13 cougar dating apps for perfect hot trysts


Cougar dating apps or where to find the right kind of pleasure

There is a well-known paradox: opposites attract. The older females get, the more they are interested in young men, while the more immature a male is, the more he is prone to fall for a mature woman. They find each other and have passionate sex, intriguing dates, or even strong monogamy relations, secretly or openly as one desires. 

Such couples are mutually beneficial with the beauty of experience and the energy of youth going hand in hand, embracing and flying high. Such couples unite via cougar dating apps which can be used on the go, as the modern world requires.

We have prepared this cougar dating app review, which covers 13 most popular milf dating services to help our readers in their search.


Free basic account and an upgraded profile from $ 27.99/M.

One of the most popular services connecting potential lovers and granting a second chance. Established in 1995 Match keeps on developing and here we are to shed light onto its most essential features:

  • Seven automatically received matches a day that can be taken to chat or skipped away.
  • Members can see who has watched their page, liked and messaged them.
  • «Reverse Match» shows a list of users looking for somebody like you.
  • «Match events» for those who are tired of “loving” their monitors and wish to meet offline on specially prepared occasions such as bowling nights.
  • If you don’t find a match in six months, the service will gift you with six free months for a second chance.
  • «Missed Connections» will let you find a local member you have accidentally skipped. The one you are likely to know offline.

The app also has negative sides, which worth some observation:

  • Only paid members can read and send messages.
  • Users are likely to send messages to unsubscribed members who cannot see requests and response.
  • If you are looking for a cougar dating app, this service does not focus on this form of datings, so making it suitable for cougar love-seekers is up to them.
  • Registration takes too much time: more than 30 minutes to answer different questions.
  • People come here for different reasons: some want to get serious relations, others look for no strings attached stuff, taking Match as one of , and some are here for friends only, so it is rather easy to get lost in a massive number of people whose targets can significantly differ from yours.

The concept is pretty obvious: it is an app for finding a lover in no heart attack way, but definitely not one of the most suitable cougar hookup apps. All you need is love. And this precious form of enlightenment can be reached via signing up, answering questions and uploading photos. An automatic search for potential matches daily, claimed safety and minimalist design make this app truly tasty enough to for some audience.

Pure.dating web app

The 7-Day complimentary trial, $29.99/M.

A relatively young app that has already gained immense popularity and is now one of the most effective and trustworthy services for cougars. A great choice when you are much into cougar hookup apps: uniquely straightforward service for no-strings-attached casual stuff. However, some users find their serious relations there. Let’s familiarize with its main benefits:

  • A swift registration takes just two minutes.
  • Minimalist, catchy, and beautiful interface with contemporary and fresh user experience.
  • Tips by sex experts will help you release your inner sex-bomb and enjoy every second of your romantic encounter.
  • «King of the Hill» cool feature to boost a profile. 
  • 100% confidentiality with self-destroying publications that protect you from fears and tears.
  • The quickest cougar finder app on our planet: such a significant time limitation motivates users to get what they want and keep the magic last before their profiles turn into dust.
  • Male and female audiences are equal in numbers.

What are the app’s drawbacks? Here they are:

  • Communication costs money: premium membership is needed to send and read messages
  • A request to give others private photos a test.
  • Sometimes one can face locations with a few people to hang out.

The design and user-experience to die for and the most frank conception ever makes this service an entirely perfect king of cougar hookup apps. The matching algorithm grounds on location to sweetener your routine or vacation. It is always up to you with no depressing suggestions of «perfect matches» to upset you. To become its member, you need to sign up, confirm your email, upload a few attractive pictures of you, and start cougaring. Its fanbase is increasing with 300 000+ active users in the U.S.


Basic features are free, an upgraded membership costs from $ 27.96/M.

This app is well known for its focus on the people aged 40+. Here are some advantages it might offer:

  • «Flirt» button makes is created to show your interest in a particular user without wasting a single coin.
  • Virtual gifts, «PromoteMe» and «ConnectMe» special features to attract more attention to other members and to gain more romance.
  • Simple design with large icons. 

However, potential members get distracted by these disgusting features:

  • Not the best app to meet cougars — people here are mostly interested in finding a person of their age, beliefs, and social status.
  • Mostly serious relations are in priority.
  • Scammers are likely to steal money from you, so everybody has to stay attentive.
  • The user base keeps on decreasing.

Profile notification, clear, and easy registration can cause your interest in this app. Sign up, upload your photos and drop as much info about yourself as you wish and start your journey in this community popular among the mature.


Free minimum usage and a full membership from $14.95/M.

An app which focuses on the black looking for a partner of the same ethnicity and background which has these pluses:

  • One can upload up to 30 photos via Facebook to save your time and effort.
  • Eleven matches a day.
  • Free flirting and search
  • «PromoteMe» and «MatchMe» functions to be on top and with somebody to love.

Here are the drawbacks:

  • Free users cannot message their potential lovers.
  • Though it is claimed to be for the black people, it is still open for all races.
  • Negative reviews outnumber positive ones.
  • It does not work as the best cougar dating app since it is for all types of relations at the same time. Thus, searching for a potential milf or toyboy within lots of people can be difficult.

This service is rather convenient with average user experience and easy registration: you sign, show your beauty to the world and describe your sparkling personality in your own catchy words. Ready! Now you can start your romantic adventure, but be careful enough to avoid fakes and those who don’t regard this service as a cougar dating app. We don’t recommend you to rely on its automatic matching system. Give it a try if you are patient to dig in.


Basic features are free. Premium membership starts from $ 44.95/M.

This app for 50+ presents itself as a service that can match 2000 people a month from scratch. So let’s dive into its pros:

  • 80% of its users have a degree, so you are destined to connect with well-educated people.
  • You can set another location.
  • «Have you met?» feature to attract more attention to a profile.
  • A matching score to show your compatibility with a user.
  • Daily automatic matches —up to 7 people.

Of course, this service also has some cons to tell you about:

  • The registration takes you about 30 minutes to answer different personal questions which going to be the connectors with other users later.
  • To see the photos, you need to pay.
  • Insignificant demography.
  • It is rarely considered to be a cougar dating app.
  • The price is high.

The concept of this app is to make senior dating easy and fancy with a user-friendly interface and a good-working matching algorithm to praise a day. To become its member, you have to sign up, upload photos, and answer numerous questions to make the system work. The elderly like it; the young are not prone to visit.




The account with the basic features is free of charge. Upgraded membership costs $30/M.

This service represents itself as a source of kinky sexual pleasures. It has its fans and haters. Let’s see why people love this app:

  • Gifts and flirts to make your interest vivid.
  • Sex videos to get more inspiration and to get rid of tension.
  • «Hot or Not» tinder-like game.
  • Filter users according to their location, age, and sex.

There are the reasons why people reject this app:

  • No automatic matches, so prepare to search on your own.
  • Many users are located not in the United States.
  • Males-oriented with a few pleasures for a lady to enjoy.
  • No focus on cougar dating, mostly on one night stands.

AdultFriendFinder resembles Facebook and porn sites. It doesn’t take much time to sign up, upload photos, write a brief bio, and start searching. Remember, it is loved by males, while women are rear to come.


The 3-day trial, subscriptions from $24.99/M.

One of the most straightforward cougar hookup apps to find a potential lover has a lot of pros:

  • «Cute or Not» for those who want a cougar app like Tinder.
  • Video chats that might bring inspiration.
  • Creation of a list of favorite members.
  • «Promote My Account» service to boost you.

Definitely, it has some cons:

  • No money — no videos.
  • You have to pay if you want to check the status of the message.
  • Fakes are unbearably numerous.
  • Hundreds of negative experience stories.

It is easy to use and to keep you amused with no complicated extra features and a transparent sign-up system. If you are not frightened by the number of negative reviews, you are welcome to sign up, upload your information to start.


Free basic membership; premium subscription costs from $ 29.95/M.

A cougar finder app helps milfs and cubs experience all pleasures of dating a representative of another generation. The perks of this service are:

  • A quick registration which takes about 3 minutes.
  • Winking, greeting, and profile reading activities are free of charge.
  • Attack and attract with up to 26 photos.

The app has its weak points:

  • App’s design is said to be its main curse.
  • Numerous profiles are not active anymore, but the system still displays them.
  • Most of the users are males — women not interested in the service.
  • Fakes and trolls do not let normal users achieve their goals.

This service is easy and comfortable to use if you are not distracted by its design and ready to benefit from its matching based on preferences and interests. Sign up, answer questions, and let the team review your pictures to join.

Cougar Life

The basic version is free, the premium account starts from $40/M.

Some people claim it is definitely not the best app to meet cougars. Others complain that this service is just a waste of time. Still, it is well-known, so let us consider its positive sides:

  • Registration takes up to 5 minutes.
  • «Find a date» to show those who are bursting of romance.
  • Free «flirts» to attract one’s attention and sweet gifts (which require payments).
  • Public and private pictures.

Let’s now turn to its weak points:

  • Women significantly outnumber men.
  • Most users regard it as one of the cougar hookup apps with nothing serious.
  • Many users don’t show their faces.
  • To cancel your subscription, you have to get through the hotline.
  • Too numerous young females in their twenties who are definitely not a cougar.

This app can offer you a fast registration and a user-friendly design. All you need is to sign up, upload photos, drop a few words about yourself, and start fishing with no matching algorithms to give you a helping hand. 

Cougar D App

Free registration, VIP membership from $29.99/M.

One of the most advertised cougar dating apps,  this service focuses on sugar mommas and sugar boys to play coy. It’s famous for:

  • It can be used by 16+ youngsters.
  • Says about the bewitching straightforwardness of users’ targets, whims, and ambitions.
  • «Quick Suit» raises the prospect of your matches.
  • Matches based on mutual likes.

Frankly speaking, it also has some notorious sides to be revealed:

  • Messaging is not free of charge.
  • Numerous adds to turn mad moms and lads.
  • Viruses might kill your phone.
  • More juvenile males than ladies, which leads to an obvious gender imbalance.

As you see, it is a fancy service to meet your expectations, of course, if you know how to protect your dear smartphone. A cougar app like tinder: that’s what can be said of its matching algorithm. Conventional and nice. Sign up, upload your sexiest photos, drop a bit about yourself, and start your personal quest. You can try it if you are a female, don’t come as a male: there are numerous and already bored.


Basic usage is free. Tinder Gold costs $9.99/M, Tinder Plus — 14.99/M.

If you are looking for a cougar app like tinder you may want to try Tinder itself. It is one of the most famous services ever being among free cougar dating apps. These are the reasons people come here:

  • The profile can be connected with Spotify to show your actual mood.
  • Mutual likes are the keys to the start of your communication.
  • A link to one’s Instagram can be shared to get more followers.
  • Videos can be added to the profile to keep it creative.
  • You can unlatch a person you don’t like for free.

But nothing is spotless, so:

  • Matching algorithms are based not only on your location but also on your “attractiveness.” 
  • The app is not focused on milf dating, it is not focused on relations at all: Tinder has already turned in something Facebook-like with people seeking for friends and clients. So you will have to check every match you get.
  • You will not see a person you accidentally rejected till you upgrade..

Nowadays, Tinder is a generic name with a simple structure and a swipe culture. The advertisement says it is nice to be used on the go with a fast sign up with verification, uploading of photos, and writing a catchy bio to take one’s breath away. That’s all, brows till time takes its toll. Swiping game is a lottery, and the type of relations you have come for is not the core target.


Free basic features, an upgraded version costs $9.99/M.

This app is a younger child of the site with the same name and has the ambition to connect people who have much in common. They say it has plenty of benefits:

  • An approximately equal number of males and females.
  • Free users cannot see profiles of their matches even during their communication.
  • “What if?” service to get in touch with people who are not your cup of tea, but who knows?

You should also reflect on its drawbacks:

  • The signing process is pretty tiresome and long due to tons of questions.
  • The number of users keeps on decreasing.
  • You are very likely to get a match of your age, but not the milf dating.
  • The app is much weaker than the site with many functions unavailable.

To use this service on the go, you need to sign up, answer detailed questions, upload your photos and start getting matches. The app’s design is considered to be good, especially in comparison to the site, so if you are not scared of wasting your time, try it.


Free basic usage, Gold membership costs $25/M.

A pleasant service if you are keen on fetishes and are looking for cougar hookup apps with the following pluses:

  • A quick registration, which takes about five minutes.
  • An opportunity to see other users’ activity.
  • «Hotlist» option not to forget about accounts you find attractive.
  • You can share a profile you like with a friend.
  • Tips for webcam models and money gifts to other users.

We also need to tell you about the app’s minuses:

  • All forms of communication cost money, making FriendFinder-X a far cry from free cougar dating apps.
  • No machine algorithms to find you a match.
  • Males-oriented, not truly pleasing for women.
  • It does not focus on milf dating with numerous members gathered with different purposes, so finding an appropriate person is not easy.

The user interface of this application is friendly, while the registration resembles a standard course of signing up with pics and info. Thus, it can be almost joyful if you are ready to spend time.
Now you know everything about cougar dating apps, so free yourself and start your comfortable voyage in the ocean of fun and lust, love, sex, and other pleasures.


Katherine Awkley



Katherine Awkley is a journalist and a dating anthropologist, researching both theoretical and practical aspects of romantic relationships, psychology, and sex. Awkley is an NYU graduate with an M.A. degree in journalism. Her primary goal is popularizing the dating culture, educating people to get rid of their fears, prejudices, and complexes.

Most of the time, Awkley spends on consulting and researching the hidden aspects of human sexuality. Her masterminds are Betony Vernon, Guillaume Apollinaire, Dita von Teese, Robert Green, Belle de Jour, Andrew Blake, and many more. Currently, Katherine Awkley is a leading columnist at Pure.dating.