious relationship but would go there and try their luck with a hookup, although there are already plenty of straight hookups sites that they can use.



Coffee Meets Bagel dating site design is very modern and easy to navigate. You can create the account through the web page, but still, to get the full experience, you would need to download the app for free.

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Coffee Meets Bagel website and app are very pleasant and modern

Signing up

I mentioned before that there are not that many fake accounts due to the strict registration. Yet it is easy to create an account and keep your personal information secure.

You can register only through your Facebook account, and if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to create an account at CMB. Bagel Meets Coffee or Coffee Meets Bagel, they can do it only with your Facebook account at hand. The platform will connect you with your Facebook friends and friends of your friends.

Also, you need to provide information about your ethnicity, height, religion, and occupation. Instead of writing “About Me” column, you answer questions like “I like…”, “I am…”, “I appreciate when my date…”

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The whole profiles are presented to you like a little CV


Since the whole setup account goes through Facebook, your name won’t be shown to other users unless you both matched and connected in a chat. Any other information will be available. The whole profiles are presented to you like a little CV. The profile can contain up to 9 photos.


Facebook and matching algorithm at Coffee Meets Bagel dating apps connects friends of friends of friends for you to have your chance to meet someone special. You can’t search for members by their names, and only the matching algorithm can connect you two.

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The smart matching algorithm would make you pleasantly surprised with your matches


Chat is free for everyone at the platform and might sometimes remind the Craigslist Personals alternative. Despite that, you can send messages to people you are connected with, and it’s free of charge. Women have full control of their matches and chats.

Every day female users get 6 potential matches, and those people already liked their profile. Once two people are connected, chat would exist for 7 days. If you didn’t start a conversation, the potential match will disappear forever.

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Coffee Meets Bagel mobile app is available for iOS and Android

Mobile app

Coffee Meets Bagel mobile application is available for free at iOS and Android stores. The app is clean and easy to use. You won’t find any trouble understanding which is button responsible for which action.

Special features

Our Coffee Meets Bagel review took us to this part where we would see what unique features you have as a member of Coffee Meets Bagel. Some of them are included in the paid membership, and some you can buy for Beans, the inner currency.

Discover — free in Premium

If you keep an open mind, Coffee Meets Bagels shows you the profiles that do not quite meet your search requirements, but you still can have them as an option. Feature is available for Premium users.

Give — free in Premium

With the Give feature, you can be responsible for matches of your friends and try to set them up with matches that you think would be worth their time. By using this feature you can earn up to 300 Beans.

Take — free in Premium

This feature makes it easier to appear at your Discovery potential match list for Premium subscribers. After you like their profile, you will be shown at their Discover list within the next couple of days. Once they like you back, you will be connected in a chat.

Woo — Premium only

Similar to well-known “SuperLike”, this feature allows you to let possible matches know that you are interested. Available for any type of users if they have Beans currency.

Photo Lab — 49 beans, Premium only

PhotoLab would choose your best photo out of 9 and would show it to your potential matches to get even more interest from them.

Open Sesame — 50 beans, Premium only

This function allows you to unlock the mutual friends that you might have with your match. It’s powered by Facebook information.

Rematch — 205 beans, Premium only

Rematch Coffee Meets Bagel function allows you to get that person back if something went wrong, you are using Premium membership, and you didn’t reply to your potential match within 24 hours, and your chat got deleted. You would have the option to rewind the action and match them again.

Mirror Mirror — 500 beans

In a word, this is your rating. Your profile’s rating within your actual and potential matches. Also, it shows how trendy your profile was during this week.

Express Delivery — 50 beans for each message, Premium only

In case you don’t want to wait for the first message, you can send one using Express Delivery feature where your crash will receive an email notification that you seem very interested and couldn’t wait any longer.

Question of the day — free in Premium

You get a question as a paid member and an option to record your answer in a video of up to 8 seconds. This allows to avoid scammers and fake profiles: you can prove that you’re a real person, and so can do other users.

Security and privacy


Coffee Meets Bagel logs you in through Facebook and doesn’t allow any other types of registration. I find it thoughtful in terms of security and privacy to avoid as many fake accounts as possible.

I still would recommend getting to know people before sharing your personal information. Your personal information from Facebook is also protected. There is no Snapchat sexting available in CMB. Coffee Meets Bagels is legit and safe to try.

Odds of success


I think that the app is effective if you are ready to settle down and begin to build something serious. There is no such thing as Coffee Meets Bagel hookup, and this is why we like it. Since there is no confusion about what other person wants in a relationship, there is no time waste. I do think, though, that it might take you some time to meet someone worthy.

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The website is filled with successful stories

Matching algorithm

The matching algorithm at Coffee Meets Bagel works like a clock and connects you only with the best possible matches from your Facebook friends of friends of friends. You’ve already had mutual friends, so the chances you should have met before are quite high.

User’s experience

I couldn’t skip the real-life Coffee Meets Bagel reviews, and here are some of those stories for you.

My experience was good!
I have read a lot of the reviews for coffee meets bagel regarding fake profiles, and was sorry to hear people had that experience…On a positive note, my experience was the complete opposite. I met the man of my dreams on this site. We started dating, and now we live together and couldn’t be happier! He only lived 30 minutes away, but I doubt our paths would have crossed if it weren’t for the coffee meet bagel. I’m sure there are a lot more fakes out there than I’m aware of, and that’s really unfortunate that they have to be weeded out in order to find real people, but don’t lose the faith because the real ones are there! Just as you are a good decent person looking to meet someone nice, there are others who long for the same. I hope this gives you guys a little hope.
Christine P.

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The caliber of men definitely is great, but I found the app confusing and not conducive to exchanges; in a month’s membership, I only had one date. When I tried to unsubscribe because of the meager results, I found the process so tricky that it took me several tries. After I finally managed, I got the receipt for the next month. When I reported the problem, I instantly got an automated response saying that I didn’t have a case for a refund. Thumbs way down for that deceitful practice.

post image

No results so far
I am working my little butt off trying to get some dates, but not much is happening. Coffee Meets Bagel has been around a long time, so I figured it might be a good place to start, but my buddy keeps telling me I should have gone with some other dating app. I don’t know. I’ve seen the ads for CMB and figured it made sense to start there. Liked the app and the general simplicity, but maybe he’s right, and it’s time to switch or even double down with a couple of sites at the same time, could give me the boost I need. Oh well, onwards and upwards, happy hunting folks 🙂
Randy H.

Final verdict

Coffee Meets Bagel gave me a positive vibe and encouragement to try it out. Even though everything seems awesome, keep your personal information to yourself. I would recommend Coffee Meets Bagel to find a serious relationship. Please let me know if you get married in the end.

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What we think about Coffee Meets Bagel in the end


There is no such thing as too many options. If you think Coffee Meets Bagel is not your thing, or you are not ready to have only one app, try these alternatives instead.



Zoosk was created as an adult and more mature version of Tinder. You can find people who are might not be ready to look for potential marriage partners, but definitely ready for something more serious and stable in terms of regular relationships. Nothing like ManHunt.

post image
Zoosk is a more mature version of Tinder



Pure has everything you need. No scammers, no playing around for months through the phone screens. It’s a very straightforward app, and that won’t waste your time. Pure allows you to meet people online and move offline faster. All you need to do is to sign-up with your email or Google/Apple ID, post your ad where you can talk about your desires. Then you’ll see a feed of other people’s ads sorted by the distance. When you like their ad and they like yours, you have 24 hours to chat and decide if you want to meet in person or move on.

post image
Pure will save you some time and would push you to meet offline sooner



Happn is similar to Coffee Meets Bagel: it also requires your Facebook to log in. You would get a chance to connect with your extended network on Facebook to build more serious relationships with people from your circle.

post image
Happn is quite identical to Coffee Meets Bagel dating


What is Coffee Meets Bagel?

It is the mobile app where you can find a potential partner who is ready to settle down and build a serious relationship.

How does Coffee Meets Bagel work?

You connect to the platform with your Facebook account and get potential matches according to your friends of friends and friends of their friends.

How to create an account at Coffee Meets Bagel?

To create an account at Coffee Meet Bagel, you need to connect your Facebook account.

Is there a mobile version of the Coffee Meets Bagel?

Yes, there is only a mobile version for you to use that is available at iOS and Android stores.

Coffee Meets Bagel was created for hookups?

No, Coffee Meets Bagel was created for people to develop a serious relationship.

Can I use Coffee Meets Bagel for free?

Yes, most of the main features are free. You can also buy Beans, the inner app currency, to purchase different features.

Will other users see my Facebook information?

No, they would see your Facebook name only after you connected. As for the other Facebook information, it is secured by the platform.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel worth it?

Yes, It is worth a shot if you are ready to settle down for something stable and mature.

How to delete Coffee Meets Bagel account?

To delete Coffee Meets Bagel account, you would need to go to Settings, and from there you would see Permanently Delete Account.

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Has lifelong interest for all the sex and kinky experiments. Dedicated her life to traveling the world to explore differ aspects of international dating from Hong Kong to New York. Turned each failed date and one night stand into occasional stand-up comedy shows.

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