8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger

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May 29, 2020

I have a guilty pleasure. When I want to blow off some steam I log into anonymous chats. There’s something liberating in hiding behind the mask of digital secrecy. You never know what the next random stranger shares with you. Are you going to uncover their most secret fantasies? Will you share yours?

Anonymous chat apps and sites are perfect for exploring your own sexuality if you’re too shy to do it IRL. Sexting chat rooms are always casual and do not require any registration. When you feel that the conversation doesn’t go right, you’re free to close the chat and never think of it again.

As a girl, you’ll be in the minority because most of the female audience are either bots or sex workers. As a straight guy, you’ll have to spend some time until you meet an actual real woman. Regardless of your gender identity, the trick is to choose the best anonymous chat app that will work for you. And I here have done the hard work for you and selected my pick of 8 anonymous chat apps and websites.

  Hookup Chance
Chattusa ★★★★☆
Pure ★★★★★
MeetMe ★★★☆☆
ChatAvenue   ★★★☆☆
TalkWithStranger ★★★☆☆
Chatzy ★★☆☆☆
Chatiw ★★★☆☆
Gydoo ★★★★☆


  • Free of charge

Chattusa is a totally free anonymous chat with users from all around the world and not only the US. You need to specify your age and country, choose a nickname, solve a captcha and you’re settled to chat. No emails and no photos are required.

The interface is basic but has everything you need for a decent sexting session. If you’re not a fan of video cam talks, Chattusa might be your cup of tea. I would totally recommend it as a decent platform for those who only start their free anonymous sex chat journey.

anonymous chat1 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • No registration required.
  • There are always users online.
  • Active audience.


  • No mobile app.
  • Logs out automatically after some time.
  • Voice or video chats are not available.
  • You cannot send and receive photos.
  • You cannot block users.

If you’re inactive for some time, the website automatically logs you out and deletes all the messages and data. Privacy matters, so I give them a plus for that. However, you won’t be able to save the conversations and continue your fun chat session the next time, unless you exchange other contacts.

As for the audience, it is active. You’ll hardly need to make a move if you’re a woman as guys write you all the time. Some are there to kill the boredom in a random anonymous chat but most of the users come to Chattusa for the dirty talks. As the functionality of the chat is limited, you can’t go beyond sexting.


  • 7 days from $11.99
  • 1 month from $21.99
  • 3 months from $43.99
  • 12 months from $54.99

I’m a big fan of Pure, especially because the ladies get to use it for free. This anonymous chat app (available for iOS and Android) has the perfect level of kinkiness and security. You can be honest about your desires and yet still know that you won’t have unpleasant consequences.

The app will delete the chat after 24 hours unless both of you agree to keep in touch. Also, if the person you are talking to decides to take a screenshot of your conversation, you will be notified right away. Pure allows you to upload photos and the ones that you make with your camera will be marked as selfies, so your partner knows you’re the real deal. And on top of that, you can send voice messages which can be spicier that texting.

Pure is one of the best anonymous chat apps to keep your business fun but private:


  • The highest level of security among the anonymous chat room apps.
  • Available everywhere.
  • You can send and receive texts, photos, and audio messages.
  • No fakes and bots which is very rare for anonymous chat rooms.
  • Awesome contemporary design.


  • Guys have to pay to leave an ad.

On Pure, you need to leave a short ad and describe what you’re looking for. Or you can just write a poem, whatever suits you best. You can also add a photo and once you publish the ad, you can browse through the ads of others and like the interesting ones. If they like you back, you can start chatting.

I love the fact that this anonymous chat app takes privacy very seriously and no data can be copied without you knowing. But the best part is the audience. Although everyone here is for the kinky stuff, you won’t get that boring sexting experience. People on Pure are a lot more sophisticated, so prepare to sharpen your dirty talk skills. Besides, the app matches you with someone close to you so you can always take the experience offline.


  • 30-days subscription $6.99
  • 3-months subscription $16.99
  • 6-months subscription $24.99

MeetMe is a mix of dating app and anonymous chat app. You can stay as private as you want or you can reveal a little more about yourself. There is an option to login via Facebook but you can choose an email login instead.

I wouldn’t call it my most favorite app but if you like the concept of dating apps without long registration and maximum anonymity, MeetMe might be good for you.

MeetMe is a local anonymous chat app that is good for meeting new people:

anonymous chat 4 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 6 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 16 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • Real users, a few fakes.
  • Profiles with photos.
  • Live streams.


  • Too many ads.
  • Confusing interface.
  • Have to be active and reach out first.

Usually, I do not care about the ads but on MeetMe they are everywhere and that’s distracting. You can pay for the subscription to get rid of them but I cannot say that other perks make it worth it.

The app works like the majority of dating apps that use the swiping model. Also, you can reach to all the surrounding users who are online. Apart from that, you can watch live streams of other users, comment on them, or go live yourself. As for me, the app has way too many functions and that obviously distracts the users because they are not as active as on other anonymous chat rooms.


  • Free of charge

ChatAvenue is one of the oldest free anonymous chat websites that features a variety of different chat rooms. You can choose to login as a guest and all you have to do is enter your nickname. Or you can register and save your signup credentials and provide some basic info such as age, gender, and an email.

Although there are many people online at any given part of the day, I cannot say I’ve had the best user experience. ChatAvenue doesn’t have an app and their mobile version is buggy. On top of that, it is not globally accessible.

anonymous chat2 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • Guest login that takes seconds.
  • Lots of chat rooms.
  • Live cam option.


  • No mobile app.
  • Low level of security.
  • Bored and slightly annoying audience.

Although the website has many chat rooms for different purposes, such as lesbian and gay anonymous chats, adult chat, sports chat, and many others, the majority of the users of ChatAvenue are only interested in dirty talk. However, if you’re looking for some classy and thrilling sexting, you won’t find it here, and you’ll be much better off with Pure.

Since the service is totally free, you cannot expect much from it. But when you’re bored and not looking for anything mind-blowing, ChatAvenue might be an alright place to kill your time and meet someone new.


  • Free of charge

TalkWithStranger connects you to people from all around the world that’s why you’ll always have people online to talk to. You’ve got an option to register and join public chat rooms. This way you can choose to save all the conversations on your account. Or you can just pick a nickname and log in as a guest for a private one on one chat with a stranger.

For a free service, TalkWithStranger is good enough. You’ll have to filter lots of weirdos but surprisingly the website has a lot of decent people to talk to. TalkWithStranger is perfect for those who are bored, horny, or just feel like talking to a random person online.

TalkWithStranger is an anonymous chat app that connects you to strangers around the world:

anonymous chat 8 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 13 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 2 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • Forums including “Find your lost chat partner”.
  • Different chat rooms to join and random guest chat.
  • Can save your conversations.


  • Basic functionality and design.
  • Lack of privacy: need to consent on receiving emails and data collection if you decide to register.
  • Might take a while before you find someone interesting.
  • No mobile app.
  • Ads.

Do not expect too much from the functionality as the interface still needs working on. For instance, if you choose to join one of the lesbian chat rooms, the site will keep on connecting you to male users.

However, if you miss the good old chat rooms as they used to be when the internet was still young, TalkWithStranger will bring you back in time. Probably, that’s why the core audience is in their forties and fifties.


  • 3-months subscription $10
  • 6-months subscription $15
  • 12-months subscription $24

Another free anonymous chat room Chatzy is a bit different from all the others. After spending a few hours on the website I got the impression that I’m on some kind of comic convention. Even the adult roleplay chat room was dominated by people discussing the latest Naruto episodes.

The design of Chatzy is truly old-school and that’s probably one of the reasons it attracts a lot of nerdy guys who want to chat about nerdy stuff. It was surprisingly refreshing and if you’re into geeks and a bit of nostalgia, you should definitely give it a shot.

Chatzy cannot boast a contemporary design yet there’s something special in it:

anonymous chat 12 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 1 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 10 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • An interesting concept where you can create your own chat rooms and invite friends by email.
  • Anonymous login and a quick registration option.


  • Outdated and confusing interface.
  • Not the best place for sexting.
  • No mobile app.

Basically, it works similar to the IRC chats if you’re old enough to remember what it was. You’re free to create your own channel (chat room) and invite friends. Alternatively, you can join other chat groups and you have to look for them manually.

For the first three days, you get to try the service for free. There will be no ads and you can DM anyone. If you choose to buy a premium subscription, you’ll get access to an unlimited number of chat rooms and a smooth user experience. The price of the subscription is low so if you like the service, it will make sense to pay for it.


  • 30-days subscription $4.95
  • 6-months subscription $25.95
  • 12-months subscription $49.95

Chatiw is another anonymous chat room that lets you stay as casual as you want. If you’re a woman looking for some fun, you’ll get multiple offers right away. Guys on Chatiw are experienced with sexting and you can expect to leave satisfied.

As a guy, you’ll be approached by multiple bots but according to my friend who likes to spend time chatting online, there are a few ladies who are ready for some action. Since the app is anonymous, you’ll never know whether they are who they say they are, but we don’t really care, do we?

Chatiw anonymous sex app has a lot to offer:

anonymous chat 5 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 3 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 11 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • Search option with basic filters (age and location).
  • Easy interface.
  • Quick login.


  • A lot of bots.
  • Ads in the free version.
  • No mobile app for iOS.

People do not sign up on Chatiw for small talk, it’s all about sex. If you’re a girl, prepare to get tens of messages from guys who want to hook up online. You don’t need to pay for sending or receiving messages and you can even search for users yourself.

The ads, however, are annoying and there’s no app available for iOS. So if you’re looking for sex talk, I would still recommend going with Pure since girls don’t need to pay for it. And guys can be sure they will get to talk with real women for a small price.


  • Free of charge

I’m no expert in gay anonymous sex apps so I had to ask my flatmate about what’s trending. Although he said he’s not that into random sexting, whenever he feels enthusiastic about it, he uses Gydoo. It is the quickest way to find a gay partner and help each other out.

Registration is quick and you just need to fill in your name, age, gender (male or couple), and you can choose to upload a photo. Then you’ll be connected to a random stranger and if you like each other, that’s when the magic happens.

Gydoo is a popular gay anonymous chat with all the necessary functions:

anonymous chat 17 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 7 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger
anonymous chat 9 - 8 Popular Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites to Meet a Perfect Stranger


  • Totally free.
  • You can send pictures, videos, audio messages, and broadcast video.
  • Simple to use.


  • No mobile app.
  • Lots of users leave the chat immediately.

Gydoo is simplistic yet has all the functionality of a solid anonymous chat app: quick registration, privacy, and the ability to send pics, video, and audio messages and video chat. Basically, it works as a gay chat roulette and there’s no lack of active users there.

As my friend said, there are too many creepy guys over there but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to finish off faster.


Too many chats, too little time. If you’re not into kinky stuff, I’d recommend you try TalkWithStranger and Chatzi. For gay guys, Gydoo is one of the most decent anonymous chat options. As for me, the best anonymous chat app is Pure. It keeps you safe and lets you play and meet new people. It might even land you a date if you’re up for that.


Where can I chat anonymously?

Online platforms like Chattuse, MeetMe, TalkWithStranger, Chatiw, Chatzi, and Pure allow you to meet people online and chat with them anonymously.

What is the website to talk to strangers?

TalkWithStranger, ChatAvenue, and Chatzy are good for talking to strangers if you’re not into dirty talk. You’ll still get offers but not as much as on other websites and apps. Pure is great for meeting new people and engage in all kinds of activities from sexting to meeting IRL.

Are anonymous chat rooms safe?

As long as you use your common sense and do not share any personal information with strangers, anonymous chat rooms are safe. Additionally, you can use a VPN service and protect your IP address.

What is the best anonymous chat for sexing?

Anonymous chats like TalkWithStranger, Chatiw, ChatAvenue have adult chat rooms where you can easily find partners for sexting and online hookups. If you prefer apps, go with Pure instead.

What is the best gay anonymous sex chat?

Gydoo is a decent gay chat room where you can stay anonymous. But if you’re looking for better functionality and an advanced level of security, you should try Pure.

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