Chatib review: how big are hookup chances on a chat platform


Chatib is an online dating site with a casual approach — instead of creating comprehensive profiles and fiddling with complicated matching algorithms, Chatib allows users to join a series of open chat rooms and engage in conversations with multiple individuals at once.

Users are not required to register — giving some basic info like a name and age, as well as the place of residence, is enough to start using the site.

Chatib chat allows users to enter different chat rooms depending on their interests. The most popular chat room at any time is dedicated to singles meeting singles and at the time of this review, counted over 100 active users. Other chat rooms are for general discussions, dating, religion, mobile, and there is even a place for those over 50 years old to meet new people.

All users can create rooms and manage them, so for those seeking to discuss their specific interests, Chatib chat presents an opportunity to start generating their own online communities.

The service has a selection of simple online games like tic-tac-toe and master checkers, that allow playing against other members. However, with the general dating theme of the website, those games seem out of place. We put together the chatib review to get more information.

What you should know about Chatib chat

The low entry threshold and a concept which, in theory, encourages sociability might seem like a good idea. However, the experience is ruined by spam, fakes, and bots. Let’s review Chatib in more details.



Chatib is free to use. From the get-go, all users get access to the whole feature set provided by the service, including the ability to create and manage custom chat rooms.

The Chatib chat service is free of charge

Audience quality


Chatib is visited by users from all over the world, though the majority of people seem to be from India, the United States, and Canada.

When we visited the website to write this review, over 2,500 people were online, engaging in some 200 chat rooms. At first glance, making new friends appeared to be easy, however, closer inspection revealed that a lot of those users are bots, or people exploiting the no-registration feature to leave links to other dating sites for free or push products. On top of that, there is spam in private messages, so watch out for that!

After chatting for a few minutes, we managed to contact multiple people and engage in somewhat of a meaningful dialogue. However, the format of open chat rooms ensured that the format of all discussions was very shallow and boring.

The website is full of bots and spam. It is possible to chat with real people, but discussions are usually boring



Chatib’s interface is simplistic and generally intuitive. The homepage features a dominant login screen in the middle which is impossible to miss, as well as a clear explanation of what the service is. Additionally, there is something of a blog feed on the homepage with general advice on how to meet people, which we thought is a neat touch.

Once logged in, users are presented with clear navigation around chat rooms and integrated online games through the top bar. Menu stays on the left-hand side of the screen at all times, giving users quick access to private messages, message history, and search.

The overall design of the interface can not be considered particularly modern. It is minimalistic and does its job well and, generally speaking, gets out of the way of the experience.

There are adds on the front page, but they are not intrusive. We also noted a total lack of any pop-up elements blocking the content, which is a great thing. The rest of the experience is ad-free.

The design of the service is a little bit outdated, but the user interface is minimalistic and mostly gets out of the way

Security and privacy


Since the registration in Chatib is optional, the security level is low. The service does not require any form of account confirmation and has only the most basic bot-protection in the form of a ReCaptcha, that all users need to pass when logging in. As a result, anybody can easily set-up as many fake accounts as they want by opening new tabs in the browser while in a privacy mode.

Chatib requires users to be at least 18 years of age, but nothing restricts users from entering a fake age during the login process. We can safely assume that kids frequently visit the service. During our experience, we also noted several bots sending spam messages and leaving links in chat rooms.

There is no registration which means that security is low

Hookup chance


Thanks to the service being free, anybody can set up an account, which is a good thing. However, during our testing, we were unpleasantly surprised to find that many of the users come to spam. Most people are either from India or the US, which greatly decreases the chances of hooking up unless you are from one of those countries.

We didn’t have problems with the user interface, and despite the somewhat outdated design, we felt that using the service was rather pleasant. Chatib review showed that we never felt lost and could easily navigate to any part of the website, join chat rooms, or reply to private messages.

However, the biggest drawback for us was the total lack of security — the ability to join without registration, and the lack of any account confirmation measures resulted in tons of spam in chat rooms.

Chatib review

The format of open chats with random people is not ideal and, despite finding a few real people to talk to, we struggle to see how online acquaintances here may transfer to real life.

Spammers and bots don’t let people communicate properly, and it is challenging to find a partner in a public chat room


Who can join Chatib?

Basically anyone who looking for free sex hookups can join the Chatib if they are above 18 years old.

Does joining Chatib require a fee?

Chatib does not require any fees, it is absolutely free of charge.

Does joining Chatib require registration?

No, you can join the platform without any registration.

What is the best free online chat site?

So far Chatib is one of the best free online chats.

What are the best free chat rooms?

Chatib and Chat Hour are the best free chats rooms. If you need something more, check out our list of best hookup apps.

Are there still free chat rooms?

Yes, Chatib is a free chat room to use.

What is IB chat?

IB Chat was created for collaboration and communication between users.

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