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Selecting a match based on the criteria of race and ethnicity has become a questionable matter lately. Is it alright for people to sort out their pairs based on what they want the color of their lover’s skin to be? 

Regardless of all ethical issues around the matter, it doesn’t change the fact that to some, the race is an important distinction. Also, black people often feel underrepresented on dating websites, which is what started the trend of black dating apps. 

We made a list of best black dating apps, reviewed the specifics of their functionality, and analyzed what made them so appealing in the first place. So, here we go – our top picks and their in-depth evaluation aka black dating apps. 

Black People Meet

Although the website is designed with being exclusively a platform for afro-American dating, it also encourages mixed couples. It’s the most popular website for black romance – you could call it a black Match.


  • A free trial;
  • Paid subscription – $14.95 per month.

Matching algorithms

You can see profiles of users nearby something similar, like tinder for black people. Filters sort matches by their age, race, education, height, interests, and habits.


  • Black people are finally represented well enough;
  • Built-in opening lines and icebreakers.


  • A limited free version – without subscription you can’t interact with other people.
  • No precise matching algorithms.

Afroamericans can meet Afro-Americans, and white people can visit to start a relationship as well. The matching is left to the user’s judgments – the program will not compile digests with names or offer recommended profiles.

Editor's pick for June, 2020


Complete anonymity
1367 users online now

Ashley Madison

Discreet dating
855 users online now


A fun dating platform, popular among Afro-American users. It’s not limited to a particular race, though – white people are just as free to enter


  • Free seven-day trial;
  • Subscription for $14.99.

Matching algorithms

Specify your location and choose a match, located nearby. Start talking – the chat will destroy itself in an hour (the platform is conscious of its users’ privacy). Meet for a date that same day – no ghosting or dragged-on online conversations.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:


  • Pure keeps dating spontaneous – you don’t know everything about your match, there is always room for a surprise;
  • The platform is suited both for quick casual sex dates and long-term romantic relationships.


  • The website is relatively new, so it doesn’t have a large international community yet (most users are located in the US);
  • The functionality of a free version is limited – you need to pay to interact.

The platform is one of the top black dating apps, encouraging towards mixing relationships, but you can meet people of the same race as well. It is also a great place as an interracial dating app.

Real Black Love

RBL adopts a Tinder-like swiping interface but shifts the focus of the app to the lasting romantic relationships, not falling into a one-day-hookup trap. You could say, it’s a Tinder for black girls and guys, only with the focus on meaningful connections.


  • A basic free version with a premium paid subscription.

Matching algorithms

All profiles go through pre-screening to prevent fake accounts. Usees need to upload pictures, write their interests and come up with the short description, and get to swiping.


  • Thorough privacy protection – Standard and Premium member can hide their profiles from public search;
  • Free messaging, no beforehand matching.


  • To contact other users, you need to pay for a membership;
  • Not the best choice for people who live in small towns.

It’s a platform for serious relationships, so consider whether you are up for long-term commitments and not like tinder for black people. Users with write-and-dump approach risk getting banned in no time, with no refunds.

Soul Swipe

Black people dating app for casual meetings and serious relationships alike, exclusively for black people.


  • The app is free.

Matching algorithms

Just like Tinder, Soul Swipe offers you profiles of users within your range (you can edit the radius in settings) and shows one account at a time. Swipe right to accept the match, left – to decline. Users can upload their pictures, write about their interests and romantic preferences. Profile contents are more comprehensive than on Tinder, but it all takes more time to fill them out. The app is used exclusively by black people – so the amount of matches depends on how many Afro-Americans are the area that you live in which makes it the top within dating apps for black people.


  • Efficient but straightforward functionality – unlike Tinder, it provides users with just enough information to start a serious relationship.
  • You can register a profile with your social media account, which saves a lot of time.


  • Glitchy interface;
  • Not as popular as its alternatives (we are talking about highly populated regions like the Bay Area, nevermind small towns).

It’s a fun app for online dating newbies – a sort of Tinder for black people. If your goal is to test the waters and see whether online dating works for you, Soul Swipe, with its small but friendly community, is a perfect place to start as the alternative for black people dating app.


Even though Tinder is by no means a black-exclusive dating app, it’s worth checking out. With 50 million monthly visitors, Tinder has assembled a vast international community of online daters.


  • A free version;
  • Paid subscription for 10$ per month for users under 30 years old;
  • 20$-subscription for users above 30 years old.

Matching algorithms

An iconic swiping system with right sipes for accepting the match and the left ones for rejections. Geo-based dating  – the app shows you the profiles of people, located in your area.


  • It feels like a game: you upload pictures, add a description, and start swiping;
  • Efficient banning system: Tinder moderators are surprisingly good at identifying and banning freaks;
  • Privacy protection – users can pull out all their data, stored on Tinder.


  • Few pictures and a short description are not enough to get to know a potential romantic partner;
  • The majority of users visit Tinder with quick hookups in mind, although serious relationships are getting more frequent.

Tinder and its matching algorithms became a trendsetter for all new dating apps. Going into online dating and never trying Tinder out would be missing out on a romantic sensation. Seriously, you have to try it out – and ignore the prejudices.


Similarly to The League, the platform is aimed at successful people. The only difference is, it’s the dating app for black professionals.


  • A free version;
  • An ad-free premium plan.

Matching algorithms

You need to connect your LinkedIn account to the profile – that’s how platform’s moderators will assess your professionalism. The most important criteria are education, career, ambitions, and extra-curricular activities, not photos or interests.


  • An educated community of ambitious professionals;
  • The platform is oriented on lasting relationships, not one-time flings.


  • Moderators need to review the profile of each registered user.
  • You need to have a thorough LinkedIn profile – and that’s a rare sight to see – if you want to interest someone.

Meld seeks to elevate online dating above casual meetings. Seeing how elite apps are almost entirely white (although not on purpose), it’s only natural to see a similar solution for African Americans.

Interracial Match

As the name tells you, the website is not limited to white or black users only – it also includes a fair share of Asian and Hispanic profiles. The app encourages open-mindedness in a relationship and does it successfully.


  • All basic features are available in the free version;
  • A premium monthly subscription for $30 per month.

Matching criteria

You seek men, women, or couples, or profiles from all three categories. The platform provides you with essential information on a potential match – location, age, height, education, career, brief hobby descriptions.


  • A vast international community – the app is available in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the UK.
  • You can add information on your romantic background to avoid awkward conversations during an actual date.
  • Fun Let’s Meet feature than offers random matches.


  • Users are dispersed across different locations -it can be challenging to find someone nearby.
  • Expensive paid subscriptions.

If you want to find a partner in another country, it’s a great dating choice within the best interracial dating apps. The website’s users are open towards commuting – so why not cross some borders for love?

Elite Singles

The app is similar to Meld in the sense that it’s also aimed at mature professionals who seek serious commitments. It’s not black-people-only kind of platform, but al races are presented almost equally, with only slight domination of white users.


  • A limited free version;
  • A monthly premium subscription for $59.95.

Matching algorithms

A complex Five Factor Personality Test that describes hobbies, personality traits, and relationship expectations of a potential partner – all you need to determine compatibility;

 All profiles are verified; if you receive an inappropriate message, feel free to send a ban request.


  • 82% of users are college graduates;
  • Transparency – you can see who visited and liked your profile.


  • Outdated desktop interface;
  • A long sign-up process.

Elite Singles, unlike The League, is less elite and more ‘black’ but more accessible than Meld. It doesn’t name race as an essential selection criterion –  so perhaps you shouldn’t either.


One of the biggest dating websites out there with Tinder and Match as its main competitors. At least 30% of its users might be fake, but even so, Zoosk still has a large user pool.


  • A limited free version;
  • A premium membership for $29.95/month.

Matching algorithms

Behavioral Matchmaking – all your likes, messages, and winks are taken into account with future matching in mind. You need to specify your interests, height, body type, romantic expectations, location career, and education.


  • A fast sign-up process;
  • Advanced search filters allow you to define your ‘type’ clearly.


  • A shady verification – even though each user validates a mobile number, the number of fake profiles keeps increasing.
  • A limited free functionality – you need to pay to acquire messaging permission.

Of course, this list could not be full without one of the biggest platforms out there – it’s a must-try website. It’s simple, fast, and intuitive; perfect for beginners.


Having gained popularity back in the 90s, Match still is on top of the online dating game. Modern interface, dozens of thousands of monthly users – that’s what keeps the platform so successful.


  • A monthly subscription for $41.99.

Matching algorithms

Matches are based on shared interests and values – they are determined from an elaborate questionnaire that users fill out during registration. Match, just like Tinder, displays one profile at a time – from the most to the least compatible ones.


  • 10-20 matches per day is an excellent confidence vote for dating beginners;
  • Smart messenger that filters requests from your contacts into a separate folder.


  • There are quite a lot of ads; even a Premium subscription doesn’t fix things;
  • The platform requires you to be regularly active – the more time you spend, the more matches you get.

People on Match are serious about building a relationship, not finding a quick free hook up. Also, the community is very supported – you’ll likely get swayed with compliments and lovely emojis.


It’s one of the first and most popular black hookup apps. Tinder-like design and no strict matching system give a lot of free room for experiments.

Matching algorithms

You can create an account by logging in with your Facebook or Instagram account. Tinder-like swipes: right for ‘yas,’ left for ‘nah.’ Main criteria are location, photos, and a brief description.


  • Registration takes less than a minute;
  • You see mutual friends of your potential matches.


  • Intrusive ads;
  • No regards to personality traits and interests; it’s a gamble.

BAE’s similarity to Tinder and the fact that it was one of the first free black dating apps made it one of the best Afro-American platforms out there.


A stylish millennial-oriented website for mindful online dating. It’s liberal and open for people of 20+ genders and different sexual orientations.


  • A multifunctional free version;
  • A premium plan for $19.95

Matching algorithms

Users have to fill out a fun registration form with in-depth questions about their interests, romantic preferences, background, and political views. The platform determines compatibility and offers users that fit your type.


  • A big user community with various interests and hobbies;
  • Fun open lines and efficient banking system.


  • OkCupid can make people above 30 feel old.
  • Users are not seeking long-term commitments – marriage is not in the books.

It’s a fun dating platform, welcoming to newcomers and friendly to people of all dating experiences and orientation.


A website to gay men with no particular racial preferences. Still, considering that it’s the most popular one, you’ll have no problem finding a match of any race here. If you are looking for a Tinder for black guys, this is it.


  • A rich trial version;
  • The subscription for $12.

Matching algorithms

The platform doesn’t compile digests or define compatibility – you go into the open search and play with advanced filters;

Ten user categories: Clean-cut, Daddy, Geek, Leather, Jock, Bear, Twink, Poz,  Discreet, Trans.


  • A rich collection of filters;
  • Precise geotargeting.


  • Thousands of fake accounts;
  • Invasive ads.

It’s a simple website with basic dating features – geotargeting, filtered search, messaging. Some may call it primitive, but the curious thing is, it works.

Bottom line: the best dating apps for black singles

So, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from each website. 

Full functionality Pure, Meld, EliteSingles
Casual dating Black People Meet, BAE, OkCupid, Soul Swipe, Grindr
Serious relationships Real Black Love, Zoosk, Match, Interracial Dating, Match

A quick tip: don’t think you’ll get by with one website. No matter how great the platform is, it can be entirely perfect. Of course, you can get lucky, but the more you explore, the better the chances are. 

Find your hookup adventure in one hour

Pure users are looking for adventures. They value anonymity, straightforwardness, and intimacy with no obligations.

The application works quickly and simply — no long registrations or endless questionnaires, no social media links or photo albums. The algorithm uses end-to-end encryption and deletes profiles and chats in an hour after they start.

Upload your favourite selfie, find the person who turns you on and start texting. You have one hour to arrange an adventure together.


What are dating apps for white women who like black men?

The best for white women to meet black men are Tinder, Pure, and Interracial Match.

Why black men dont do well on dating apps?

They usually feel underrepresented on free dating sites.

What dating apps do black people use?

Usually, the dating apps for black singles are Tinder, Pure and Black People Meet.

Why do black women always like me on dating apps?

That is because you are attractive and give the women the vibe that they found what they want.

Why do black guys.on dating apps write a whole paragraph?

They want to impress women which is not a bad thing to do.

Why do black women do so poorly dating apps?

Most of them should choose apps where people are focused to meet black women. The apps like Black People Meet or Pure app will show you the benefit.

White woman who love black man dating apps?

Pure and Interracial Meet are the most popular apps for a white woman who is looking for a black man.

What dating apps do black guys use?

Black guys usually using Black People Meet, Tinder, and Pure to meet women.

Is BLK dating app free?

Yes, The BLK dating app is completely free of charge to use any feature.

What is the BLK app?

BLK dating app was launched exclusively for people in the USA and Canada to meet like-minded people.

How and where to start with black dating apps – video review

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