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We all are born to surround ourselves with love, and as a single Christian, you believe: your perfect match is already in God’s plan. However, the modern rhythm of life makes Christian dating complicated. It leaves us with a little space to find our better half offline: we all are stuck in the same social circle, including friends, relatives, and coworkers. We visit the same places and communicate in the same manner and get scared of little changes.

Secrets of Christian dating

For Christian singles finding counterparts is not just a matter of attraction, for it is important to connect with a person with the same background, religious beliefs, and attitudes. Unfortunately, outside your Church community, it is almost impossible, but going out with somebody you know from childhood is at least boring. Of course, our nearest and dearest can try to help us with blind dates and recommendations on their forty-second cousins, but such stories rarely have happy endings.

Christian singles dating with marriage agencies are a waste of money and time. They have a limited number of candidates and mostly incorrect profiles that advertise people instead of showing their real views and targets.

Dating Christian women, in reality, gets harder. The females you are likely to meet can be divided into two groups: those who have already become wives and those who are not into relations. Obviously, there is nothing wrong to date with a modern and cultured woman, but with such a tendency, the possibilities to form a couple offline are getting smaller.

Hopefully, religious dating sites excite with a huge choice of potential candidates, mobility, and the needed result without extra payments. You will definitely get acquainted with kind people who share your outlook on life and will help you to become a better Christian.

Online communication is safer, faster, and rational than other forms of making an acquaintance. So remember how to detect services which are suitable for you: they must be efficient, stylish, and reliable.

Pure is the best choice

Pure broke the borders of a single website and built a unique approach to connecting hearts. The platform is known for its popularity, a smart matching algorithm, an efficient concept, and smooth user experience.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Your matching is guaranteed: the service will provide you with the highest number of Christian singles on the web. Pure steadily gaining the public’s recognition: people come, find their loves, and recommend the service to others.

Though you are here for relations, you will also discover your true friends, because the platform is open to all intentions until they are good. Moderators ban wicked people, impersonators, and bots forever.

Users have an hour to form a pair and an hour to bring their dialogues to life.

Pure has a flawless minimalist design with a clear interface and no needless functions that can steal your time and money. Besides, it has a mobile version with all the options present.

The service supports you 24/7 — it improves its functions and gives you working recommendations on building everlasting relations. It also generously gifts you with a 7-day free trial followed by a reasonable price later.

If you are unsure of whether Christian online dating is spiritually appropriate, remind yourself: there is no contradiction to your religion. Pure is just a tool which saves the nature of your acquaintances but makes it quicker and safer.

Sign up easily

Follow these simple steps and find the one who worths sharing joys and sorrows with.

  • Sign up verifying you are a real person and upload a photo that reflects your soul.
  • Navigate within an hour through the potential candidates located nearby: like, dislike, or superlike them.
  • If you feel tired, cheque who has already liked you or boost your profile with the “King of the hill.”
  • When it’s a match, your polite and friendly conversation starts. If it is not that modest, you can stop it, or even report a user attempting to send your inappropriate content.
  • Remember: chatting lasts for an hour to decide upon your next moves, and all the messages will disappear to keep your privacy clear.
  • Read our articles on Christian relations to make the top first impression and build a healthy, stable, and decent couple.
  • Inspire other loners, tell about your experience on Instagram with #purestories.

It is important to find a trustworthy friend to rely on. The one who will raise your belief, and stay beside you in joys and sorrows. So don’t postpone the relations of your dreams. Start your romantic search and let the sacrament of love enter your routine.

pure sex app

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store, the best dating site and the excellent Craigslist Personal alternative.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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