Purpose of anal beads

All you need to know about anal beads


The anal game has all types of evaluation and experimentation. Once you tried anal play, the simple masturbation isn’t the same — the exact reason why the anal beads are on the main topic this time.

Butt beads might scare away the beginner and excite the skilled person. Let’s dive into the topic and figure out why anal beads are so awesome, and why you should try them.

Top 16 anal beads

Sex toyPriceRating
Eve’s Triple Pleasure Rabbit
Triple pleasure
Petite Sensations Bubbles
An extra bullet vibrator
Cloud 9 Extra Long Tapered Silicone Anal Beads
Additional 2 bonus C-Rings
Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Beads
Great for beginners
Waterproof Vibrating Pleasure Beads
Satisfyer Soft Silicone Beads
Two sets of beads
Platinum Silicone: The Double Dip 2
Double penetration
Fifty Shades of Grey Take It Slow 4 Piece Gift Set
A great present set with a douche
Adam & Eve Vibrating Anal Bumpy Bead Set
Three anal beads sets
Adam & Eve Bad Ass Booty Vibe with Power Boost
Adam & Eve Cobalt Beaded Glass Dildo
Lovehoney Double Lover Double Penetration Vibrator
Instead of a partner
Silicone Love Rider Dual Penetrator
Perfect for the beginner
Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Beaded Double Penetration Strap-On
Beads + strap-on + bullet vibrator
Gossip Hearts On A String Silicone Anal Beads Purple
Great design
b-Vibe Triplet Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads
Remote controller
How do anal beads work

What are anal beads and why you need to try them

Different sized beads are connected and all of them attached to the “handle” on the top to help you put them in and then out.

The next question is why you should try those beads at all. The answer is simple — pleasure. Anal beads are a game-changer. Because of its built, where it starts from a tiny little bead and evaluated to a properly shaped bead will give your anus and rectum unspeakable joy. The trick is in the space between the beards and how it will play on your nerves but in the best possible way.

It is also an excellent way to begin your anal games before actual anal sex. Also, most likely, it will get you the understanding point of anal sex, and if you want to have anything to do with it in the future.

Anal beads for women

Anal beads rules

As a beginner, you should try and explore anal beads little by little. Step number one is to get yourself the first set of anal beads and look for those that are for the first and easy penetration level only. Step number two is having all the fun. Here is where you start.

Make sure it is all safe

You don’t want to lose something in your anus and then make a quite embarrassing call to the emergency and then face all the weirdness at the ER room. This is why, before you start playing, you should check for the handle. Check if it is strong enough under pressure and if all the beads are well connected.

Wash it

It’s new, it just came through, and you are hella excited to try it ASAP. Yet do not forget to clean the toy before every usage. Even if you washed it already after you used it the last time — wash it. We would suggest ordering together with the anal beads set the soap for sex toys — it makes it safer to play around.

A lot of experts, and we agree, do not suggest to buy anal beads that are connected with the nylon string. It might not be as safe and all silicone or glasses anal beads as well as it could cause unwanted bacterias due to difficulties to wash thoroughly after the usage

Do anal beads hurt

Add lube

If you have ever tried or had a thought of trying anal in any way you are familiar with lubes. Lubricants in these delicate situations are a must. To choose a lube that suits you read out the article “Make it sloppy.”

The more lube you add, the easier it will be to take those beads in. Choose a thick formula. After all, it is all about pleasure, and we don’t want you to hurt yourself. Put some on the toy itself and apply some to your anal. The more lube — the better.

Silicone anal beads

Give it a start

If you are a newbie, you might feel shy to try anal beads with your partner — nothing wrong about that. Do it solo. You will get comfortable and familiar with the beads and your feelings about it.

Try to engage with beads only at first and then, once you are comfortable enough, you can add more sex toys like dildo or clit vibrator to get more pleasure and orgasms.

To get more effect from the beads, pull them out when you are ready to cum


It might be more difficult to do it rather than say it. But you should relax to get more pleasure out of it. If you are penetrating yourself while masturbating, warm yourself up with a clit stimulation or vagina penetration.

When you are trying it with your partner, make sure to have good foreplay before the anal beads foreplay. Also, it can throw sex toys and oral sex there. Mix it all with communication, and you are good to go.

Why do people use anal beads and love it so much

Don’t confuse it with butt plugs

Anal beads are not the same as an anal plug. Both sex toys are required to be used for anal play but far away from each other. First of all, the butt plug provides a different sensation. Those are inserted in your anus and stay there still till you decide to take it out. Anal beads allow moving them back and forth that stimulate the anal walls and gives another feeling inside than a butt plug.

Invest in good quality beads

The market is full of all kinds of sex toys and all sorts of prices for them. We suggest to get yourself a good sex toy for a reasonable price and avoid buying cheap toys for a dollar or two.

Use baby wipes

To avoid messy situations, keep baby wipes somewhere around. Those are good for any type of skin. Choose the one that doesn’t have alcohol.

What do anal beads do and how to make anal bead

Ideas for anal beads

To get more familiar with anal beads and more relaxed try these top 3 ideas for anal play.

Watch porn

If you are going solo with anal beads and this is going to be tour first time — watch porn. Choose the “Anal” category, find an actress that turns you on in any way — and study. With or without practice right away, either way is cool.

What do anal beads feel like

Try it in the shower

Shower can be a good idea if you are not comfortable with a possible mess or there is no particular reason, and you just want to try it.

Make sure you have silicone lube, as water will wash off the water-based lube. If your anal beads are made from silicone, use a condom. Silicone lube and sex toy don’t mix well together. If you don’t want to use condom, try to play with anal beads that are made of glass.

Combine sex toys

Vibrating sex toys will help you to relax and get into a more comfortable mood for further penetrations. Once you use vibrations and placed the anal beads, don’t stop with vibrations. Try multitasking with toys and positions of your body. That will help you to reach new heights.

How to insert anal beads

Types of anal beads, and which one fits you

Anal beads come in all shapes and sizes. Together with that, it is made out of different materials such as silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal.

There are two main types of anal beads that we suggest to purchase: beads that are made of silicone and glass ones. It is proven to be more common for ass play.

Silicone anal beads

Great for beginners to start with. Silicone beads are smooth and pleasant by touch. Those are usually flexible and will present the best first experience ever.

Glass anal beads

Glass beads are usually bigger than silicone ones. Also, note that glass is a steady material and you should never get yourself a cheap glass anal beads as that could lead to less quality and you might hurt yourself with that toy.

16 awesome anal beads to try: from beginner to expert

Based on our knowledge, we’ve decided to put together a review for the most popular and high-quality anal sex beads.

Eve’s Triple Pleasure Rabbit


Triple rabbit for triple pleasure

This boy has all you need. Little rabbit for your clit, G-spot dildo, and adapted anal beads. Will make it perfect to begin with this toy if you consider trying it somewhere in between your masturbation session.

Buy on Adam&Eve

Petite Sensations Bubbles


T-shaped handle also had little bullet vibrator

These anal beads are more like a butt plug but shaped into beads. It is not that long but quite thick for a beginner, so we would suggest this one if you have tried any anal play before but not if it is going to be your first ever anal play and you are not confident about it.

Although, it had a little bullet vibrator as a handle to get you relaxed before you insert anything there. The bullet was made so that you can still have vibrations against your clit and vagina while the beads are in you.

Buy on BabeLand

Cloud 9 Extra Long Tapered Silicone Anal Beads


Anal beads for deeper pleasure

Anal beads like these are suitable for people who already have quite wide experience with anal beads. It’s 10.8” won’t keep you waiting and will get you the opportunity to dive in even deeper than before. It is made of premium silicone and also waterproof. Besides, you will get 2 bonus C-Rings.

Buy on Amazon

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Beads


Anal balls for pleasure

Fifty Shades of Grey vibe is in the house. This sleek anal beads will be a great addition to your collection as a newbie or a skilled player. Simple design and premium material will make your experience just like in the movie. Make sure you ask your partner to tie your hand behind and put on a blindfold.

Buy on EllaParadis

Waterproof Vibrating Pleasure Beads


Waterproof vibrating sex beads

This sex toy operates on two batteries. It is waterproof and has multi-speed to explore it on the fullest. The size and shape will be great for beginners to play around.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Satisfyer Soft Silicone Beads


Set of ass beads

You get 2 sets of anal beads where one is a regular shape, and the other one is curvier that will allow ou to try as a beginner and grow into skilled professional. Sounds good to us.

It is made of soft silicone that is easy to clean. The total length is 8.7’’ which makes it perfect when you are ready to take more — no need to run and pick yourself other beads set.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Platinum Silicone: The Double Dip 2


Anal beads for double penetration

A great choice for a couple. Lube it up, apply on the penis and have the most out of your double penetration. Beads will rub your anal walls and will get the same rubbing to the penis. Double penetration brings double pleasure for two.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Fifty Shades of Grey Take It Slow 4 Piece Gift Set


Birthday gift set for anal play

Thoughtful through gift set from Mr Grey. The whole set has 4 pieces: 3 to play and one to stay clean. The last one is an anal douche that also look like a fancy enema. The other three toys include 2 butt plugs and one set of anal beads. Butt plugs are divided into small and bigger ones — the bigger one also has vibrator modes. Both plugs will be ideal to try anal play for the first time so as anal beads.

All of the toys are made of high-quality silicone, yet those toys that are with batteries are not waterproof. That does not include anal beads.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Adam & Eve Vibrating Anal Bumpy Bead Set


3 set anal beads

Another awesome set with 3 sex toys for anal play. One is a butt plug and also can work as beads. And two more, quite bigger anal beads. This set will be more appropriate for the skilled anal player.

Smooth silicone combines will lube and will give you that easy effect of penetration. All are waterproof. Also, you get a little bullet vibrator that can be used separately or attached to any of three anal beads.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Adam & Eve Bad Ass Booty Vibe with Power Boost


Very bendy anal beads for skilled users

This extra bendy anal beads with 10 different speed modes will get you to the highest point of pleasure. It is made of quality silicone that will feel amazing towards your skin. The toy doesn’t require batteries — it is rechargeable with a USB cable. Although, that means it is not waterproof. So keep it wet with lube only.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Adam & Eve Cobalt Beaded Glass Dildo


Glass anal beads sex toy

This anal beads dildo is made of tempered borosilicate glass. It is a quality glass so you won’t have to worry about it cracking somewhere in the middle of the process. As you can see by its size, it is more suitable for professionals who know what to do.

Due to the temperature of the glass, it will provide you with new emotions and feelings. We suggest using lots of lube and don’t forget condoms if you are going to use toys with other people.

Buy on AdultEmpire

Lovehoney Double Lover Double Penetration Vibrator


Double penetration vibrator with anal beads

Who needs a boyfriend when you can get this one and have all kinds of ways with him. Specifically talking about double penetration.

Anal beads head is designed as a small penis head to ease the penetration if this is your first time. It has multiple vibration modes that are easily controlled by a simple twist base. Operated with two batteries and not waterproof.

Buy on Lovehoney

Silicone Love Rider Dual Penetrator


Beginners set of anal beads

These anal beads can work together with a penis. The handle was created as a penis ring which also allows us to have little experiments together, or you can put it on your regular dildo.

You can put it on your regular dildo

The material is high-quality silicone that feels amazing towards the skin. 5.75’’ long makes it not too small, not too big, just right length to enjoy anal play.

Buy on Adam&Eve

Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Beaded Double Penetration Strap-On


Couple pleasure

Designed as a little anal strap-on with a little extra. You can use it as separate anal beads or as an additional penis ring that happened to include anal beads. Together with that, it has a little bullet to stimulate your clit.

Hypoallergenic silicone will go along with anyone and is best to use with water-based lube. Apply condoms if you are going to switch places.

Buy on LoveHoney

Gossip Hearts On A String Silicone Anal Beads Purple


Purple anal beads for professional usage

The sophisticated yet girly design will make a great addition to the skilled collector.

The beads are made of high-quality silicone that will go great with water-based lubricants. Each bead is shaped in the shape of a heart which will make your experience a little different. Better different.

Buy on AdultToySuperMart

b-Vibe Triplet Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads


Anal beads with remote vibrate controller

Three extra flexible anal beads that also can be used as an anal butt plug has 15 vibration patterns and 6 levels on intensity. It is rechargeable with a USB cable, and the remote can work within 30 feet radius. That makes it good for a couple to play or use it in the BDSM scenario.

Buy on Lovehoney

Njoy Fun Wand


Anal beads made of steel

This baby is made of steel. The strong and powerful design will take your breath away — there are 7’5 inches of heavy pleasure.

You should always apply lots of lube with this one, and we wouldn’t suggest trying it as a newbie or by yourself. It is quite heavy and might feel weird as the first anal beads set. It is better to start with something lighter and get to this one later on.

Buy on Babeland

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What are anal beads for?

Anal beads are a sex toy for anal play that is designed as a different number of beads same shape but different size connected with a handle on the end of one side. It is used to increase anal pleasure.

Are butt plug and anal beads the same?

No. Anal beads can be designed like putt plug but still would have more than one bead. Besides the design difference, it also serves different pleasure purposes.

Can I use anal beads with the nylon string in between the beads?

We wouldn’t suggest using it due to the difficulties to clean it afterwards that could lead to bacterias.

How to clean anal beads?

You can wash it with a specialized soap for sex toys that you can buy together along with the sex toy at the sex shop, or any antibacterial soap will do the job. Make sure you do it well, and no soap left after you are done.

Can I use anal beads with my partner during sex?

Yes, of course. You can use anal beads separately as anal foreplay or during the penetration. Some anal beads models have additional penis ring to have double penetration with your partner.

How to use anal beads

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