15 best bisexual dating apps – December 2019


To «bi», or not to «bi», that is the question. Hopefully, nowadays, no judgment turns around, and love is considered to be beautiful in all its forms. You don’t have to make a choice: you can like girls and boys. It is more than a whim – it is nature.

Top 8 apps for date with female

Dating sitesDownload app
OkCupiddownload from apple storedownload from google play
Tinderdownload from apple storedownload from google play
HERdownload from apple storedownload from google play
BiCupiddownload from apple storedownload from google play
Plenty of Fishdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Happndownload from apple storedownload from google play
Hingedownload from apple storedownload from google play

Top 8 apps for date with male

Dating sitesDownload app
Grindrdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Jack’Ddownload from apple storedownload from google play
Hornetdownload from apple storedownload from google play
Bumbledownload from apple storedownload from google play
Chappydownload from apple storedownload from google play
FindHrrdownload from apple storedownload from google play
GuySpydownload from apple storedownload from google play

However, though a sexual bender is a sweet concept, it is still very ambiguous. On the one hand, you have more opportunities being lucky enough to get twice as many pleasures, love, and fun as ordinary people do. On the other hand, your fondness game is a tricky thing because everything connected with sex, relations, and romance gets times more complicated. You know this all and, not to be bad at love, you have come for a useful bisexual dating app and top bi sites

Bisexual dating sites market

The market is overpopulated with services that promise to show your heavens, but it is easy to get stuck in the middle of nowhere wasting your time and money on bi sexuality dating apps.

Don’t get lost on the Internet; find somebody to lose yourself in love and pleasure. We want you to win the game and hearts, so we have tested 15 bisexual dating apps for you to choose the most desirable among them.


Basic is free. Subscription costs $7.95/M, Premium – $ 24.9/M

One of the most popular bisexual dating apps to meet you in the middle.


  • You can download your pics from other social networks.
  • Twelve genders and 20 sexual orientations offered.
  • Matching is based on funny questions.


  • Females significantly outnumber other genders.
  • Small towns are running on empty.
  • If you are fed up with irritating ads, you need to appease them with good money.
  • Plenty of negative reviews to take into consideration.
  • Fake likes keep you interested.

This bisexual dating app is rather good. Its visual concept is well-thought, and it doesn’t take you long to sign up: upload pics and answer questions. Popular enough among the in-between bi people in the US.


7 days for free, $ 29.99/M

They say that if you close your eyes and dream about pretty boys and pretty girls, you need the best bisexual dating app to make it real. And many people claim Pure is the one. So here we are to get convinced.


  • Registration takes up to 2 minutes.
  • Straightforwardness: people come here for relations, friends, and hookups.  
  • All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.
  • Self-destroying chats ensure no data saved.
  • Only an hour to get on like a house on fire makes users truly active and eager to meet offline.


  • To communicate, you need to pay.
  • Some locations are not covered enough.

A user-friendly approach, easy registration, and a unique matching concept make this app a medicine for those who are OK with messing around with boys and girls.


Basic for free, Tinder Gold – $9.99/M, Tinder Plus – 14.99/M        

A service for predominantly straight people who, however, can prove everyone is gay. Those who are in the middle use it as a bi sexuality dating app for free.


  • Spotify anthems and Instagram pics to embrace your bio with visions and sounds.
  • Your gender is up to you to reveal.
  • Use your best photo as the profile pic.
  • You can describe your-bi-self in your manner.
  • Profile boosting and super likes to gain more attention.


  • Swipes that everyone already hates.
  • Old inactive users might confuse your search.
  • Only «equally beautiful» people are supposed to meet.
  • Matches are limited for free users.
  • Most of the features take your money.

Traditional design and the algorithm that does not need any explanations, make it one of the most appropriate bi dating apps. You can give it a try if you are not tired of its shopworn approach.


Basic for free, $ 14.99/M 

If you can relate to the line «But girls love girls and boys, and love is not a choice» you can be interested in HER, one of the bisexual women dating apps with a girl-power spirit.

Her lesbi dating


  • Unlimited messaging for all and everyone.
  • The feed to share joys, sorrows, and to attract and to attack in the right way.
  • Local events to meet face to face with attractive females.

  • Top bi app.


  • Bugs which make your experience imperfect.
  • No manual searching.
  • Unfortunately, the app is profitable only for females who play the field.
  • Most of the options cost money.

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but not the worst of bisexual chatting apps, relevantly easy to use with no need to describe yourself during the registration.


Free basic features,  $29.99/M

This app is OkCupid’s younger brother that was created as a bisexual dating app only.


  • An option to find a partner according to your first date idea.
  • Forums to communicate and to broaden your sexual outlook.
  • Bisexuals as a target audience.


  • Free options are next to nothing.

  • Messages are open for upgraded members only.

  • Fake short reviews everywhere.

It’s easy to sign up, to upload your pics, and start your love search, but it is not the most productive service to use.


Free primary usage, the price of an upgraded app is about $6/M

What does it mean being a bisexual woman? «She got girls, girls all over the world, she got men every now and then.» This queer-oriented service promises to bring more joy to your life. 


  • Unlimited free bi messaging with photo-sharing.
  • Location-based search.
  • No swiping game.


  • A disgusting design needs to be fixed.
  • To get rid of advertising you need to waste your money.
  • Bugs that kick you out of the app every time you use it.

Registration is easy and takes a few minutes, but it is not the ace of aces and needs time and work to be improved.


Free basic options, an upgraded subscription is $9.99/M

A gay-focused service sees both sides like Frank Ocean and can be used as one of the bisexual hookup apps.


  • Voice greetings help to win hearts in a powerful way.

  • Filters to search for an appropriate person.
  • A map to show you those who are at a stone’s throw from you.
  • Some travel mode to have casual fun abroad.


  • No reviews or real experience stories to find online.
  • A 2-star rating is the result of other’s bad experiences.
  • Almost no bisexuals, the service is rumored to be invaded by bears.
  • Valid for males only with no hot bisexual women on board.

Sign up process is supposed to take a few minutes, so, if you are lucky enough not to face this app’s bugs, you can upload your photos, drop a few fords and start.

Fabio, 2 miles from you

He is interested in sex, not in relationships. But you can choose…


Free basic features, an upgraded is for $9.99/M

A well-known, but still slightly controversial gay app which can fit switch hitters.


  • Unlimited free messaging.
  • Sign up takes just a few seconds.
  • No password is needed to start your story.
  • Local events to meet offline.


  • You need Google or Facebook account to become its member.
  • Confidentiality is absent. Profile pics are open to all and everyone.
  • Spambots are extremely irritating.
  • Messages cannot be edited, undone, or deleted.

To sign up, you should provide the service with your Facebook information, and that’s all, no extra steps required. Despite its popularity, it has a lot of weak points to consider. 


Basic for free, an upgraded is $5/M

One more service for boys who dream of romance with other boys.


  • No advertising to distract your attention.
  • Nice LGBTQ stickers make you smile proudly.

  • Photo editor to make the best of you.

  • Probably the cheapest of the bisexual dating apps.


  • Customer support lacks quality.
  • People are quitting the service calling it «trash.»
  • Banned people come back.
  • Only males are welcome.

Sign up by uploading photos and specifying your preferences. Start your journey, and have fun. Still, don’t forget the users keep on leaving it for more modern and efficient services.


Basic features are for free. An upgraded app is $19.35/M

This ambitious bi curious dating app is advertised as a platform for you to break free.


  • The straightforwardness with everybody’s intentions, expectations, and loving arms are visible to other members.
  • Automatic sign out occurs after you haven’t visited the app for a while.
  • Your personal information can always be updated.
  • «Meet Me» to increase one’s popularity.


  • Matchmaking is based on random questions and does not work correctly.
  • Confusing navigation.
  • Visual aspect many users don’t like.
  • Most heterosexuals are present.

Sign up, overcome questions, upload your pics, and start searching, but don’t hold on to the compatibility advice. 


A free starter pack, Jack’d Pro costs $9.99/M

An LGBTQ gay and bisexual dating app for people of color.


  • Relatively good support team which is ready for your questions 24/7.
  • Messaging is limitless for all members.
  • Authentication requires your face to keep fake, bots, and trolls at bay.


  • Negative reviews outnumber positive ones.
  • Security with a password needed? Pay for them.
  • Some functions are just ghosts: you see them but cannot touch them.
  • Little chance for romance: most users are searching for friends, they are not interested in relations or casual fun.

If you are ready to cope with its drawbacks, prove you are real, upload photos and search for a nice person.


Free basic features, an upgraded version costs $24.99/M

Advertised as a perfect space for free bi bee lovers who are too cool for the summer.


  • No need to pay for chatting.
  • The app can boast of a user-friendly experience and design which tastes like honey.
  • Re-match to start your communication one more time.
  • It is considered to be a pansexual dating app.


  • No specific searching tools to set your own rules of the game.
  • Old-fashioned coins currency.
  • Males cannot start a chat though the app is for all genders and orientations.
  • Only a day to initiate a chat if you want more you can get «Busybee,» but it is not free.
  • One more swiping queendom.

This service is not the worst of the bi world to sign up in a few seconds and to search for somebody to love.


Completely free of charge 

An app that works as a gay net but is supposed to be a suitable service for switch-hitters.


  • Quick registration takes just a few seconds.
  • Mostly positive reviews.
  • The location-oriented roulette.
  • «Sexy» and «Cute» options to make your intentions clear without any fear of being rejected.


  • No smartphone tolerance: works good for iPhones, Android owners prefer to stay away.
  • Only Facebook owners can take pot luck.
  • The app looks like Tinder’s twin.
  • Blamed for being too silent.

The sign up takes a few seconds, but the search may last months and ages. If you are ready to wait for so long, you can try it. 


Basic options are free. Premium usage is $ 24.99/M


  • Upload up to 9 pics.
  • Instagram and Spotify can speak louder than words.
  • Your voice to rejoice: audio messages are waiting.
  • «Crush Time» and «I’m up for» options for you to take the fancy.


  • Photos are open to everyone.
  • Stalker’s shrine has dozens of complaints.
  • Only the closest people are available to match within a 250-meter range.

The design is concise, and it easy to start with your Facebook. If you like the concept of something like a «love from the first sight in a closed space,» you are welcome.


Basic features are free, Preferred costs $9.9/M

It is focused on straight relations but is supposed to be an extraordinary bi curious dating app.


  • No more swipes.
  • You can edit your preferences whenever you want.
  • Virtues, Vitals, and Vices to shed light on your soul.
  • «Most Compatible» lists of potential lovers.


  • Unfavorable reviews: they say it «was designed to be deleted.»
  • Lots of questions to answer for the sake of the «Compatibility.»
  • The app had already failed and returned to life in 2016. 

Quick registration via your Facebook makes it okay, but bisexuals have better options.

Bisexual dating app: platform with no bots and fakes

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted. This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial!

Now you are aware of all the well-known peculiarities of bisexual dating apps. Some are good, some are bad, some are dirty. However, tastes differ, and it’s up to you to decide. You know for sure that we never see the color when we live in black and white, so let’s wear our pride.


Is there a bisexual dating app?

Yes, there are plenty of dating online apps for bisexuals. Grindr, Pure, and OkCupid are the apps for any gender and any sexual preferences.

Is Bumble for LGBT?

Yes, you can use Bumble for finding yourself a partner within the LGBTQ+ community.

Does Bumble work for girls?

Yes, Bumble is amazing for girls to meet girls as you don’t need to someone approaches you with a message as men should wait. Both of you are equally can message each other once you’ve matched.

Does Bumble show you the same person twice?

Bumble can show you the same people twice to match with, especially if there aren’t many users in your area. That’s great if you accidentally swiped left and ran out of Backtracks. Although, it could be a little annoying sometimes.

Is Bumble better than Tinder?

For men, Bumble can be better to use as they know for sure that women matched with them and they will text them first. For bi, it is also a great app, as there are more women who are more serious about their search.

Is BiCupid free?

It is free to download and join the platform and use the basic features. To use the app fully you would need to upgrade your membership to premium.

What is tinder used for?

Tinder was created to find any type of relationship, yet, with time it became a very popular app to find a hookup.

What replaced Craigslist Personals?

There are a lot of apps and dating websites that are doing as same as did Craigslist before it got shut down back in the day. The most popular apps, for now, are AdultFriendFinder and Pure.

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