27 best dating apps for relationships to rely on


All we need is love, the one, which doesn’t hurt but support. A close connection to the life term to feel safe and warm. Nowadays our main romantically is the Internet which provokes us to spend much time online and to seek for our better halves here, in the space full of the so-called best dating apps for relationships. Though their names can ring the bell, they all are so different, you can feel lost and give up, proffering to stay single for an endless while.

Top 3 free Chat Hour alternatives

To save your nerves and to relieve you of the loneliness burden, we have tested these 27 dating apps to help you choose the best free dating site for serious relationships.

Dating apps
Tinderdownload from apple storedownload from google play
logo purePuredownload from apple storedownload from google play
Hingedownload from apple storedownload from google play
Bumbledownload from apple storedownload from google play
Coffee Meets Bageldownload from apple storedownload from google play
Hilydownload from apple storedownload from google play
Cloverdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Facebook Datingdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Herdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Chappydownload from apple storedownload from google play
Grindrdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Christian Mingledownload from apple storedownload from google play
Jdatedownload from apple storedownload from google play
Haterdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Tastebudsdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Quiz Date Livedownload from apple storedownload from google play
Pickabledownload from apple storedownload from google play
Rayadownload from apple storedownload from google play
The Leaguedownload from apple storedownload from google play
Matchdownload from apple storedownload from google play
eHarmonydownload from apple storedownload from google play
OkCupiddownload from apple storedownload from google play
Plenty of Fishdownload from apple storedownload from google play
zoosk logoZooskdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Elite Singlesdownload from apple storedownload from google play
BiCupiddownload from apple storedownload from google play
Oncedownload from apple storedownload from google play


Basic is free, Tinder Gold – $9.99/M, Tinder Plus – 14.99/M

They say this service has invented millennials’ swipe culture, so let’s see whether it is legit or not.


  • Spotify and Instagram to tell more about you.
  • Analysis of your pics.
  • Popularity boosting.
  • Super likes to get a person’s immediate attention.


  • Swiping game.
  • Unlimited matching only for those who pay.
  • Some locations are silent.
  • Verification doesn’t save from fakes.
  • Regarded as a communication platform with no intention of dating somebody.

Some call it one of the best free dating apps. Merry-go-rounding in the same area is the key to chatting. Signing up takes a few minutes. Used to be pretty popular, but now users are more worldly-wise.


3 days for free, $ 29.99/M

A fresh, unconventional, invention with an extraordinary concept and many features to call it one of the best dating apps for relationships.


  • Unique smart matching algorithm.
  • Verification that works.
  • Stylish minimalist design.
  • No bugs.
  • Self-destroying chats.
  • Articles, blogs, and advice to navigate you in romantic life.


  • Messaging requires money.
  • Private photos only on request.

Matching is based on location and mutual likes without swipes with an hour to talk things through and to make it real. Registration takes Up to 2 minutes. 100 000 per day turns it into the most used dating app.


Basic is free, $ 9.9/M

The history of successes and failures makes it one of the most controversial dating apps for a serious relationship.


  • “Most Compatible” list.
  • No bots, no fakes.
  • Virtues, Vitals, and Vices blocks.


  • Free chats are limited.
  • To get some advice, you need to pay.
  • Lengthy “Compatibility” questionnaire.

The way you answer the questions during the registration influences your future lists with candidates. Quick signing up with Facebook. The number of users keeps on decaying.


Basic is free, $ 24.99/M

Honey com-looking girl power-oriented app for women to make the first step and to choose.


  • Free chatting.
  • Re-matching.
  • Video chats.


  • Lefts and rights.
  • No searching tools to be your own master.
  • Tiresome coins currency.
  • Only a day to initiate a chat.

One more swiping app, but a sweet-looking one. Matches depend on swipes. Signing up takes a few minutes. Seriously outnumbered by females.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Basic for free, $ 34.99/M

A conceptual app that advertises itself as a place for females to choose, but has a definitely patriarchy way of coming for relations.


  • A chatroom to flirt with strangers.
  • Free messaging.
  • Names are not shown until you connect.


  • Extra features cost money.
  • 7 days for a match.
  • Users mostly look for no-strings-attached.
  • A day for a chat to start till. You pay for your time.
  • Women see only those who have already liked them.
  • Small audience, especially in small towns.
  • Easy to get distracted from your main goal.

Men get 21 “Bagels” to like daily. Women chose only from 6 males who liked them. Signing up takes a few minutes with questions to answer. The primary audience consists of office workers.


7 day free trial, from $ 14.99/W

A males-oriented Tinder-like service with a disputable concept and features.


  • Chat requests without likes.
  • Profiles with videos.


  • One-star rating.
  • Typical swipes.
  • “Made to steal money.”
  • Lots of fakes and people who want to blackmail you.
  • Almost no women present.
  • Blamed for its toxic-masculinity concept.
  • Most users come for casual fun.

Matching is based on liking people of the preferred age in the needed location. Signing up takes up to 5 minutes. Images during the registration emphasize “the beauty of masculinity,” which makes this service relevantly sexist and distracts females from such an experience.


Basic for free, $ 29.99/M plus credits

It has an option to arrange a date without talking to a person, but we all know this is not what makes an app legit.


  • Date in 2 taps option for real quick rendezvous.
  • “Mixers” to chat publicly.


  • Communication costs.
  • Most users have a single pic only.
  • Subscription is hard to cancel.

Matching is typically based on likes in your location. Registration requires less than 2 minutes and can be done via Facebook or email. Being more for hookups quick dates option without a single word before shows it is not one of the best dating apps for serious relationships.

Facebook Dating


A Facebook romantic service with a completely separate profile for you to make. Does it work since it’s a free dating app?


  • A completely free service.
  • No swiping to irritate you.
  • An option to describe yourself.


  • For Facebook users only.
  • Matching is limited to candidates for 100 km around.
  • Limited likes to show your interest.
  • A separate messaging inbox.

Suggested matches are based on location and messaging with no likes. To start, you need your Facebook account and 20 questions to answer. Though Facebook is a huge platform, and the app is free of charge, it is not accessible.


Basic is free, $ 14.99/M

An app focused on queer-women with features to weigh.


  • Messages are limitless.
  • Facebook sign-up.
  • Local events for the singles.


  • Most options are not free.
  • One of the buggiest apps.
  • Only paid members can see profiles.
  • No verification to protect you from numerous impersonators.

Registration takes a few seconds but finding a real person takes ages, and this doesn’t let it be one of the best free dating apps for relationships.



A gay Tinder with controversial characteristics.


  • Absolutely free.
  • “Sexy” and “Cute” types of users to show your intentions.


  • Only for facebookers.
  • Conventional swipes.
  • Ugly redesign from the 90s.
  • Lots of ghosts.
  • Most users are interested in hookups only.

Matches happen in the same way that Tinder has. Sign up is quick, but the search can take much longer because the audience is small.


Basic is free, $ 5/M

An app for queer-males with things to reflect about.


  • No adds.
  • Photo editor.
  • Relevantly low price.


  • Numerous fakes.
  • Sexual harassment flourish.
  • Easy to get banned for nothing.
  • Design.

Sign up takes seconds, matching is based on mutual interest, but people prefer to stay away, so it’s not on the list of the best dating apps for relationships.

Christian Mingle

Basic for free, $ 29.99/M plus credits

A service for religious people interested in a spiritual and reliable soul mate.


  • Up to 6 pics to upload.
  • A chatroom to make friends.
  • Searching can be filtered.


  • Too primitive features, especially on the app.
  • Messaging costs.
  • “Cold” and strict design to keep you too withdrawn for love.

The concept is to connect decent hearts without swiping. Registration takes 5 minutes.


Free registration, $ 59.99/M

An exclusive app for Jewish people interested in serious relations.


  • Events for members.
  • A chat room to talk on different topics.
  • No swiping we are fed with.


  • Not all users are genuinely Jewish.
  • Only paid users can get in contact.
  • The highest price on the market.
  • No matching algorithms.

You can like an appealing person after you sign up, but if you want to get in touch, you need to afford the app, which is popular among the senior people.



The app’s creators believe people can be easily connected by the things they hate with a brand-new concept to test and underdeveloped options to detest.


  • No money needed.
  • No ads.
  • “Icebreakers” to start a chat.


  • Boring.
  • Only one DM per 12 hours.
  • Swipes.
  • Only 5 pics to upload.

Registration is quick, matching, though based on standard swipes, is tricky. Love-seekers tend to come and go, for our hate-related things are chameleons.


Free basics, $ 10/M

Come together, love now – that’s the most musical dating app with features to think of.


  • A chatroom.
  • Linked to Spotify.
  • Verification.


  • Only neighbors.
  • No app for Android.
  • Unlimited private messages are only for subscribed members.

It is easy to sign up and to search for the one with the same music tastes, but it is legit only if you are a music fan.

Quiz Date Live


Smart knights intellectually fight for a bachelorette.


  • Unique concept with live streams.
  • Users from all over the world.


  • Nothing serious to offer.
  • Just 3 times a week.
  • Still is developing while some basic features are not ready.

Quick registration supposes you will open up during the stream, of course, if you win. A funny, but a very niche concept.


Free sign-up

An app for shy people to make new contacts anonymously.


  • Nobody will know you are here till you choose a candidate.
  • Women-Women-Empowering concept.


  • Bad reviews.
  • Chatting costs.
  • Useless filters.
  • Bugs.
  • Anonymity can be pretty creepy.

A quick registration, matching is based on females’ preferences, and men get profiles of girls who have liked them.


$ 7.99/M

This app is amazingly popular among celebrities.


  • Videos.
  • Stars are here.


  • Only 8% of applicants get accepted.
  • A small number of users.
  • Only for Apple devices.

Signing up is pretty tricky, and most people are likely to fail in getting access.

The League

From $ 99/M to $ 199/M

A controversial young professionals-oriented service.


  • Cool design.
  • No fakes or bots.
  • Add your Linkedin.
  • Free messaging.


  • Studio-quality picture obligatory.
  • Only 5 matches a day.
  • Super expensive.
  • Females outnumber males.
  • Almost nobody looks for serious relations.

Sign up process is easy, matching is based on preferences.


Free registration, $ 27.99/M

A service with an ambition to make you married.


  • Boosting for an hour.
  • 6 months more for free if you don’t find a match within your first 6 months.
  • Detailed profiles.


  • All forms of communication cost money.
  • Privacy asks for your purse.
  • You can’t see whether a member is a subscriber.

7 matches day based on your compatibility and quick registration.


Free sign-up, $59.95/M

The child of a relevantly known app which is divided into toads according to its clients’ sexual orientation.


  • No fakes.
  • Free messaging.


  • App has fewer functions than a site.
  • Pay to see your matches pics.
  • Great price.
  • Discount campaigns that fail.
  • Old-fashioned design.

Basic questions and adjectives to describe your work as the sign-up process to provide you with suitable matches, but the app is still pretty old-old-fashioned and boring.


Basic for free, Premium – $ 24.9/M

A service advertised as the place to make the hearts meet for different forms of love.


  • Lots of genders and sexual orientations.
  • Matching is based on a non-typical questionnaire.
  • Boosting.


  • Lots of ads till you pay.
  • Mostly females present.
  • Easy to get banned.
  • Swipes.
  • Fakes.

This app’s design is excellent, registration takes time, tolerance as the dominant principle.


Free sign-up, $ 19.35/M

An app that consists of other services’ features to help you fish.


  • You can show your intentions.
  • No robots.
  • Conversations exist for. 30 days.
  • Digital gifts.
  • Mostly validated profiles.


  • Impersonators are numerous.
  • 20% more males.
  • Extended profiles take money to see.
  • Hard to deactivate your account.
  • Clients are mostly into no-strings-attached relations.

To become its member, you need to complete a personality test which will show you your chemistry predictor and ultra matches.


Free basic features, $ 29.95/M

This app aims to solve a puzzle of your personality but has no exact formula.


  • Behavioral data matching technology.
  • Digital gifts.
  • Mostly validated profiles.


  • “Faceless” members.
  • Sending messages requires an upgraded version.
  • Pay to see who has liked you.
  • Numerous adds.

The app has its particular way of connecting people seen on the site only. Registration is easy, members’ activity is high.


Free registration, $ 37.95/M.

An app for mature love-seekers who are here for a permanent partner.


  • Clean design.
  • Personality test.
  • “Have you met?” swiping extra option.
  • Mostly mature and well-educated users.
  • Different ways to start your communication.


  • Only paid members can answer questions.
  • Profile pics are not free to see.
  • Pay to comment.
  • Two genders only.
  • All types of interaction, except for the winks, cost money.
  • 20 minutes or more to start.

Matching is based on your personality survey, that’s why registration takes time. The design is good, while the price leaves with high expectations.


Free basics, $ 29.99/M

An OkCupid for bisexuals who are searching for relations with different genders and different targets.


  • First date idea as the main connector.
  • Different forums to explore.


  • Not all users are bisexuals.
  • Messaging works for the paid members only.
  • Lots of fakes to steal your attention and money.
  • No matching systems.
  • Mostly males present.

The concept is to bring OkCupid more efficient for those who love people regardless of their sex. The registration process is quick, other things depend on you.


Free registration, $19.99/M

The concept is based on slow dating to attract only people with serious intentions.


  • Easy to use.
  • Nice neat design.
  • Strict application for the mature only.


  • Flirting is limited.
  • Contacting others only for users in “crowns.”
  • You can see only your matches’ profiles.
  • Highly outnumbered by females in their late 20s.

Matching is based on the way you rate others’ photos and gives you only one match daily. Registration is a smooth process, which, however, takes time to prove you are not a fake. Popular among females, but has almost no men to choose from.

I am:

Looking for:

My email:

Pure, platform with no bots and fakes: most used dating app for relationships

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted. This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks.

Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

Dating apps for serious relationships – video review

Now you are acquainted with 27 dating apps for serious relationship. Reflect on them, hold on tight, and start your romantic search.

James Miller
Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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